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Mahek and Shaurya starts dancing on mere Saudargar song in party, they waltz across the floor, Mahek puts her arms around Shaurya’s neck and smiles at him, Shaurya holds her waist and dances with her. Shurti is dancing with Vicky but glaring at Mahek and Shaurya. Mohit and Sonal are dancing too.

Kanta says to Mohit that i forgot Jeevan’s medicine at home, go and bring it, he says i wont go, she says go or else i will slap you, Mohit huffs and leaves party to bring medicine. Mahek puts hand on Shaurya’s cheek and dances with him.

Vaitlana comes in corner and calls Sanjay and says i am seeing reality so my dear husband wake up. Sanjay says i am not in mood to romance, let me work, he ends call and drinks wine. Mahek lovingly hugs Shaurya at the end of dance, all clap for them.

Shaurya brings Mahek to poolside, he has put blindfold on Mahek’s eyes, she says where are you taking me? he says dont you trust me? she says more than myself. Shaurya takes off her blindfold, Mahek sees table for set at poolside, its decorated with rose petals and scented candles.

Sanjay meets his goon and asks if everything is set? goon says yes i did everything.

Mahek sees whole pool area decorated with flowers, she says you did all this Shaurya? she hugs him and gets emotional, she says you dont know much happy you have made me, you have made my dreams come true today and i couldnt do anything for you, i have nothing to give you, Shaurya says you remember you used to call me devil? so make this devil as your prince, Mahek says what you mean? Shaurya says not everything should be told, like in your fairytales, princess kiss devil and make him prince, Mahek says not prince but frog, she gently pushes Shaurya away.

Mohit comes to Sharma house and says i was enjoying party and they sent me here, he finds Jeevan’s medicine. Sanjay and his goon are at Sharma house too but Mohit hasnt seen them, Sanjay says its time to execute plan.

At poolside, Shaurya pulls Mahek closer, tere sang yara plays, Shaurya puts hand on Mahek’s neck and pulls her closer, they lean in and close their eyes, they kiss each other and melt into each others arms.
At sharma house, Sanjay presses button and bombs blast in house from the packet his goon has placed earlier. Mohit was still in house. Whole house catches fire. Shaurya and Mahek gets call, they are shocked hearing the news.

All sharma family reaches their house and see whole house on fire. Shaurya comes there too. Kanta is crying for Mohit, Shaurya jumps in house ignoring fire, All are worried for him, Mahek cries for Shaurya. Shaurya goes in house to search Mohit and PD. Shaurya comes out of house with PD in his arms, Shaurya brings PD out of house, Kanta asks where is Mohit? Shaurya looks at house and goes in burning house again to find Mohit. Shaurya screams for Mohit.

Mahek says let me go to Shaurya, all try to stop Mahek and grab her arms but Mahek jerks them away and runs into to burning to go behind Shaurya, all are hysteric and calls out for Mahek to stop but she doesnt, Shaurya is searching for Moti, he sees Mohit lying on floor in a room, he asks him to get up, Mohit is coughing, Mahek comes there too, Shaurya says are you mad? why did you come here? Shaurya and Mahek pulls Mohit up, Shaurya takes Mohit from there, Mahek says i cant let my mother’s memories to burn like this, she starts collecting her memorable stuff.

Shaurya brings Mohit out of room and says you go out of house, i will bring your sister, Mohit leaves. Shaurya comes in room again and sees Mahek crying, Shaurya’s hand gets burned while coming to her, Shaurya says i have burned my hands alongwith my heart in your love, Mahek is hugging carton of things related to her mom, Shaurya picks her up bridal style and start taking her out of burning house, Mahek emotionally looks up at Shaurya, Shaurya intensely holds her gaze while going out of house with her, naino ki mat suniyo plays in background.

Shaurya lifts Mahek in his arms. Mohit comes out of burning house, he is coughing. Shaurya brings Mahek out of house, Mahek is dizzy, all are crying. Karona hugs Shaurya and asks if he is fine? she says are you both mad? Shaurya says we are in love but we have symptoms of madness, Mahek sadly looks at her burning house.

Rajiv is dancing, Sanjay says why you are not dancing nicely? sway your back and hips, you are dancing like donkey, i will slap you, continue dancing, Sanjay dances with Rajiv. Vaitlana says dont make this your jail cell Sanjay, focus on work. Sanjay gets call and says to Vaitlana that work is done, Shaurya’s dreams are burning now, he saved girl but house got burned and wedding is cancelled, Vaitlana is happy, Sanjay asks Rajiv to keep dancing.

Mahek comes to her burnt room and looks at burnt photo frame of her family, she weeps seeing it, she recalls sweet moments with her family. Shaurya comes there and is hurt seeing Mahek in pain, Mahek cries and says everything is finished, Mahek falls in his arms and cries.

Balmant says everything is burnt, nothing is left, i dont understand how fire broke out, Mahek was going to marry from this house but everything is burnt now, how we will do it now? Police comes and says there was short circuit. Mohit says to doctor that i was going to die today. Mahek sees Shaurya’s burnt hands, doctor comes to treat Shauryas hands.

Shaurya stares at Mahek and says to doctor i get fine with prayers not with medicine and now i have wife alongwith mother to pray for me, Mahek says doctor check him, he thinks his rubbish talks are his sense of humor, doctor says they have minor burns, they are fine, he leaves. Nehal asks how fire broke out? Mohit says i dont know, blast happened and i felt like i died, i closed my eyes and saw great grandfather but i opened my eyes and saw tall man, i mean Shaurya, he was coming to me, Shaurya says you make good stories, i know a friend Poonam, she makes poor shows, you go to her.

Ravi says whats in this carton that you put your life in danger for it? shuarya says i saved Mahek’s memories, we make home with these memories, how could i let these memories burn which make us learn how to love? Kanta hugs them and says to Shaurya that we should push marriage date ahead, we cant have mandap here, Balwant says to Shaurya that you are almost son in law of house so it doesnt matter if marriage happens after a month, Mahek says how will marriage happen in this burnt house? Shaurya says if you people think i am yours then let this marriage happen, let Mahek become mine, i am your son so please let this marriage happen, i will handle everything.

Sanjay says to Shaurya that you want to bring your bride’s whole family here before wedding? Shaurya says right, i know you want to see me happy right? Sanjay says yes, Shaurya says all wedding functions will happen from this house and all will remain in limits, Vaitlana says where will Mahek’s family live here? only few guests can live in guest house not whole refugee camp, Shaurya says they are my relatives and you people are refugee here not them.

Mahek’s family is in Shaurya’s lounge. Mahek says should i go and check what is happening there? Kanta says its not good, we should welcome them to our house not to be burden on them, why Shaurya wants to marry you so badly, if wedding happens after a month then it wont matter. Shaurya says to servant that shift PD and Balwant in Karona’s room. Jeevan and Kanta will live in Vaitlana and Sanjay’s room, Ravi and Mansi will live in Sameer’s room and Mahek and Nehal will live in Shurti’s room. I will live with Mohit in room on terrace.

Mahek comes there and says Shaurya please dont irritate your family, we will live in guest house. Shurti says she is right, our guest house is bigger than their whole house, Shaurya says our garden is bigger than our house, should i shift you there? Sanjay says they are our relatives, they are our inlaws like our Gods, what Shaurya is saying will happen and we will live in guest house. Shaurya says Mahek leave, your luggage will be sent to your room, Mahek leaves.

Shaurya says to Sanjay that i havent forgot all incidents, once i get free from wedding then i will do postmortem of everything, be ready, Sanjay says you are welcome nephew.

Nehal and Mahek are in Shurti’s room, Nehal says this is great room, Shurti is hot. She lies on bed and says wow this bed is so good, she makes Mahek sit on bed, Mahek says dont irritate me, i already feel awkward here, dont know how his family is feeling. Nehal says these curtains are so nice, Mahek chill, she sees Shurti’s makeup and says she has so much makeup and its so good, Mahek says its not ours, dont touch.

Shurti comes there and claps, she says Miss Nehal and Miss Mahek Sharma, its against manners to touch someone’s things, Mahek says it wont happen again, she asks Nehal to put her perfume down, Shurti says i wont touch it now, you people must be used to second hand things so keep it Nehal, she leaves, Nahel says i will punch her.

Jeevan says to his foreign nurses and says i will make you both wear sarees when i get fine, she coughs, one nurse does his massage, he says i am much better now, Kanta glares at him, Jeevan says they are both nice, Kanta says you should be praised too for sitting so peacefully between them, Jeevan says i am injured, my hand broke, Kanta says but pain is in your heart, i will handle you once you get fine.

Vaitlana comes there with refreshment, she says to Kanta that if you feel hungry at night then you can eat all this, Kanta says we didnt need anything, Vaitlana says i dont like that you deny everything, we are lucky to not only welcome bride but her whole family, Kanta and Jeevan is hurt hearing it, Jeevan says this is all not needed, thank you for thinking about us, Vaitlana says can i take my clothes off? he says no, she says i mean from my cupboard, Kanta says yes its your room only, Vaitlana says i forgot that, she takes her clothes and leaves room.

Vaitlana is angry, she goes to see Sanjay.
Sanjay recalls Shaurya’s threat about doing postmortem, Vaitlana comes there and says you should die in this pool, you are nothing but crap, go back to jail, Sanjay shouts to shut up, Vaitlana is surprised, Sanjay says you keep saying rubbish, you are woman and its your work to raise voice, leave or will dig your grave here, he pushes her away, she says how dare you touch me? Sanjay grabs Vaitlana’s neck and strangles her, he says leave me, i am going to kill you, Vaitlana pushes his hand away and leaves. Sanjay says he will die, its out of limits now, he calls his friend juggi and says come to me tomorrow after leaving jail, i have work.

Mahek is lying on bed and trying to sleep, she gets up and says how will i live in this big house? it feels haunted. Someone puts sheet on her and takes her from there. Kanta comes out of her room too.

Mahek is screaming when she is brought in another room, she sees Shaurya and says you? he says calm down lady bheem, she sees Nehal and Mohit who has brought her, Nehal says Mahek loose your weight, Shaurya says they are my delivery job, Mahek says what is going on here? Shaurya says i want to show you something, she says what? Shaurya turns on lights, Mahek turns and sees Shaurya and her picture on wall, Nehal says how romantic, she wishes luck to shaurya and leaves with Mohit.

Mahek sees her photos with Shaurya around whole room, Shaurya smiles at her, Shaurya says i wanted to show you this, you can arrange whole room, you decide curtain colors, bed and everything, Mahek is mesmerized by him and hugs him tightly, Mahek sees one empty frame and asks about it, Shaurya says i had to leave one frame for junior Mahek and junior Shaurya, Mahek shoves him, shaurya says i wanted to say that before meeting you, my life was little different, you have right to know about my affairs and all, Mahek puts hand on his mouth and says i dont want to know anything, i just know that present and future moments are ours together and nothing can come inbetween us, you dont need to tell anything, she hugs Shaurya.

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