My desire update Monday 18 December 2023

My desire 18 December 2023: Prem says to everyone that now everyone would be playing a game called passing the parcel. They turn on the music and start playing. In between the game, Samrat held Nain’s hands. When she asked to leave it, he said he wouldn’t leave her hands ever. The music suddenly stopped and the ball was in Nain’s hands so it was her turn to do something according to the game rules. Nain was asked to dance so she did. Everybody was enjoying the game to the fullest.

Then the next time it was Samrat’s turn. He was given the task by Prem. Prem asked him to give a kiss. When he asked who he was supposed to kiss, Prem said that he has to kiss the one whom he loves the most. At first Samrat pretended that he was going to kiss Nain and even moved close to her, then he suddenly moved towards Prem and kissed him. Nain’s mother said that Nain was very lucky to have Samrat as his husband.On the other side, Mansi was trying to find out about Samrat and his family.

She had given the task to some of his workers. Even they couldn’t find Samrat. She was totally pissed off. Mansi swore to find Samrat from any part of the world.

Mohit and Ishani wanted to have samosas. But only one samosa was left. They were hesitating as to who would have that. Samrat intervened and divided it equally between them. Then Samrat took Mohit to talk to him and Nain took Ishani in the other room to have a chat. Both of them tried to make them realise that they must confess their feelings to each other. Samrat asked Mohit to propose Ishani.

In the same manner, Ishani was also convinced by Nain to talk to Mohit regarding this. The kids thought of finding a new game on the internet through someone’s phone and then switching it off and keeping it like it was before. When they switched on Samrat’s phone, Mansi got a message from the service provider. She tracked their location and found out that they were at the resort. So she decided to reach the resort.

Mohit proposed to Ishani in front of everyone. He asked Ishani if she would marry him or not. Ishani confessed her feelings and agreed to Mohit’s proposal. Everyone was very happy. Samrat was teasing Nain. He asked Nain to tell him that she loves him. Nain said that she doesn’t repeat the same thing again and again. She had confessed to him the previous night. But Samrat said that he didn’t remember anything so she has to repeat it now. Nain said it twice but Samrat asked her to say it louder, so she shouted and said it infront of everyone. Mansi arrived there and saw this from behind. She decided to snatch everything from Nain, not only her money and property but also her family. They were all tired so they were about to leave for their home. Samrat got a call from Mansi. She threatened Samrat that she would kill Malti and Govind since his property was in their name.

Mansi said that Malti and Govind’s car would meet an accident now. He didn’t tell his family anything. He sent them back home. He borrowed a bike and left from there to reach Malti and Govind’s car. When he reached home, he found out that nothing had happened, and everything was all right. He said that he would come later after teaching Mansi a lesson. He called Mansi and asked her to meet at MG Road.


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