My desire update Sunday 20 November 2022


My desire 20 November 2022: Yuvraj warns Kabir to dare not mess with him or else he will not reach home next time. Rudra shouts at him. Yuvraj asks to shout at his brother instead, he couldn’t stop Ahana from going. Kabir reacts again. Sulochana takes him away saying Yuvraj is on their side and she will explain whole story. Sharda signals Preesha to speak to Rudra. Preesha tells Rudra that good he brought Kabir back, they were all worried. Rudra walks away. Sharda asks her not to get disappointed and continue trying to convince him as he cannot be angry on her for long. Preesha says she will. Sharda pampers her and says she is with her always.

During lunch, Sulochana scolds Kabir to have lunch properly and asks about Mishka. Sharda says she is upset and in her room. Rudra joins them and asks what is in lunch today. Preesha says she prepared aloo parantha and tries to serve him. He says he doesn’t need it. Sharda says he loves Preesha’s prepared aloo parantha. He says not today and asks Sonia to pass on rajma. Preesha gets sad. After lunch, Rudra plays ludo with Saransh and Sunny. Preesha walks to them. He ignores her and asks Sonia join them as they need 4th player. Sonia happily joins. Preesha gets sad and tries to leave. Saransh asks her to at least watch the game. She agrees. Rudra says let uher go. Preesha walks away sadly. After sometime, Preesha enters Rudra’s room while he is bathing and breaks his shirt’s button hoping he will ask her to fix it.

He walks out out of bathroom and sees broken button. She says she will fix it. He says its okay and wears another dress, leaving her sad again. Sharda enters and notices them. After sometime, Preesha takes juice for him and Sonia while they were practicing. Sonia takes her glass, but Rudra drinks water from Sonia’s bottle and continues song practice ignoring Preesha. Preesha sadly walks away. Saransh notices that standing in balcony. Sharda asks what is he looking at. Saransh says Rudra is very angry on Preesha and is not calming down at all. Sharda says they both should do something then.

Rudra walks to Rudra and insists him for swimming as its very hot today. He then walks to Preesha and insists her for choc milkshake. Preesha agrees. He asks her to bring it near pool and thinks mamma agreed, now daadi’s plan’s part 1 will start. Preesha takes milkshake for Saransh and gets more sad seeing Sonia with them. She asks Saransh to come and take his milkshake. He pulls her into pool in lieu of taking glass and asks Rudra to save mamma. Preesha struggles. Sharda rushes in and asks Rudra to save Preesha as she doesn’t know swimming. Rudra rescues her, and she falls unconscious. Sharda asks Rudra to remove water from PReesha’s stomach. Rudra worried for her says he will not let anything happen to her.

Sharda asks to remove water somehow. He mouth-breathes her and she wakes up coughing. He hugs her emotionally and asks what if something had happened to her. Sonia gets jealous noticing that. Sharda takes everyone away from there and tells Saransh that their plan worked, they just need to make Rudra realize hhow much he loves Preesha. Sonia burns in jealousy seeing Rudra and Preesha hugging each other emotionally. Yeh Hain Chahatein..title track plays in the background.

Rudra gets conscious and tries to leave. Preesha stops him and asks if he saved her to leave her alone, its better he would have let her die, why is he punishing her like this, she cannot live without him, he should stop getting angry and apologizes. He says even he doesn’t like fighting with her; he got his mother and brother after many years, but she is troubling them repeatedly; he is expecting her to help him and whom should he expect than her, etc. She says she felt his brother and mother are wrong and tried to tell him, but he got angry and tried to send her away, now she will not do anything which will hurt him. He says he will not fight with her, etc., and hugging her says he cannot live without her. She says even she. Sonia walks away from there fuming.

Yuvraj and Kabir fight and blame each other. Kabir asks Sulochana to kick him out. Yuvraj asks to stop barking and says his mother trusts him more as he saved them both by manipulating Dr. Swami; if he wouldn’t have helped him, he would have been begging for protein shake. Kabir says he has lots of protein which he can donate to protein-starved Yuvraj as he is living on their charity. Yuvraj laughs and says he married his wife right under his nose and he could do nothing. Kabir warns to mind his tongue. Sulochana warns to stop fighting like kids as they are on same side and think how to separate Preesha and Rudra. Sonia enters and says they will not separate.

Sulochana asks Kabir and Yash to stop fighting as they are in same team and they should make Rudra and Preesha fight instead and separate them. Sonia eters and says they will not separate as they are reunited again ending their fight. Sulochana shouts what rubbish. Sonia says Rudra and Preesha are hugging each other. Yuvraj asks what does she mean. Sonia explains that Preesha fell into swimming pool, Rudra saved her, and they both reconciled. Sulochana asks how is it possible. Yuvraj says this happens always, they fight like animals and then hug like magnets. Sulochana what was she doing. Sonia says she went near Rudra when he was hurt, but now realized that he consides her as a good friend and whatver she does, they will not separate. Sulochana says Sonia’s plan failed, but what happened to Yuvraj’s plan and his dhama or it fused. Yuvraj says it will blast soon.

Sunny sees Saransh playing with helicopter and asks who brought it. Saransh says Rudra brought it. Sunny asks why did Rudra bring helicopter only to him. Saransh says because Rudra is his father. Sunny bangs himself to a pillar and injures himself. Saransh shocked asks what is he doigng. Preesha rushes in with others and asks what is happening. Sunny lies that Saransh hit him. Preesha asks why will he hit him. Sunny says when he told him Rudra is his papa, he hit me. Preesha asks what rubbish. Sunny says he is Rudra’s son, Sunny Rudraksh Khurana. Preesha says he is Rudra’s friend Kharbanda’s son. Sunny says he doesn’t even know any Kharbanda and is really Rudra’s son. Saransh asks why did he lie then. Sunny says Rudra asked him to lie to Preesha. Preesha asks Rudra if its true. Rudra stands tensed and thinks he didn’t want Preesha to know about Sunny like this.

Sunny insists Rudra to tell truth first. Rudra asks to get firat-aid first, but Sunny collapses continuging to shout. Rudra rushes Sunny to room and tries to perform his first aid thinking he is severely injured. Preeesha enters and performs Sunny’s first-aid and pulse check. Sharda enters and asks how is Sunny. Preesha says she need not worry as Sunny incurred minor injury and will be fine, she performed his first-aid. Rudra tries to speak to her, but she says she doesn’t want to. Sharda says she is doing same mistake which Rudra did, she should let him explain at least and clear the doubts. Preesha agrees.
Sharda takes them both near pool and leaves asking them to clear their issue. Vasu walks in worried and says Saransh is missing and she checked everywhere. Preesha says Saransh is hurt hearing Sunny is Rudra’s son. They search him again in whole house and don’t find him.

Rudra says he must be hiding somewhere. Sharda askw where will they search him. Rudra says they should search once again everywhere.. Rudra finally finds Saransh crying hiding in garden and asks what is he doing here, everyone are searching him. Saransh says he is a liar, he told he is his only son and loves him most in this world, but he loves Sunny instead. Rudra says he loves Saransh most. Saransh asks then he should say Sunny is not his son. Rudra thinks he himself doesn’t know if Sunny is his son. Saransh continues venting out his pain. Preesha consoles him and says it doesn’t matter if Sunny is Rudra’s son, he would be his brother then like Rudra and Kabir are brothers.

Rudra thinks Preesha is so understanding even with her own problems. Preesha says Rudra loves Saransh a lot and fulfills all his demands, he bought him helicopter, and risks his life for him; then how can he say Rudra doesn’t love him; even with Sunny’s presence, Saransh is his first preference and he loves him more. Rudra says he loves him more than himself and will continue to love him always. Saransh hugs him saying even he does and asks Preesha to join them. Serial’s title track plays in the background….

Sulochana enjoys liquor with her puppets Kabir and Yuvraj and says she never thought even in her dream that Rudra is so colorful like her and has an illegitimate son. Kabir says god listened to them and sent a readymade son, etc. Yuvraj why Chulochana gives credit to god instead of him and maybe someone on earth hit this sixer.

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