My desire update Thursday 15 September 2022

My desire 15 September 2022: Rudra asks Preesha doing there as Mahima is in front and may see her. Mahima asks who is she. Rudra says she is Gulabo, his biggest fan and wanted to meet him, asks where is her husband. Preesha in a village accent shows someone and says her dream came true after meeting him. H says let us go. Mahima says she will also accompany them. Reporters question Mahima. Rudra asks her to answer reporters while he finishes Gulabo’s task. He walks away with Preesha and asks what was she doing. Preesha says Saransh is stuck in Mahima’s car dickie. Rudra panics hearing that and says he will get Saransh out right now. Preesha asks him to go and get MAhima’s car keys and bring it near car.

He walks near Mahima and thinks car keys must be in purse and thinks how to get it away. He acts in front of organizer that someone insulted his wife today. Organizer apologizes and scolds his assistant. Rudra says he wants his wife to be pleased with bouquet and proper welcome. Organizer agrees and welcomes Mahima with garland and bouquet. Rudra takes purse from Mahima and silently takes out car from it. He then acts that he forgot his phone in car and walks away asking her to stay right there.

Preesha rushes to car and asks Saransh not to worry as mamma is here. Rudra joins her and opens car dickie. They are shocked to see Saransh unconscious and worried shake him up to wake up, but in vain. Preesha asks Rudra to get water and sprinkle on his face. He does, but when he doesn’t wake up says he will take him to doctor. Preesha tries chest compression and fills air in his mouth via a plastic bag. Saransh wakes up coughing. She hugs him crying and Rudra also does same. She asks Saransh if he is fine. Saransh says he is fine, where were they. Preesha apologizes for not coming on time.

Rudra scolds Saransh for getting into dickie, he was so afraid. Saransh says he wanted to meet Rudra and complain against Mahima, so he heard Mahima getting into car to meet Rudra and got into car’s dickie. They both pamper him and asks not to do this kind of stunt again. He asks to inform Mahima not to ill treat him. Rudra returns on stage and silently keeps back car keys in Mahima’s purse. Organizer thanks Rudra for coming and says couples will never forget this day. Rudra says even he will not and thinks he needs to meet Arjun at any cost, tells Mahima to stay there while he discusses about something with organizers. Mahima thinks even her work is done, whole world will know that that she is Rudra’s wife and will go home now.

Rudra sees some jodis aside and walks towards them. A bride stops him and says she is his big fan and wanted to meet him. He asks where is her husband. She calls her husband Arjun Verma. Rudra relaxes hearing Arun and asks her to call him soon. Mahima walks to parking lot and gets angry seeing Preesha and Saransh, shouts what are they doing here, what is happening. Preesha asks she should say what is happening, why she ill treated Saransh that he hid in his car’s dickie to meet Rudra, what if something had happened to her, if this is the way she will take care of Saransh.

Mahima shouts that nothing happened to Saransh and asks how did he she find out that Saransh is in a car’s dickie. Preesha says he called her. Mahima asks how did she find out that car is in Noida. Preesha stands nervously. Yuvraj enters and says location can be found via mobile GPS, so he and Preesha came here and breaking lock saved Saransh; that is the difference between real mother and fake noe. Preesha reminisces breaking lock thinking Mahima will doubt seeing her and Saransh. Mahima asks why is she wearing bridal dress. Yuvraj says they were visiting a friend’s wedding and Preesha insisted to wear bridal dress.

Mahima calms down and acts as pampering Saransh. Preesha asks Yuvraj why did he come here. He says to save her as he knows she would mess up.Preesha asks Yuvraj why did he come there and for what. He says to save her as he told her that when he saw Nalla/Rudra on TV, even Mahima would have and would come to create a drama, so he called her and came to save her. He reminisces seeing Rudra on news and calling Preesha asks where is she as her husband is in some wedding venue in groom’s dress. She says she is with Rudra and came to attend samuhik vivah/mass wedding. He says if he has seen news on TV, even Mahima can and come there, so he is coming there.

Out of flashback, he says he saved her on time. She thanks him. He asks what were they doing here. She says they came here to find out Mahima’s past and hopes Rudra meets Arjun. Arjun thanks Rudra for attending mass wedding event. Rudra says he came for him and wants to speak to him aside for 2 minutes. Arjun’s wife signals no. Arjun says he can speak in front of his wife. Rudra asks even about Mohini. Arjun says yes. Rudra says Mohini’s actual name is Mahima and she is staying in his house with his family. He explains whole story and requests to help him save his son and wife by exposing Mahima’s truth to everyone and take money or whatever he wants in exchange.

Arjun hesitates, but agrees on his wife’s insistence. Rudra thanks him. Arjun says he is leaving for honeymoon in the evening and will return in 7-8 days. Rudra says he can wait for 7 days.Rudra returns towards his car and seeing Mahima with Preesha and Yuvraj thinks of acting as angry on him. He walks to them and shouts at Preesha why did she come here and follows him everywhere, scolds Mahima for letting Saransh in a car’s dickie. He hugs saransh acting as worried and asks him to act as he is meeting here first time as its part of their game. Saransh agrees. Mahima says she didn’t know Saransh was in dickie.

He shouts to keep a tab on him as she s Saransh’s mother and being his wife, she is letting him listen to Preesha and Yuvraj. Mahima apologizes him. He asks Preesha to leave with Yuvraj. Yuvraj argues. Preesha says let us not waste time on Rudra and leave from here. Yuvraj holds her hand and walks towards his car. Rudra smiles and signals her. Preesha realizes that he met Arjun and thanks god. Rudra thinks soon she will be back with him and Saransh.Mahima sees Saransh asleep soon and thinks she will go and sleep with Rudra now and even Rudra cannot stop her. She mixes sleeping pill in Rudra’s juice thinking he wouldn’t control himself seeing her beauty and this juice will make her job easy. She knocks Rudra’s room door.

He opens door and asks if Saransh is fine. She says he is sleeping and brought juice for him as he didn’t have dinner. He asks to keep it aside. She insists to have it right now or else she will bad. He agrees thinking her intentions don’t look good, so he should drink juice and send her away. He drinks juice. She thinks he easily drank it and made her job easy. He asks her to go and be with Saransh. She walks towards door silently. He feels dizzy. She helps him sleep on bed and getting closer to him thinks who will save him from her. Saransh wakes up from sleep worried after a bad dream, calling mamma and Rudra. He doesn’t see even Mahima, so he calls Preesha. Preesha asks if he is fine. He says he is fine and was remembering her.

She says even she was remembering him. He says he got a bad dream and woke up calling mamma, but Mahima or Rudra are both not in his room. Preesha thinks akka must have gone to lure Rudra, now she will teach her a lesson. She asks Rudra to do as she says and explains her plan. He says he will and disconnects call. Mahima getting more closer to Rudra thinks he will drop his inhibitions once he finds himself sleeping with her in the morning. She unbuttons his shirt smirking. Saransh enters and asks what is she doing. She nervously asks what is he doing here. Saransh says he wasn’t getting sleep, so he came to sleep with Rudra, but what is she doing.

She says Rudra may feel uncomfortable without changing dress, so she was changing it. He says Rudra gets sleep holding his hand and pushing her aside sleeps next to Rudra and thinks he is doing as Preesha mamma told. Mahima thinks she knows what to do. He acts as asleep and kicks her out of bed. She fumes but thinks she cannot scold him as he will get her crores.

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