My desire starlife update Friday 23 June 2023

My desire 23 June 2023: Preesha gets a flashback of having candy floss with Rudra. Kanchan asks if something happened. Preesha says she felt candy floss stuck on her hair. Kanchan checks and says there is nothing there. Prem/Rudra thinks he knows Preesha is recalling having candy floss with him. He says Preesha must be remembering someone whom she loves the most. Kanchan says Preesha is remembering Armaan. Prem says he doesn’t think so as Preesha and Armaan don’t look compatible. Kanchan asks how does he know. Prem says love is a like a perfume and when 2 people love each other, it looks into their eyes. Kanchan says he is commenting as if he is an expert.

Prema says she and Prem love each other a lot but don’t show up due to their age. Prem says their love is different, it either shows up or doesn’t.Roohi requests for a gola ice cream. Prema tells Preesha that Prem is very romantic and he used to get only 1 gola for them and insist to have it with her, she used to get angry but then realized those are the adorable memories for life. Preesha gets flashback again of having gola with Rudra and his romantic nature. She thinks why she is remembering Rudra repeatedly. Prem notices that and tells kids that their plan is working.

Digvijay over phone asks his lawyer to get Armaan out on bail at any cost. He notices water tap open and gets angry on gardener Prem for his irresponsible behavior. He walks into outside to scold Prem and realizes he has gone on a picnic. He then checks the room for any clue and finds a costly mobile in Prem’s room. He thinks of informing about it to Armaan and walks away. Preesha pampers sleeping Roohi. Prem asks her to give Roohi to him as she must be tired. Preesha says let her hold Roohi for some more time as she feels peace and connected to Roohi emotionally. Prem says Roohi is her daughter, he means emotionally. She says she didn’t think of Armaan whole day but now feels she should have. He says he already told her that her heart is very pure and pious and knows who loves her. He thinks Armaan couldn’t stop Preesha from loving him and his children.

Digvijay meets Araman in jail and reveals that he found a costly mobile in Prem’s room and it belongs to Rudra. Armaan says his doubt is right that Prem is Rudra’s aide. He asks Digvijay to show it to Preesha and expose Prem. Digvijay says Preesha and Prem have gone on a picnic. Armaan asks him to expose Prem once they return. Digvijay returns home and asks Pihu if they returned from picnic. She says not yet. He reveals that he found Rudra’s mobile in Prem’s cupboard, so Armaan’s doubt that Prem is Rudra’s aide is true. Pihu is shocked to hear that and visits Khurana house to know about Rudra and Preesha’s truth.

She meets Sharda and showing their love letters tells her that she wants to know the truth as Armaan says Rudra tortured Preesha and even Preesha says same. Sharda says Rudra and Preesha’s love for each other is true and the rest is a lie. She takes her to Rudra’s room and shows her Preesha’s photos on wall.Sharda shows Preesha’s photos, her saris, jewelry, makeup kit, etc., in Rudra’s room to Pihu and says Rudra immensely loves Preesha and still hopes that she will return to him. She further reveals that Rudra is living as a gardener Prem at Preesha’s house hoping she would return to him, even his children who cannot stay without their mother are staying with him. Pihu is shocked to hear that Prem is actually Rudra.

Preesha returns home after picnic with Roohi and other and thanks Roohi for the picnic. Roohi says mention not. Digvijay says Roohi has one more surprise and takes her in. Preesha asks where is the gift. Digvijay shows Rudra’s mobile. Rudra/Prem and Roohi get tensed thinking how did Digvijay get his phone. Preesha asks Digvijay if he will gift a phone to the kid. Digvijay why not, but not this phone as it belongs to Rudra. Preesha asks where did he find it. Digvijay says he found it in Prem’s cupboard.

Preesha asks Digvijay if he is sure this phone belongs to Rudra. Digvijay says he is; Armaan repeatedly told that Prem is Rudra’s aide, but she didn’t believe him. Preesha asks Prem why is he having Rudra’s phone and why was he lying all these days. Prem stands nervous. Sharda enters calling Saransh and says he by mistake brought Rudra’s phone. She says Rudra is waiting for his phone and takes it away, leaving Digvijay speechless. Rudra with his team returns to outhouse and asks Sharda how did she find out about the phone. Pihu enters and ays she informed Sharda about the phone, calling Prem as Rudra. Prem nervously says he is Prem and not Rudra. Pihu says there is no need for the drama now as she knows Prem is Rudra. Vanshika asks Pihu who informed him about it. Sharda says she did.

Pihu says Sharda had to and recalls the event where Sharda reveals about Rudra being Prem and pleads her not to reveal about it to her family. She reveals why Rudra is enacting as gardener and staying at Preesha’s house. Pihu agrees to help her and reveals that Digvijay found Rudra’s phone in Prem’s cupboard. Sharda rushes outside Preesha’s house and messages Saransh to come out. He walks to her. Sharda says she knows about Digvijay finding Rudra’s phone and came here to help. He asks him to exchange the phone and act as if he by mistake brought Rudra’s phone. Out of flashback, Pihu asks Rudra to describe his side of the story. Rudra describes his immense love for Preesha and describes how Preesha left him after a fight 1 year ago and how he found her with Armaan after a year, how Preesha lost her memory and had only hatred for him in her heart. He further reveals how he took Preesha to a doctor and found out that her memory was erased by Armaan.

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