My desire update Monday 21 August 2023

My desire 21 August 2023: Samrat notices a bride lifting her broken specs and realizes its the same specs which he gifted Nayan. Nayan notices broken specs and thinks she will get it repaired after marriage. Samrat turns a fan towards Nayan. Nayan’s veil flies up and reveals her face. Sam thinks finally he found her, follows her, and thinks he will not let Nayan and Mohit elope. Paati watches wedding event on TV and asks Malati if she is happy now that Nayan is getting married. Malati prays for a boy who will marry Nayan. Nayan and Rahul’s wedding start. Panditji asks ghee for havan. An organizing staff brings ghee. Sam bribes him and orders to drop ghee on Rahul. Staff acts as slipping and drops ghee on Rahul and requests Rahul to come with him and change his sherwani. Panditji asks Rahilto change as 5 minutes are left for the rituals. Sam feels good seeing that.

Mohit and Ishani check out at airport and wait for their flight. He says they will leave India in 5 minutes and Sam can’t harm them then. Ishani hugs and thanks him and then calls Malati to inform her. Chintu picks call and informs that Malati got a heart attack and is in hospital. Ishani thinks why didn’t Nayan inform her about it and asks where is Nayan. Chintu informs that she has gone to have wedding in a mass marriage event at Malviya Nagar. Ishani disconnects call and informs Mohit that Paati is getting Nayan married forcefully in a mass marriage event, she needs to go and stop this wedding. Mohit says who knows if Nayan met and liked the guy, she can call Nayan and find out. Ishani calls Nayan.

Staff drops Mohit in a toilet and asks him to clean himself and then change his sherwani in a changing room. Sam hits Rahul’s head from behind and makes him unconscious, confusing him as Mohit. He wears groom’s dress and replaces himself with Rahul. Panditji starts rituals. Nayan misses Ishani. She receives Ishani’s call and asks if she is marrying forcefully, she should get up and leave from there. Nayan says whatever she is doing is with her wish. Mohit notices a wrist band he gifted to Sam in groom’s wrist and realizes that Sam replaced a groom. He informs Ishani that he is sure groom is Samrat as he is wearing his gifted Samrat. They rush towards wedding venue.

Doctor checks Malati and says she is absolutely fine now. Malati asks if she can go home now to welcome her daughter. Doctor says she can and should take her medicine on time. Paati says let us go home and bless Nayan and Rahul. Nayan and Sam’s wedding pheras start.

Ishani and Mohit rush towards mass wedding venue to stop Samrat from marrying Nayantara. Their cab gets stuck in a traffic jam. Ishani says she will call Nayan and inform her that she is marrying Samrat and not Rohit. Nayan busy taking pheras with Samrat doesn’t pick call. Ishani says her sister’s life will spoil because of her, she won’t be able to forgive herself again. Mohit comforts her. Samrat and Nayan’s pheras complete. He puts mangalsutra in her neck and hopes he strangulates her, he will torture her each day. He then applies sindhoor in her hairline and thinks she will curse her hairline whenever she sees it as she did a sin of loving Mohit, he will torture her each day. Ishani reaches venue and runs in. Mohit stops her and says Samrat will not spare her if he sees her, so she should stay out while he goes in and stops wedding. Ishani agrees and stands out.

Malati, Paati, and Chintu return hoe and are shocked to see their home burnt. Neighbors say it must have happened due to short circuit. Paati and Malati start crying. Chintu thinks of informing Nayan and Ishani about the fire accident. Panditji informs Nayan and Sam that the wedding rituals are complete and they are husband and wife now. Mohit enters and tells Nayan that this marriage can’t happen as Nayan married Samrat instead and not Rohit. Sam unveils his face and thinks how did Mohit come here as he had locked him in bathroom. He shouts that he failed Nayan and Mohit’s plan of marrying and escaping to Sydney after betraying Aliya. Mohit says Sam is thinking wrong, he doesn’t love Nayan. Nayan thinks Sam will harm Ishan if he finds out that Mohit loves Ishani instead and lies that she is married to Sam now. Mohit tries to explain, but Nayan stops him. Sam continues to boast about himself. Nayan gets Chintu’s call who informs that their house is burnt, Malati and Paati are crying inconsolably, so she should return home soon.

Nayan returns home and tries to console Malati and Paati. Malati asks where will they stay now. Sam says they will stay in his house and says he met Nayan in Kiara’s wedding and fell in her love, so he married her in a mass marriage event. Nayan thinks she can’t reveal truth to Malati or else her condition will worsen again. She tells Malati that she loves Sam and hence married him. Malati asks why did Sam humiliate Nayan on news channels. Sam says media hyped their small argument, he immensely loves Nayan and can sacrifice his life and take anyone’s life for her. He assures them that they will stay with him in his house. Malati and Paati praise Samrat. Samrat says let us go home now. Nayan asks what is he doing. Samrat says whatever a husband should do for his wife and her family.


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