My desire update Friday 18 November 2022


My desire 18 novembe 2022: Preesha shows Vasu her room. Vasu asks what is happening here, why Rudra is so angry, why was Sulochana telling if she knew it before she wouldn’t have come here. Preesha says all this is not happening because of her. Vasu asks why was Sulochana telling that she will not forgive Preesha, why did Ahana and Kabir elope, and why Yuvraj was calling Ahana as his wife. Preesha says she will tell everything.

A boy walks to Rudra with his bags and says he came to meet him. Rudra asks who is he. Boy says he came to stay with him as he is his son Sunny Rudraksh Khurana. Rudra shocked asks how can he be his friend. Sunny says he is really his father, he went to his house first and taking farm house’s address came here. He gives his mother’s letter who writes that Sunny is Rudra and her son and since she is having a serious illness and is going to die, she wants him to take care of Sunny; she further writes that they were heavily inebriated at their friend’s party and got intimate unknowingly due to which she got pregnant; she never wanted to inform him about it, but since she is dying, she cannot leave Sunny alone. Rudra reminisces his friends insisting and force-feeding him alcohol.

He resists, but they make him drink until he is heavily inebriated and falls unconscious. Out of flashback, he thinks he got drunk during party and don’t remember what happened next, who is Sunny’s mother, he just knows that there were 3 girls in party and doesn’t remember sleeping with anyone of them. Sunny asks if he remembers who his mummy is. Rudra says he is trying to remember. Sunny says he wanted to inform him about mummy, but seeing him not remembering mummy at all, he will not inform him who his mummy is. Rudra angrily asks how can he remember and how can he believe that he is his son. Sunny starts emotional drama and cries that if he doesn’t acknowledge him as son, he will also die like mummy. Rudra consoles him and says he will drop him to a hotel. Sunny says there is curfew outside and he is feeling very hungry.

Rudra says he will take him in and thinks what will he answer family, especially Preesha.Sunny starts emotional drama and cries that if he doesn’t acknowledge him as son, he will also die like mummy. Rudra consoles him and says he will drop him to a hotel. Sunny says there is curfew outside and he is feeling very hungry. Rudra says he will take him in and thinks what will he answer family, especially Preesha.Preesha explains whole issue to Vasu. Vasu says so much happened here, good that GPS didn’t come here or else he wouldn’t have tolerated it; she says Rudra is right to support his mother and brother, Preesha did wrong by bringing Yuvraj in her issues and if she has doubt on Sulochana and Kabir, she should gather proof first.

Preesha says Sharda also said same. Vasu says Rudra got his mother and brother after a long time and she is trying to spoil it, so Rudra is obviously frustrated; she should do something and convince Rudra or else her marriage will be at stake. Preesha agrees.Rudra takes family out to meet Sunny. Sharda asks who is this boy. Sunny says he is Sunny. Rudra says Sunny Kharbanda and reminisces convincing Sunny to lie that he is his friend’s son to avoid his family’s questioning and find his mother. Sunny asks what will he get if he lies. Rudra says whatever he wants. Out of flashback, Rudra says Sunny is his friend Ravi Kharbanda’s son who is stuck in US and until he returns, Sunny will stay with them. Sharda says as she remembers, he doesn’t have any friend named Ravi Kharbanda.

Rudra says he met Ravi during concert. Sulochana asks Sharda to stop questioning more. Sunny asks Sharda if she is Rudra’s mother, can he call her as daadi/grandma. Sharda agrees. He says he is hungry and needs food. She goes to get him food. Rudra thinks he handled situation for now, what will he tell Preesha.Saransh picks milkshake glass seeing Sharda carrying it. Sunny tries to snatch it saying he needs it. Preesha walks in and asks what is happening. Saransh says Sunny is snatching his milkshake while he is telling that Daadi will prepare him another glass. Sunny insists and pushes Saransh away. Preesha asks who is this boy who is misbehaving with Saransh. Rudra informs that Sunny is his friend’s son who will stay here and convinces Saransh to give him milkshake.

Saransh gives his glass and walks away with Sharda. Sunny asks Rudra to show his room. Rudra takes him in. Preesha thinks when Rudra is so possessive about Saransh, why did he ignored him for Sunny. Rudra shows Sunny his room. Sunny insists to get him electronic helicopter and other toys. Rudra shocked with his expensive demand agrees hesitantly and thinks who this Sunny really is, if he really slept with a girl during party.He calls his friend Bunty who was present in that party and asks if he remembers Reema’s house party. Bunty says Rudra got drunk and was in bad shape. Sunny says a boy walked in and says he is his son and gave his mother’s letter who says he got intimate with her during that party and made her pregnant.

Bunty says nothing of that sort happened and even if that happened, he would have remembered it or informed him at least. Rudra says he doesn’t even remember if there were girls in that party. Bunty says there were 3 girls, Rekha, Simran, and Reema whose party it was. Sunny asks how to find out who is Sunny’s mother among 3. Bunty asks to call all 3 of them and speak. Rudra calls Rekha first who praises his singing and asks how did he remember her after a long time. He thinks she looks super excited and not ill, so asks why didn’t she attend yesterday’s party. She says she had to visit her husband’s relative, so they can party again. He says sure and disconnects call. He then calls Rekha who says she has a husband and 2 children, thinks even she can’t be Sunny’s mother and thinks only Reema is left now.


Sharda and Vasu ask Preesha if she spoke to Rudra and convinced him. Preesha says Rudra is busy with his friend’s son, so she couldn’t. Vasu says she has to somehow and suggests her to take food for Rudra and clear their differences. Sharda backs her and asks Preesha not to delay. Preesha leaves. Vasu hopes their fight ends and they reunite. Rudra calls Reema when Preesha enters with food and he disconnects it and says he doesn’t need food and asks her to take it away. She asks if she is so bad that he doesn’t want to have food with her. He shouts that he repeatedly told her not to insult his mother and brother, but she continued and brought cheap Yuvraj and got him married to Ahana, how can she betray them; even now she is finding changes to insult his mother; she is not the same Preesha and is someone who wants to end his family.

She stands sadly. He says she is here because of maa or else he wouldn’t tolerate her at all and shouts to go. She walks away crying thinking she will convince Rudra at any cost. Yuvraj noticing her tears and out of Rudra’s room gets happy thinking his plan is working.Saransh walks to Preesha says he is hungry, so can he have it. She agrees and thinks Sunny also must have had food yet. Rudra feels guilty for venting out his anger on Preesha because of Sunny, thinks of calling Preesha and informing her about Sunny, then thinks of confirming with Reema first. He calls Reema and her phone is not reachable, so he thinks of asking Sunny about his mother.

Sulochana fumes that Kabir went to Goa without informing her, where will she find him, and thinks Yuvraj spoilt her whole plan. Yuvraj walks to her singing and informs that Preesha walked out of Rudra’s room crying, so their plan is working. She gets happy. He says he has set a dhamaka. She asks what is it. He says everyone will find out when it happens.Rudra requests Sunny to tell who his mother is, but Sunny continues showing attitude. He asks if his mother’s name is Reema, he will get him anything if he helps him. Sunny asks what if he doesn’t help and tells truth to everyone. Preesha enters with food for Sunny and asks which truth, insists him to speak. Rudra hopes Sunny doesn’t tell truth as he hasn’t confirmed it yet. Sunny says Rudra is his papa. Preesha is shocked to hear that.

Sunny hugs Rudra and says he is Rudra’s son, asks Rudra to tell that he behaves like his father and scolds him for everything; he felt he will enjoy here, but Rudra is acting like his father. Rudra says if he does mistakes, he will obviously act like his father. Sunny complains Preesha aunty and takes food plate. Rudra says he will not from hereon, gets Goa’s flight ticket confirmation messages and books even Sunny’s tickets.Rudra with family reaches Gao and hires a lavish bungalow. Sulochana says where will they search Kabir. Mishka says Ahana is not picking even her call which she never used to do before, her phone is switched off now. Rudra asks not to worry as they are still in Goa. Preesha asks hotel staff to keep her luggage in Rudra’s room. Rudra says they will stay in different rooms.

Sonia smirks hearing that. Rudra gets investigator’s call who shares Kabir and Ahana’s location. He excitedly asks investigator to keep an eye on them till he reaches there. Sulochana insists to accompany him. He asks her to wait till he brings them here. She agrees. He warns Sunny not to make any mischief until he returns and leaves. He reaches location and seeing Kabir and Ahana dumbly calls them from a distance without going near them. They escape seeing him. He asks investigator to keep tracking them and returns home sadly. Preesha thinks of questioning him. Sunny insists him to take him to swimming pool. He agrees. Sonia joins them. Saransh feels Sad seeing tha.t Rudra cheers him up and takes him along. Preesha thinks his mood is fine now, so she will ask him about Kabir and Ahana later.

Rudra enjoys swimming with Sunny, Sonia, and Saransh when Sulochana asks if he met Kabir and Ahana. He says he met them, but they ran away seeing him. She asks when will they find Kabir and Ahana. Rudra asks her not to worry as investigator is searching them. She sits aside and fumes that Kabir has left her alone like his father, she will punish him once he comes. Sonia falls on Rudra while playing. Sulochana hopes Preesha watches that. Preesha walks in and feels jealous. Sulochana thinks she would have asked 500 crores from god instead of this and enjoys seeing Preehsa’s jealousy. Saransh asks Preesha to join them.

Sonia also calls her. Preesha says no thanks. Saransh insists again. She says she doesn’t know swimming. He says even he doens’t know swimming and Rudra taught him, so Rudra will teach even her. Rudra agrees. Preesha sees Sonia getting more intimate with Rudra and walks away fuming, thinks why Rudra cannot forget what happened and behave like before.

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