My desire update Sunday 31 July 2022

My desire 31 July 2022: The Episode starts with Ahana asking did you blackmail her. He says yes, I have blackmailed her, none argued with me, Prisha threatened me of police, she has no status, she stopped me from slapping, I thought she should get slapped by Rudra. Ahana smiles. He says well, you came with Chetna’s interview for them and I got a chance. She says sorry, I m confused, you blackmailed Prisha, how. He says Saransh, simple, he is Prisha’s biggest weakness, I told her that if she doesn’t listen to me, then I will tell Saransh that he is an illegitimate, she got scared. Ahana asks what, did you call her. Balraj says by changing voice. He recalls calling Prisha.

He says this Prisha is cunning, you just see, I will teach her a lesson. He goes. She says he is such a big player, incredible, how did Prisha get scared, it means Saransh’s matter is true, I will find out who is Saransh’s real father and make Prisha dance on my fingers, this is going to be fun. Rudra asks what happened. Prisha says nothing. He says I m reading your eyes, tell me the matter. She says that day when I stopped Balraj from slapping you, you were… He says I was crying like a kid. She hugs him and cries. Yeh hai chahatein….plays…

She says I felt I was alone, now I feel someone is with me, thanks. He says I supported my family, don’t hide anything, if I didn’t come to storeroom, what would have happened. She asks why did you come there. He says I wanted to say sorry to you. She says you didn’t say sorry and got angry. He says I saw Rajeev’s diary in your hand. FB shows Prisha crying. She reads Rajeev’s diary. She reads I miss Saransh a lot, he is my son, I didn’t know he is in this work. She says it means Rajeev wanted Saransh to be born. She reads.. when I got to know Saransh is in this world, I learnt you left this world. She says it means Rajeev wrote this for Mahima.

She reads, Mahima is my love, my life, I wish I could live with Mahima, I remember the day when I met Mahima, I couldn’t convince Ahana to free me, sorry I couldn’t marry Mahima. Prisha says if Mahima knew that Rajeev loved her, she would have lived. She cries. Rudra comes and takes the diary. He asks how did you touch Rajeev’s diary, you killed him, maybe this has proof against you. She says no. He asks what were you doing here. She says I wanted to stay alone and think. He asks what were you planning now, you killed Rajeev and planning to kill me. She says enough, you know I m in so much tension, I can’t even cry in peace, someone is blackmailing me that he will tell Saransh that he is illegitimate. He asks why didn’t you tell me, I asked you. She says you were blaming me, you said nonsense now also.

He asks who is the blackmailer. She says I m scared, he knows everything, that I m going to do talk show, I can’t do it. He asks what did he say. She says to provoke you so that you slap me, Saransh will be so hurt, you slap me on live show, we have no option. He says I don’t worry for my image, I won’t let this happen. She asks what will we do. He says I will slap you, we will do what he wants but according to our plan, lets see who wins. FB ends. Prisha says you failed the blackmailer. Rudra says we both failed him.

They get glad. She asks about chandelier and flower shower. He says before the entry, I saw someone made the solid plan to make the chandelier fall on us. FB shows Rudra seeing the chandelier about to fail. He stops the crew members and takes their help. He calls Chetna and says I wanted help, chandelier was moving, I took help from crew, everything will happen as per the drama, there is an addition, chandelier will fall down, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Prisha, I will save her, flowers will shower on her. FB ends. Prisha asks who can do it. Rudra says maybe he had sent someone to harm you, how will he blackmail you, Saransh isn’t an illegitimate, I told that he is my son, who will listen to him, not even Saransh. She says we have to find out who is he.

Saransh talks to his friend. He praises Rudra. His friend says my dad is a gold medalist boxer, his a big champion. Saransh says you come home and see the awards Rudra got. His friend says he didn’t win any competition. Saransh takes the challenge. Rahul says you were overconfident, you made the show super duper hit. Yuvraj asks did I do it, I had fun to see their romantic sequence, I m angry, I asked the man to make chandelier fall, Rudra changed the chandelier in end moment, I know him, Prisha was with him, he would have done it to impress Prisha.

Rahul says he got many fans because of Prisha, she changed his image, Rudra couldn’t make his clean image, like she made. Maid asks Rahul to come fast, Neerja isn’t fine. Neerja screams in pain. Rahul asks what happened. Neerja says there is much bleeding and pain. She worries and says did anything happen to our child, promise me, you won’t let anything happen to our child, save him, whatever happens to me. He says I will call Prisha. Yuvraj looks on. Prisha says I didn’t get blackmailer’s call. Vasu says I thought why are you saying wrong about Rudra, you managed everything well. Prisha says Rudra supported me, wait, I m getting a call, stay on hold. She answers the call. Rahul says I m Neerja’s husband. She asks is Neerja fine. He says she is in much pain, she is bleeding, she is saying something happened to our child. Prisha gets shocked.

Prisha saying I m going to the hospital to attend an old patient, Neerja. Vasu says fine. Prisha rushes to hospital. She meets Neerja and asks the reason for the bleeding. She asks did she eat any outside food or fell down. She says its not a good sign, we should go caesarean soon, I m worried for Neerja and baby. Rahul and Neerja ask her to save the baby. Saransh comes to Rudra and says my friend said his dad is stronger than you, I said you have much power. Rudra says yes, I can beat anyone. Saransh says I told him, you won’t be scared even if his dad is a boxer. Rudra says I m not scared. Saransh says I told Ayaan to make his dad fight you tomorrow. Rudra asks why are you doing this, I can’t do boxing, he will punish me a lot. Saransh says its about my respect. Rudra says don’t get me insulted, please, my respect is bigger.

Saransh says you are my Rudra, you are the best, you will win, everyone used to joke about me, I have you now, I will pray for your victory. Rudra says yes, your respect is my respect, I will fight for you. Saransh thanks him. Ahana comes to Rudra. He says sorry. She asks what was Saransh saying about the fight. He says Saransh committed to Ayaan that their dad will have a fight, I m doing this for him, I can’t hurt him. She says you gave gone mad, Ayaan’s father is also mad. He says no, he is a fighting, boxing champion. She asks are you serious, you have gone mad, you are a celebrity, your face can get damaged, you won’t listen to me, God bless you. She thinks he got much attached to Saransh, once I find out about Saransh’s dad, then Saransh won’t be here.

Prisha asks Rahul did he wish for this child, how did the reports say that. Rahul says we wanted the child, what came in the reports. She says we got the abortion medicine trace in her blood. He says what, we planned a lot for the baby, check the reports. She says same result came twice, she was taking medicines on time, right, did you get the medicines, show me. He says I will ask maid to send the medicine pics. Sania comes there to meet her. She says bleeding didn’t happen after taking the medicine. Prisha asks how can this happen, pregnancy gets terminated on the same day. Sania says nurse had given me the medicine. She shows the medicine strip. Prisha gets shocked.

She thinks this was to be given to Neerja, how did she get it, it means the medicines got exchanged. Rahul comes and says maid had sent the pic. He shows the pic of medicines. Prisha gets shocked. She thinks their medicines changed, that’s why Neerja’s state is so bad. She scolds the nurse for the mistake. Nurse cries and recalls her mistake. She says I was in tension about the calls, forgive me. Prisha says if anything happens to Neerja or baby… She scolds the nurse and asks her to send Rahul inside. She says Neerja and Sania’s medicines got swapped, Neerja took the abortion pill. Rahul gets shocked.

She says sorry, it was a mistake. He says its a crime, you tried to kill my wife and baby, I told you that Neerja trusts you, don’t break her trust. He shouts on her and threatens her. He says I will get your doctor’s license cancelled and ruin your name if anything happens to my wife and child. She says calm down, I understand your feelings, I know its a big mistake, I promise, I will try my best to save your wife and baby, Neerja is my friend, don’t threaten me. He scolds her. Nurse says you should punish me. She cries and says its not Prisha’s mistake, I had given the wrong medicine. Prisha says I will handle it, go from here. Nurse says sorry, why will you take blame on yourself, Prisha told me clearly about medicines, I was busy on phone and gave wrong medicine, you can complain about me.

Rahul says don’t cover her, it was Prisha’s responsibility, not yours, Prisha is Neerja’s doctor. Prisha says enough, do anything you want, I will do what I find right. She rushes to Neerja.Rudra says Prisha didn’t come yet, why am I missing her. He gets Rajeev’s diary and says he has written his feelings in this. He opens the window. He sits there to read. He says the name got erased, maybe Prisha, he loved Prisha. He reads the diary and thinks of Prisha. Yeh hai chahatein….plays… He says why am I thinking of all this, this happened with Rajeev so he had written it, Rajeev loved Prisha or because Prisha cheated him, everything changed now, I can’t believe that she cheated him, how can she break his heart, Rajeev loved her a lot, Prisha can’t do this, there is something, but what, I m thinking again about her.

Neerja says let me go to my baby. Prisha and Rahul come. Neerja asks about her baby. Prisha says you had a beautiful baby girl. Neerja asks what do you mean.

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