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Police arrests Mandhar. Julie comes and says my son didn’t doo anything. Mandhar says to Mahek you did this with Shaurya so you can go to him. Julie says you have ruined our house. You are going with that shaurya and planned all that. Mahek says don’t accuse me of that. My family is the most important to me

Archie sits next to Shaurya. She says you look better now. you have accepted the reality. You are free of the illusion that Vandana is Mahek. She says you tension worried me. Shaurya says excuse me and leaves. Archie says where are you going? He says for work. I want to focus on work. She syas lets make space for new things in business. She says wear this coat it will suit you. He wears the other one and ignores her.

Jevan comes and tells everyone that Mandhar was arrested. He says to Kanta do you know anything about it? She says no but he deserved it. Vicky brings the inspector to Shaurya. He says I am looking after Mandhar’s case.

Later that inspector comes to Mandhar and beats him. He says how dare you harm a child and do all that drama. He and constables beat Mandhar. He sends the video to Shaurya. Shaurya talks to Maandhar and says how are you? You tried to kill a child? now see what I do.

Someone knocks on the door. Mahek opens the door. Its Mandhar. Julie says thank God they left you. He screams. He says my whole body is bruised. Mahek says let me bring warm water. Julie does his bandage.

Next morning, Mandhar is asleep. Police comes again. He says is he better now? We have to arrest him again. Mandhar says why you left me then? Inspector says have to serve you. Mahek says please stop. Police takes him. Mahek comes to police station. She says take all this money and leave him. Inspector says don’t bribe us. Julie says to Mahek you did all this. Mahek says he kidnapped me and you all couldn’t do anything. And then he used my son. I promise you I will get him out of here in 24 hours.

Mahek tries to hire a lawyer but no one takes her case. Shaurya and vicky are making sure no one takes her case. Kanta says you are Mahek. You slapped the shaurya who helped your family. Did he harm you no? Why were not happy marrying Mandhar again? Why were you not happy? You know Mandhar is fooling you. He isn’t your husband. You know that it was not Shaurya’a Mahek. Mahek says for now please help me.

Shaurya calls Ravi and tells him something. Ravi says only Khuraana can take this case. Mahek comes to Khurana. Khurana says I will only take this case if Shaurya agrees. mahek comes to Shaurya. Neev says please help us hero. Please help my mom. Julie says please help us. Karuna says you people stay away from us. Shaurya says you slapped me and said you don’t wanna see my face. Why would I help such people?

Shaurya says to Mahek that Mandhar’s family disrespected him so he wont be able to help Mandhar. Shaurya thinks that Mandhar deserves this. Neev says to Shaurya that dont be miffed with my mother, please help my mom, Julie Maa scolded her a lot, nobody is helping her. Shaurya says to Mahek that for Neev, only I will help and Khurrana will fight case but I have one condition. Mahek says whatever you say.

Shaurya says my restaurant is getting big order for next month so you will work in my restaurant’s kitchen for one month, you will be my employee and you will agree to my orders. Kanta hears this on call and ends it, she says I knew shaurya wont let her go.

Mahek says to Shaurya that I dont agree, I dont know how to cook hotel food. Shaurya says I have people for hotel food but I need homely touch to food that you will provide. Neev says I will help Maa too. Shaurya says you will help her by going to school, there will swimming pool, horse riding and everything there. Neev says I will go to school. Shaurya says to Mahek that now Neev will go to school so you will have time to work, Mahek says why you are doing this? Shaurya says helping you, Mahek says then ask Khurana to bring Mandhar out.

Shaurya says I dont do charity, I need something back inreturn for helping, so you will join my restaurant? Dolly says he is destroying his restaurant. Shaurya says I am doing my work. Archie thinks Shaurya is stalking her again. Archie says to Shaurya you deal with international clients, she is not needed for that. Shaurya says I am doing business, Archie says she will doom it. Shaurya says I know what I am doing, I know how to make things work and make them famous, thanks for concern. Shaurya says to Mahek that you have time till 4P, after that Khurana will not be able to take your case. He leaves. Archie gets call and leaves.

Archie comes to jail in veil. She says to Mandhar why did you call me? Mandhar says they are beating me, I took phone from policeman, if you dont bring me out then I will tell it was your plan, Archie says you did foolish thing, Mandhar says bring me so I can control secret. Archie says dont threaten me, remember I am your friend in this, Shaurya have offered job to your wife inreturn to bring you out of jail. Mandhar says I wont spare this shaurya, he takes advantage of situation, jerk. Archi asks him to keep his mouth shut and dont call her, she will come to meet him later.

Shaurya says to Kanta that if she doesnt remember her memories then I will make her fall in love again. Kanta says she thinks she is married, she has values. Shaurya says in her mind she is Vandana but her heart have feelings, I will wake them up again, he says to Khurana that make sure Mandhar remains in jail, Khurana says I will try but he will come out eventually. Shaurya says to Kanta that no one should know what we are doing.

Julie is cutting veggies, she cuts her finger, Mahek runs to her, Julie says you are not helping. Mahek says if I work in hotel then Shaurya will get chance to be close. Julie says my son is in jail and you are not helping? do anything but bring Mandhar out, he is my son and he is rotting in jail, I have done so much hard work to raise him, he might be bad but he is my son, I will do anything for him.. he did such a big sin but still I protected him and now you.. Mahek is stunned and says what sin? what are you talking? you are hiding something? Julie says we dont have any way, we dont have money, you can work with Shaurya and bring your husband out of jail or you dont want him to come out?

Mahek says why would I do that? if I say yes to Shaurya then he will have upper hand, the man who tried to took me and then separate Neev from us, I slapped him earlier and now I should sit in his feet? julie says I dont know anything, I just want my son, its useless without him. Archie comes there and says thats right, you need your family to be with you but what Shaurya did with Vandana.. she is right too but we have to bring Mandhar out and I will help.

Mahek says why you want to go against shaurya? Archie says I dont want to be with him in his madness? his family doesnt stop him but I wont do it, I love him, she holds Mahek’s hand says tell me if husband does something wrong then should you support it or make him come on right path? I am not doing wrong.

Archie says to Julie that I will find a way to help you and me both but nobody should know about this, she tells some plan to Julie and Mahek which is muted. Neev hides and hears it.

Shaurya is in restaurant and working but he is distracted that Mahek hasnt come till now.. its nearing 4PM. Archie comes there. Shaurya makes rude face and avoids her. Archie says Vandana didnt come? what happened? are you miffed? please, I didnt want to hurt you, I am just practical, I dont think Vandana will come, end this and let them go from here. Shaurya walks away from her. He starts going to his car. Kanta sees him going and stops him, she asks what happened? Shaurya says Mahek didnt come.

Mahek is cooking and sees Neev playing. Julie calls Archie and asks if work will be done? Archie says yes my lawyer will bail Mandhar out. Julie thanks her. Kanta comes there, she sees paper on floor with which Neev is playing. Julie ends call. Kanta asks what happened about Shaurya’s offer? Julie says we havent thought about it and dont want to talk about it, you cleared that you dont want to get involved in our matter so why care now? Kanta says I just came to give halwa to Neev, Neev says thank you aunty, Kanta says my Mahek was your mother’s age and used to call me chachi so you call me grandma, Neeb says I will call you chachi-nani(aunt-grandma). Julie says I will send box back later.

Archie’s lawyer brings bail papers in police station. Inspector says I have got high court’s order that Mandhar’s bail cant be given. Mandhar gets angry and says I wont stay here. Policeman throws him in jail.

Archie says to lawyer that my bail request got canceled, it means someone knew I was going to file for bail today and made it get canceled by court. Archie is angry and says who can do this? Shaurya comes there and says me. Archie is shocked to see him there. Archie says you here? lawyer leaves.

Shaurya glares at her and says you wont explain psychology today? that I am running behind illusion? Archie says I.. Shaurya shouts shut up, you played a game with me, you cheated me and broke my trust, I cant bear disloyalty especially from a person whom I trusted most.Archie cries and says I did this for you. Shaurya pushes her away. Arvind asks what happened? Shaurya says ask your daughter about it, stay away from me otherwise you will know why people dont mess with me, he says to Archie that whatever was between us has ended, stay away from me and dont try to get in touch with me ever again. Archie is stunned to hear it.

Shaurya says to Archie that our relation is finished, he leaves. Archie gets angry and says this cant happen. She cuts her hand with glass. Arvind rushes to her and stops her, Archie says Shaurya is mine only.

Shaurya comes to Kanta and hugs her, he thanks her. Kanta says Neev told me everything about Archie, how she tried to help Julie so Mahek wouldnt come to you. Shaurya sys now Mahek has to come to me, I will win her over. They leave. Archie’s spy hears them and calls Archie, he tells her everything. Archie says Mahek will keep my life as hell, its time to finish her life.

Shaurya comes to restaurant, chefs are working. Shaurya says to Vicky that she didnt come? Vicky says not till now. One chef says she looks like Mahek, other says but she is not Mahek, first one says why would shaurya bring her here then? Shaurya looks at them and thinks that I made this restaurant but Shaurya gave it love and brought it to life, please comeback. Shaurya looks at Mahek’s mother’s photo and says I am praying for Mahek to come here again, please help me and bless me today.

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