My desire update Tuesday 13 December 2022

My desire 13 December 2022: Rudra hugs Preesha on Anvi’s insistence and tells her that they are friends and were not fighting. Preesha gets technician Rakesh’s call that he is sending study room’s CCTV footage. She fixes pendrive in Arman’s laptop to check footage. Chachaji passes by and stops seeing her checking laptop. Preesha is shocked to see Rudra using laptop last. Chachaji hearing that walks in and says that means RK betrayed them. Preesha requests not to take any decision in heist and investigate the issue first. He doesn’t listen to her and walks away with laptop. Sulochana gives many gifts to Devika and says they always received gifts and its time to gift in return. Guest says Devika’s husband loves her a lot.

Sulochana says its true, Rudra loves Devika a lot. Chachaji enters and says they don’t need her gifts as Rudra betrayed them and bought gifts from their money. Sulochana yells she is talking like Preesha. Chachaji says her son is a hotel manager and bought costly gifts with his mere salary. Arman with Rudra walks in and asks what is happening. Chachaji says Rudra used his laptop last and sent mail to Baweja. Devika says she asked him to use bhai’s laptop and reminisces Rudra asking to use her laptop to send an important mail as his phone battery drained and she asks him to use Arman’s laptop. Rudra shouts at Chachaji that truth is out and being an elder, he should have investigated first before alleging him. Chachaji says truth is he used laptop and betrayed them.

Rudra shouts he was respecting his age till now, he never does wrong and doesn’t let anyone do wrong, now he will not stay here where he is not respected. Chachaji says he will call police. Sulochana shouts they will call police instead, asks Rudra to call police commissioner, and yells at Chachaji that he should have used his experience before alleging her son, her son spent more money that he has earned in Chachaji’s life, her son is right that they shouldn’t stay where they are not respected, now this marriage is cancelled and Chachaji can send police to their house. Devika pleads her not to cancel the wedding. Sulochana blames her family and leaves. Preesha and Arman try to stop them, but Chachaji says let them go.

Preesha runs behind Rudra. Sulochana yells at her that she already ruined her son’s life and broke his wedding now. Rudra asks her to go home and blames Preesha that she succeeded in breaking his marriage, she purposefully checked CCTV footage and proved him a thief. She says she took footage for herself as she used that laptop before him and Chachaji and Arman blamed her first, Rudra always blames her without knowing the truth. He says she is lying as always and used Arman in this, she canceled his wedding and proved that she still loves her and was jealous of this wedding, she proved him a thief and hurt her like always. She thinks she never wanted to hurt her and didn’t want this happen, she didn’t do anything wrong.

Preesha returns home. Devika cries that Chachaji ruined her life by wrongly alleging Rudra. Chachaji says its good her wedding is canceled as Rudra is a thief and he saved her from ruining her life, he is like her father and will never think bad for her, Rudra was never good for her. Devika locks herself in a room. Armanv knocks door and says he will set everything right. Devika picks sleeping pills. Chachaji asks Arman to break the door. Arman breaks door and when Devika is about to consume sleeping pills, Preesha throws them away and asks if she has gone mad trying to end herself. Devika says she loves RK immensely and cannot live without him, RK will never return after whatever happened today. Preesha says she will convince Rudra. Arman says even he will.

Chachaji says nobody will go there as he cannot see his daughter’s life ruined, Devika will calm down after sometime, he will not let Rudra become this family’s damad. Preesha thinks she will prove Rudra’s innocence. She makes Devika sleep and walks to Arman and Chachaji. Arman asks how is Devika. Preesha says Devika is not fine and she will sleep with Devika tonight. Chachaji says her daughter is suffering because of Rudra. Preesha blames him for Devika’s condition. He says it happened because of RK. Preesha says Rudra cannot do anything wrong as she knows him well. Chachaji asks how does she know him, their reputation is ruined in business world because of RK and nobody will take RK’s name in their family again.

Chachaji tells Arman and Preesha that RK is unfit for their family, so nobody will take his name in their family from hereon including Devika. Rudra tells Preesha that she was eager to perform RK and Devika’s wedding, but Chachaji is also right as proof is against RK. Preesha says Rudra is innocent. Arman says let Chachaji call police and investigate as its good for both them and RK. Preesha thinks let Chachaji call police, she knows her Rudra cannot do anything wrong. Devika denies to have breakfast. Preesha insists her to have breakfast or else she will fall ill. Devika denies. Preesha says if she eats breakfast, she will marry Rudra. Devika surpised asks what is she saying. Preesha asks her to come down and see herself. Chachaji gets ready to visit police station. Arman asks if she is sure. Chachaji asks if he changed his mind and says let us go.

Preesha stops Arman and says she will prove that Rudra didn’t send message to Baweja. Chachaji asks not to start again. Preesha calls Rudra’s friend Bunty and says Rudra via Arman’s laptop sent mail to Bunty and not Baweja. Bunty shows his mailxbox with date and time. Preesha informs that Rudra calls Bunty to borrow money from him to give gifts Devika and her family. Bunty says he can get a lot of money as many music companies are eager to work with him. Rudra says he left singing. Bunty says he can write jingles instead without singing and asks to send his old jingles to him. Rudra says he needs money tomorrow itself and seeing his mobile off sends jingles via Arman’s laptop.

Preesha she can prove Rudra innocent by checking his email id. She opens his old email id via his old Rusha password and sees him sending email to Bunty and not Bawaja. Out of flashback, Arman asks if Rudra bought gifts via his money. Bunty says he sent jingles to him. Devika says Chachaji wrongly alleged Rudra. Chachaji says what if Rudra sent mail to even Baweja. Preesha says she will prove that someone from family sent this mail, he saw that Rudra used laptop at 10 p.m. and didn’t see when email to Baweja was sent. Chachaji says even Arman saw that email was sent at 10. Preesdha says it was sent at 10 a.m., remembers checking Arman’s email ID and after finding out truth, thinking of proving Rudra innocent.

She meets Bunty and explains him whole issue. Bunty says Rudra informed him about her and Rudra’s divorce and Rudra going to marry Devika, etc., and agreeing to visit tomorrow morning and prove Rudra innocent. Preesha shows CCTV footage of Chachaji using Arman’s laptop at 10 a.m. and sending email to Baweja by mistake. Devika asks if he sent mail to Baweja. Chachaji says he sent email to Baweja instead of Bawaji. Devika blames Chachaji for ruining her alliance due to his mistake and Sulochana determinging to cancel the wedding. Chachaji apologizes for his mistake and says he will convince Sulochana for the wedding again. Arman says they all should go and hopes Sulochana forgives them.

Chachaji apologizes Preesha and she forgives him. Arman thanks her for forgiving Chachaji. Preesdha and Devika thank Bunty for his help. Arman invites Bunty for Devika and Rudra’s wedding if everything is sorted out. He assures Devika that Preesha will set everything right. Preesha thinks she needs to convince Sulochana for this wedding as Devika cannot live without Rudra.They all 4 visit Rudra’s house. Sulochana stops them and asks if they didn’t bring police with them. Chachaji apologizes her and accepts that he made a mistake. Sulochana says he should be ashamed then. Arman says whatever happened was unknowingly.

Sulochana says they insulted her to the core. Chachaji pleads not to punish his daughter for his mistake. Sulochana yells that they make mistake and have a habit of apologizing, she doesn’t need their dirty habits. Arman says they accepted this mistake. Chachaji tells Rudra that he made a mistake and pleads not to cancel the wedding. Sulochana gets adamant and arrogant as usual. Chachaji pleads not to punish his daughter for his mistake, he will fall on her feet and apologize her for his daughter’s sake. Sulochana asks to go ahead.

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