My Desire update Monday 18 July 2022

My desire 18 July 2022: The Episode starts with Balraj saying I like seeing you do this for Rudra, you care for him when he did that with your dad, I thought you won’t forgive us. Ahana says no, Rudra is right, it was dad’s mistake, can you imagine, he did that with Saransh and Prisha. He says yes, your dad deserved this, he did a crime, its good he went to jail, I will see to it that he doesn’t get the bail. Nurse asks are you Saransh’s father. Rudraksh says yes. Nurse says his blood group is rare, you have to come and donate the blood, your blood group will match. Balraj says it won’t match, I will try to arrange. Nurse says someone has given drugs to Saransh, treatment isn’t showing any effect, come for the test. Rudra goes. Ahana says we should inform Prisha’s family.

Balraj says her dad is unwell, but we should call her mom. Ahana says I will inform. She goes. Mishka asks what’s this new idea, don’t you have self respect.Ahana says just shut up, don’t you want revenge for our dad, do you think I will leave Prisha’s father, he is unwell, I m sure he will get a heart attack by hearing this news. Mishka says not bad, we will book a bed for Prisha’s dad here. Ahana says Prisha is lucky, she will not die alone, and get her dad and son along. She calls Vasu. She says I have to give a bad news, sorry. Vasu asks did they find Saransh. Ahana says yes, he is severely injured, he had blood loss, but Prisha got shot while saving Saransh, she is critical, her surgery is going on.

Vasu gets shocked. Yuvraj asks who is it, what happened. He scolds Ahana. She says her daughter’s life is in danger, Prisha and Saransh are severely injured, whom shall I inform them, just reach the city hospital. He asks who shot Prisha, how is my Saransh critical. She says just come soon. She laughs. Gopal asks what happened, why are you crying. Vasu says someone shot Prisha. He gets shocked. Vasu says be strong, she is in hospital, you aren’t fine, take rest. Yuvraj asks him to sit. Vasu says Yuvraj and I will go and come, nothing will happen to Prisha. Rudra feels sorry to Rajeev. Ahana says everything will get fine. Rudra asks how, Rajeev should have been here, I mean he should have been here with me, I miss him a lot. Nurse says blood reports have come.

Balraj says it won’t match. Nurse says blood group matched. Rudra says you mean its same, I will donate the blood. Ahana says its super strange, they have a blood relation, rare blood group and even then it matched. Mishka says their relation will get strong now, even if I get Rudra, my life will be ruined because of Saransh. Ahana says I m here, Saransh won’t be there in Rudra’s life, and not even Prisha. Mishka says if they get saved then… Vasu comes to ask for Prisha. Ahana says so sorry, they are in OT, is Prisha’s dad fine. Vasu says he got much unwell, you would be glad. Ahana says no, don’t cry. Yuvraj comes and asks about Prisha and Saransh. Ahana says they are in OT. Mishka asks Rudra to have some juice. Rudra says I m fine. Ahana says you donated blood, have it. Balraj says you have to stay fine.

Rudra runs to see Saransh. Nurse says you donated blood at the right time and saved your son. Vasu smiles. Rudraksh asks is Prisha fine. Nurse says no, her state is deteriorating, she isn’t responding to treatment. They get shocked. Vasu says do something, call the doctor, save my daughter. Rudra recalls Prisha. He thinks just Saransh can save Prisha now. He asks nurse to leave Saransh. He takes Saransh back in the Ot.Doctor asks Rudraksh to go out. Rudra says listen to me, Prisha is my life, Saransh is my son, I got him here, he is Prisha’s life, she will get fine knowing he is fine. Doctor asks what are you saying, let us do our work.

Rudraksh says you are doing your work, its not affecting, give me two mins, I will make a mum meet her son. Doctor asks then will a miracle happen. Rudra says please let me do this. Doctor says fine. Rudra talks to Prisha. He says I promised you that I will save Saransh, look at Saransh, he is fine, you have to get fine for Saransh, Rajeev left him, will you also leave, will you make him an orphan, I can’t manage him alone, you handle him now. He gives Saransh’s hand in Prisha’s hand. He cries and asks her to tell Saransh that she will leave him and go. Doctor says your time is over, just go out now. Rudra asks Prisha to come back for Saransh, don’t lose. He asks Saransh to tell Prisha to come back, hold her hand, call her, she will just listen to you. Doctor says make him out. Rudra says let me stay here, she will die. Saransh holds Prisha’s hand. Rudra asks Saransh to tell her mumma. Saransh says mumma…. Prisha holds Saransh’s hand. Rudra smiles seeing them.

He says she is responding, doctor. Doctor says yes, you really did a miracle. Rudra happily cries. He asks is she fine now. Doctor says you and your son saved her life, please go now, we will do our work.Rudra takes Saransh with him. Yuvraj scolds Rudraksh. Rudra asks what if anything happened to Prisha, Saransh has saved her life, she heard his voice and is recovering now. Vasu asks what, is she fine. Rudra says yes, she is out of danger. Vasu thanks him. Rudra says Saransh did it, I didn’t, they have a strange connection, Saransh said mumma and Prisha’s bp and heartbeat got normal, like she got a new life. Vasu blesses Saransh. She says if you didn’t take Saransh, then this would have not happened. Yuvraj says fine, don’t trouble him much, I will take Saransh to the ward. Vasu says take care of Saransh.

Yuvraj says he is my son, this would have not happened if he was with me. He takes Saransh. Rudra looks on.Doctor saying Prisha is recovering, she will be fine soon. Rudra thanks him. He asks Vasu to go home and handle Gopal. Vasu says I will be fine if everyone is fine in the family. Rudra says you have to stay fine, go home and rest, I m here with Prisha, I promise I won’t move from here. Yuvraj comes and says I spoke to doctor, Prisha is fine. Rudra says she is fine, drop Vasu home. Vasu says I will talk to Prisha. Rudra says if you fall ill, then she will scold me. He asks Yuvraj to go with her. Yuvraj says I m fine here. Rudra asks Vasu to explain her. Vasu says yes, come with me, Rudraksh will manage Prisha and Saransh. Yuvraj gets angry.

Rudraksh asks his family to leave. Ahana says call us if you need help. They leave. Its morning, Saransh comes to Prisha and hugs. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays… She feels hurt. Saransh asks did I do anything. She says you made me fine, I love you. He says I love you too, never leave me. She says I won’t go. Rudraksh cries seeing them. He says you forgot me. Saransh hugs him and says I love you too, never leave me. Rudra says promise. Prisha asks Saransh to go and rest. Rudra says he will go in some time. Saransh says I will learn martial art and then fight. Rudra says idea isn’t bad. Prisha laughs seeing them. Nurse says doctor is on rounds. Prisha and Rudra send Saransh to his ward. Nurse gets soup for Prisha. Rudra asks Prisha to have it. He feeds her. Shayad kabhi….. plays… He cares for her. Yuvraj comes there and sees them close.

He thinks she got shot and see how the treatment is going on, that’s why Rudraksh had sent me home. He asks Prisha how are you feeling now, is he troubling. Rudra asks why.Prisha says he is taking good care of me. Yuvraj says I can see, he looks so tired, he is taking care of my Prisha, he can go home now. Rudra says I m not going anywhere until Saransh and Prisha get discharged. Yuvraj says wow, what an acting, I felt real husband is caring for his wife, I m a lawyer, not an actor, I know why you married Prisha, else I would have got confused. Rudra says you already look confused. She asks how is Appa. Yuvraj says he is fine, he is worried for you, talk to him on video call. He calls Amma and says you can meet your daughter now. Vasu asks are you in hospital. Amma and Appa get glad seeing Prisha.

Rudra says everyone knows how good you are, stop praising yourself, let Prisha talk. Appa says I m fit now, get well soon and stay happy. Rudra thinks I wish my bond with my dad was such, Prisha is lucky. Prisha asks Appa to take food and medicines on time. She gets tired. Rudra says sorry, she got tired, take medicines on time, else she will worry. Vasu says take care of her, stay there. Yuvraj says yes, I m here with her.Nurse asks Yuvraj to leave, visiting time is over. Yuvraj asks Rudra to go, he looks tired, he should rest. Rudra and Yuvraj argue. Prisha looks on. She asks Yuvraj to go. Yuvraj thinks I will take revenge on Rudra. Balraj asks Sharda to serve breakfast. She says I have to take tiffin for Prisha and Saransh, will you serve it yourself. He says fine, serve the tea. She says I didn’t make tea. He scolds her.

Ahana and Mishka come. Ahana says good, scold mummy ji more. Ahana and Mishka laugh. Ahana asks what happened, why are you scolding her. Balraj says she didn’t make the tea. Ahana asks Mishka to help Sharda in kitchen, in fact Mishka will go to hospital with the tiffin. Ahana says I will make omelette and toast for you. Balraj says sure. Ahana thinks Balraj will make Prisha out of this house.Rudra gives flowers to Prisha. She sneezes and says move this. Vasu comes and asks who got the flowers. He says I got it. She says she is allergic to flowers. He says I m seeing for the first time, that a girl is allergic to flowers. He goes. Vasu says I got hot sambar. Mishka gets tiffin.

She asks where was Rudra running. Vasu says Rudra got flowers for Prisha, but she has allergy to it. Mishka jokes that he should have got a cactus for her. She asks how are you feeling now. Prisha says better. Mishka gets angry.

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