My desire update Thursday 9 February 2023

My desire 9 February 2023: Vasu picks knife when Radha accepts that GPS loves her. GPS tries to stop her. Radha provokes that Vasu will not do anything as they love each other. Vasu stabs her. She realizes its her imagination and thinks she cannot see any other woman with GPS and will harm that woman if she goes in, she will confront GPS once he returns home. GPS leaves in cab. She rushes to auto and requests auto driver to follow that cab, but he denies. Next morning, GPS walks to Vasu and apologizes her for leaving home midnight uninformed as his friend suffered a heart attack. She asks if Subbu got a heart attack. He says another friend and she can speak to his friend’s wife.

She says she trust him more than herself. He says he is tired and goes to rest. She thinks he is lying her for another woman. After sometime, Vasu sees money being transferred from GPS’ account to Radha Moorthy. GPS freshens up and leaves home lying again. Vasu thinks she will find out since when he is transferring money from bank.Rudra sings a song and cheers up children in Saransh’s vacation camp. Vidhi tells Saransh that everyone were bullying him before and now will praise him as his father is a rockstar. Preesha seeing their friendship thinks Vidhi is so cute. After performance, Rudra asks children to have breakfast first.

They finish breakfast and ask him to play with them. Rudra hesitates, but agrees on Saransh’s insistence. They play a game with Preesha forming an opposite team with a romantic song playing in the background. Preesha wins diverting Rudra’s attention by kissing him. He shouts she cheated. He asks what did she do. He hesitates. She jumps in happiness shouting she won. Vidhi plays with Saransh next and gets injured. Preesha rushes to her and asks should she call Param. Vidhi gets afraid and pleads not to call Param.Param and Mishka wait for Rudra in a studio and their nok jhok starts. Rudra calls Param, apologizes him for not coming there, says he has a surprise for him and sends camp’s location to come there. Mishka shouts even she is there, and their nok jhok starts again.

Rudra disconnects call and tells Preesha that they are fighting again. Preesha says Param considers Vidhi as his daughter and she doesn’t know how Mishka will react seeing Vidhi. Rudra says let us see. Paramw with Mishka reaches camp venue and meets Rudra. Rudra says he has a surprise for him and calls Vidhi. Param gets angry seeing Vidhi and says he doesn’t want to see her face. Preesha asks why was he so rude to Vidhi. Vidhi says its his personal life and he doens’t want his business partners interfere in his personal life. Rudra says they are just concerned.

Vasu thinks of taking Preesha along to bank and calls Khurana house. Sharda picks call and says Preesha has gone out with Rudra. Vasu reaches bank alone and requests manager to check GPS’ account and inform if he transferred money to Radha. Manager hesitantly agrees and informs that GPs is transferring money to Radha since 10 years. She asks Radha’s address, but he denies. She hopes Radha is not the same woman whom GPS met.Preesha gets angry on Rudra when he stops her from confronting Param. Rudra says they cannot interfere in Param’s personal life as they are Param’s just business partners.

She says she didn’t like Param behaving rude to Vidhi. He says they cannot react before knowing the reason. She says she will check Vidhi as she is distraught. Vidhi cries sitting on bench. Mishka tries to console her and offers her kerchief. Vidhi denies. Mishka says she was strong when she was of her age, so a strong girl can comfort another strong girl. Vidhi calms down. Mishka says her dad used to give her and her elder sister costly toys but not his love and time, she used to feel lonely like her. Vidhi says even Param chachu gives her toys but not his love. Mishka hugs and consoles her. Preesha noticing them thinks if Param and Mishka marry each other, it would be good for Vidhi.

Vasu returns home angrily and checks GPS’ clothes to find out information about Radha. GPs enters and asks if she is searching something. She thinks she shouldn’t confront him until she finds proof and lies that she is searching her temple earrings. He says she should check in her cupboard. He asks if they separated. He asks what does she mean. She asks him to keep his clothes back in while she brings coffee for him, brings coffee and drops it on his shirt, and sending him to change checks his mobile but finds it’s password changed. He returns and asks why she is checking his mobile. She asks if he changed password. He says yes for security reason. He asks if he is hiding something. He jokes that he is having an affair and walks away thanking god that she didn’t doubt him.

Rudra sees Param crying and asks reason. Param reveals that Vidhi’s face reminds him of his lost brother and SIL, they were going to an amusement park with Vidhi while they met with an accident and passed away while Vidhi escaped unhurt. Rudra says he can understand his pain as even he lost his brother. Preesha enters and says even she can understand his pain and explains that its wrong to hate innocent Vidhi as even she lost her parents, she is his brother and SIL’s symbol of love and his only family member left, so he should accept her. Param says she cannot understand him as she didn’t go through his situation, Vidhi is his brother and SIL’s symbol of love and even symbol of death, so he cannot accept her.

She asks him to take Vidhi along as camp finished. He drives away saying Vidhi came in bus and should go by bus. Rudra feels sorry for Vidhi. Preesha says he need not be, shows Mishka’s bonding with Vidhi and says if Mishka marries Param, it would be good for Vidhi. Camp ends. Mishka goes to drop Vidhi to bus. Saransh insists Rudra and Preesha to let him reach home with his friends. They agree.Vasu calls Preesha and asks her to meet her at a restaurant right now as she needs to speak about GPS. Preesha meets her. She reveals GPS meeting Radha daily at night and transferring her money since 10 years. Preesha consoles her and decides to spy on GPS. GPS leaves home at night.

Vasu calls Preesha and informs her. Preesha follows GPS. GPS reaches Radha’s house and they both visit a mental health clinic. Preesha thinks to find out why appa visits mental health clinic. She sees Radha in doctor’s coat and instructing nurse and thinks appa must have come to meet a patient. Vasu calls her and asks where is appa. Preesha informs that appa is in a mental health clinic and Radha is a doctor here, she will call her back after finding more details. She notices same nurse and asks her about the patient whom GPS visited. Nurse says she cannot reveal confidential information and asks how did she come in. Rudra tries to make Saransh sleep, but he demands Preesha.Param calls Rudra and informs that Vidhi didn’t reach home yet.

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