Monday update Kulfi the singing star 20 January 2020

Sikander is searching and calling out for Kulfi while Kulfi is shown lying unconscious in an empty water tank where some plumbers come to start the water in the tank while Kulfi is still inside.

Himmat and Sikander pray to Ganpati to help them find Kulfi and also ask for a clue. They see a mouse come out from behind the Ganpati idol and goes straight to the water tank in which Kulfi is unconscious. Sikander thinks of this as Ganpati’s help and rushes to the water tank. He opens the tank and finds Kulfi unconscious. He removes her out from the tank and brings her back to consciousness.

Kulfi is scared of again begin kidnapped by Lovely, but Sikander consoles her and tells her that nothing such will happen. Later everyone prays to Ganpati for helping them save Kulfi. Amyra and Kulfi enjoy their reunion time and Sikander plans to do something for his daughter’s future.

The chawl members later, come together for lunch and everyone requests Sikander for a song. But he stops before starting and asks the chawl members to sing instead just for the change of events, Kulfi suspects this behavior.

Later, Sikander meets with Babur Bhai. He asks Sikander to work in his restaurant. He also offers Sikander to handle Jimmy in the way he wants but Sikander rejects this offer.

Kulfi gives Ganpati to Jimmy’s driver who keeps the mud in Jimmy’s office and Jimmy gets some idea with reference to Navratri. Later, a person named Daamji meets up with Sikander and requests to create music for him.

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