My Desire update Monday 20 June 2022

My Desire 20 June 2022: The Episode starts with Bubbles asking Gopal and Vasu to talk to the guests and pandit. They say Prisha has gone after Yuvraj, don’t know when will they come. The ladies taunt Gopal and Vasu. Saransh comes to defend Prisha. Bubbles asks him to go and get her phone, so that they can call Prisha. Saransh goes. Gopal says I will not tolerate anything against Prisha, Yuvraj had imp work, so he went out, marriage won’t happen today, sorry for the inconvenience. The ladies leave. Balraj says don’t make any call, go to Rudra and say Rajeev is fine, he will reach in half an hour. Bunty says but… Balraj says just do as I said, Rudra has gone mad, what do you want, he leaves the concert and goes to Rajeev, just do as I say.

Maa hears this and says what to do, shall I tell Rudra or not, is Rajeev is in real problem, I hope Rajeev is fine. She eats chocolate. Yuvraj checks Rajeev and shouts.He asks Rajeev to go and tell truth to Prisha. He laughs. Bunty comes to Rudra. Balraj asks did you talk to Rajeev. Bunty says I spoke to Rajeev, he said he is coming. Rudraksh says thank God. Balraj says come on go, your fans are waiting for you, go get ready. Bunty feels bad. Balraj says you know if Rudraksh doubts that you are lying, you know what I will do with you, go on the stage. Prisha loses network. She says how shall I find Yuvraj now, I don’t know who is that man, why was it imp to meet him. She gets network and drives on.

Yuvraj sees Rajeev crawling to the car. He says why don’t you die Rajeev, I will see if you can cheat death again. Rajeev gets in his car and drives away. Rudra says this song is for my brother, its his fav song, I want to dedicate this to him, I love you bro. Rudraksh sings do lafz ki hai…. Rajeev says I will tell Prisha.Yuvraj says you will die today. Yuvraj follows him. Rajeev’s car hits the bridge. He looks for his phone. He tries to get out of the car. He ses the toys fallen out. He says I don’t have to die for Saransh’s sake. Yuvraj comes and says you will come under my car now. Rajeev tries to get up. Yuvraj laughs and hits him. Rajeev falls away. Rudraksh feels restless again.

The fans shout once more. Rudra leaves from the stage. Rajeev says I lost my love, sorry Saransh… He thinks of Saransh and cries. Yuvraj says you are acting to die, right. Yuvraj drives over Rajeev and kills him. Rajeev thinks of his dear ones Rudraksh, Saransh and Mahima. He dies thinking death will unite him with Mahima.  Yuvraj saying I got paid for my hardwork. He laughs. He says I will check your pulse this time. Prisha comes there.

Yuvraj gets shocked. He thinks how did she come here, what will I do now. Prisha asks him did any accident happen, what happened. She says I was so scared for you. He thinks how did she know I m here, Rajeev is lying dead, what to do, she will know I killed Rajeev. She says I was so scared, I saw CCTV footage and got to know you are here, how do you know about Saransh’s dad, why didn’t you tell me, did you meet him. She gets shocked seeing Rajeev lying dead. He asks her to listen. She says this man, blood…. She sees Rajeev’s face.

She says Rajeev Khurana, he is Rudraksh’s brother. She checks his pulse. She cries and says he is dead. She asks did you do this accident, tell me, did you kill Rajeev. He sits crying. Rudraksh asks Bunty about Rajeev, when is he coming. Bunty says 30mins. Rudraksh says where is he. Bunty says maybe he got stuck in traffic, sorry, show ended, I will just come. Kalra says your son is a superstar. Balraj says remember what you said, I will take triple money next time. Kalra says lets party. Maa says we have to tell Rudra about Rajeev. Balraj says don’t interrupt next time, Rajeev is useless, maybe he went home, you don’t act smart. Mishika asks how long shall we wait. Ahana says I m also bored, I would like to go, but I can’t, its Rajeev’s birthday, I m his loving wife, when he comes, I m going to hug him and say I love you Rajeev. Mishika asks really.

Ahana says you know me, lets go and party, I will wish Rajeev tomorrow. She says mumma, I have a headache, I need some peace. Maa says its Rajeev’s birthday. Ahana says he won’t miss me, he loves you and Rudra, you guys enjoy, don’t eat the whole cake. Maa looks for Rudraksh.Rudraksh asks Bunty what did Rajeev say, was he worried. He says I will call him. Bunty says my phone’s battery is dead. Rudraksh shouts and asks what are you hiding. Maa says he didn’t call anyone. Rudraksh says you didn’t speak to Rajeev, why did you lie. Bunty says sorry. Maa says your dad told him, he threatened Bunty, I also didn’t tell anything, I felt Rajeev will come, I m also worried, his phone is off. Rudra says I m going to Rajeev. Vasu cries. Bubbles consoles her. Saransh asks why did guests leave, marriage didn’t happen, where are Prisha and Yuvraj, why is Vasu crying. Bubbles says since you and Prisha will go away, come with me, Prisha will be coming. Gopal comes.

He says they didn’t call us, knowing we are worried. Vasu says Yuvraj didn’t wish to marry Prisha, since Prisha is a child’s mum. She shouts and cries. He says calm down, Yuvraj loves Saransh. She says why is Yuvraj not here, why did he leave Prisha, this will happen until Saransh is with Prisha, I love Saransh, when anything wrong happens with Prisha, I wish Saransh wasn’t with her. Saransh looks on and cries. He thinks sorry, I will go, then Yuvraj will marry Prisha, she will be happy.

Gopal says Yuvraj knows Saransh’s dad, he went to meet him to convince him to accept Saransh. Vasu says I didn’t think of it. He says trust your children. She prays for Prisha. Yuvraj cries and asks what shall I say. Prisha asks how did Rajeev die, how did he come here. Yuvraj says Rajeev Khurana is Saransh’s dad. She gets shocked. Gopal says we will find Prisha. Vasu says we can’t leave Saransh alone. Ahana and Mishika come to the hotel. She sees Prisha weds Yuvraj board. She congratulates them. Mishika introduces herself and congratulates. Ahana asks what happened, are you leaving the marriage. Manager asks shall I remove the board and decorations if marriage isn’t happening, I know Yuvraj left the marriage, but tell us what to do. Ahana asks did the groom run away. Ahana insults them.

She says I will ask Saransh who is his father when Yuvraj has run away, where is Prisha, did she run away also. She laughs. Vasu says time is never constant, you are laughing on our bad time, you may get cursed, your smile may turn into tears, wait and watch. Yuvraj says I was hurt that Saransh will be called illegitimate, I thought Rajeev will be happy knowing truth, he loved Mahima, I told him that Saransh is his son, he started called Mahima characterless, then he threatened me to kill me and Saransh, I can tolerate this, he told this for Saransh, I couldn’t tolerate, we had a fight, look at the bleeding, I told him that I will call Prisha, he fled in the car. She asks how did this happen. He says I followed him, his car disappeared, I couldn’t see him, his car met with an accident. Prisha asks how did he come in front of your car.


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