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Mahek calls Vicky and says when will you come. He says just few minutes. Arman says in heart you all are in my trap now. Vicky loads the order in the van. He says to driver I never saw you before. He says other driver was busy. Vicky says call me if there is any trouble.

The driver replaces all the food with explosives on the way. Vicky finds a paper that fell from the van. Mahek calls him. Shaurya wrote that paper. But vicky drops it and leaves. The driver calls and updates Arman.

All are dancing and enjoying Vicky’s haldi ceremony. Mahek applies haldi to Vicky. dolly asks Mahek to send it to Nehal now. Mahek says Shaurya come with me to Kanta’s house, Karona says tell them that marriage is at 1PM. Shaurya and Mahek nods and leave.

Sonal is dancing in Nehal’s haldi. Mansi brings Nehal to function. Nehal smiles. Mahek, Shaurya and Neev comes there with shagun haldi. Sonal hugs Mahel and says dance with me. Mahek starts dancing with her. Fake Shaurya/Armaan looks on.

PD applies haldi to Nehal, then Kanta, and Mansi applies it, then Mahek and Sonal does it. Sonal says she is falling for Vicky, Nehal blushes. Mahek asks Sonal where is Mohit? Sonal says he didnt get off from job, Mahek says but its his sister’s wedding, Sonal says dont feel bad.

Sonal says to Mahek that you should apply haldi to your husband too, I heard that he danced nicely yesterday. Sonal says Mahek and Shaurya brings attention to them in every wedding, right Nehal? Nehal nods and says to Mansi that I want to talk, Nehal and Mansi leaves. Kanta says people praise Mahek and Shaurya everywhere.

Mahek says to Shaurya I will apply haldi to you, he says no dont touch me.. Mahek doesnt listen to him and applies haldi on his face, Haldi goes in his eye, Shaurya’s eye burns and he winces out in pain, Mahek asks what happened? let me see, Shaurya says dont touch me. Shaurya looks in mirror and sees she applied haldi near eye and thinks that my lens fell off, they will see my real eye and know that I am not real Shaurya, what to do? Mahek says let me see, you dont show anything, he gets more hurt than Neev and acts like kids.

Shaurya/Armaan says my eye is burning and you are giving speech. Jeevan asks Shaurya to ice the eye. Shaurya/Armaan sees lens near Jeevan’s feet, he falls to his knees and acts like touching his feet and says you saved my eyes, he takes lens and puts it in his eye, he wipes his eye. Shaurya/Armaan thanks Jeevan again.

Mahek thinks he has so many mood swings, he was scolding me and now he cant say thank you enough. shaurya says my wife would have made me blind today. Mahek says stop it. Kanta says not blind but one eye gone, all laugh.

Nehal says to Mansi that even today Mahek and Shaurya are getting most attention, its my haldi and all people are focusing on them, its just about them all the time and you all support it, haldi went in his eyes and all people have attention on him, maybe they do this deliberately or just get everyone’s attention, you do it, she leaves in anger. Mansi looks on.

Manager from hotel calls Vicky and says we are unloading material from trucks and will start working soon, vicky says okay and ends call. Karona says you are always busy in work, go take bath, today is your marriage. Driver of truck is involved with terrorists, he changes material and food in truck and says work is done.

Vicky gets ready as groom. Mahek says now you are my brother in law and sister’s husband too so I can scold him more. vicky says I am lucky to get you all. Vicky gets call from hotel but Dolly doesnt let him take it.

Manager at event sees that food is not veg but non-veg, she says to chefs that how this happened? veg food was made and now we dont have it, Vicky specifically asked to not do any blunder and he is not picking call too, she tries to call Shaurya but he turns off the phone.

Mahek comes to Nehal and says I am attending marriage from this side too. Shaurya/Armaan says Nehal you are my brother’s wife too now so we have two relations and I can scold you more. He says to Mahek that we should go to Vicky, Dolly must be panicking.

Mahek says to Nehal that you are my sister, I love you, you can fight as much as you want but you always be my younger sister, she hugs her. Shaurya/Armaan sees hotel manager calling Mahek, he turns her phone silent too as Mahek left it on table.

Vicky’s baraat starts leaving. All are dancing. Mahek says to Shaurya that you were dancing that day a lot, what happened now? dance on road now, Shaurya looks on.

Dolly have Vicky’s phone, she is busy in dancing and drops his phone, she doesnt see it and its left on road, manager is calling but no one sees it. Baraat comes to wedding venue, Mahek puts her arm around shaurya’s and smiles.

Vicky and Nehal wedding starts, they exchange garlands after teasing a little. Jeevan and Ravi lifts Nehal and Vicky has to jump to put garland around her, all smile. Shaurya/Armaan comes out of venue and calls his terrorist friend, he says work will be done right? terrorist says yes, Shaurya says one person should be always there.

Someone taps on his shoulder, Shaurya turns around and sees Kanta there. Kanta says wedding of your sister in law and brother is going on inside and you are here, come inside, Shaurya leaves with her.

At minister’s daughter’s function, family asks white chilies manager to serve drinks and then food, she leaves. Manager says no one is picking up call.

Vicky and Nehal are doing rituals in wedding. Shaurya thinks wedding and destruction will come together for you people. Mahek says to Sonal that its time to hide vicky’s shoes now. Mahek comes out of venue to get Vicky’s shoes but finds Vicky’s phone lying there.

She takes it and checks that hotel manager has been calling, she calls back, hotel manager tells her everything that food is all non-veg in containers and they have to serve guests, Mahek is stunned and ends call. She says Vicky and Nehal’s wedding shouldnt be sabotaged, help me, she leaves from wedding.

Mahek is in car, she calls hotel manager and says I will guide to make starter veg soup, write down the material, she gives her list.
Shaurya/Armaan is in wedding, he thinks I should check where Mahek is. He comes to his room and doesnt see Mahek there, he looks around in house and doesnt find Mahek anywhere.

He sees her phone under sofa where he hid it. Shaurya/Armaan thinks that Mahek’s phone is still here and it has manager’s call, seems like Mahek knows about the problem, she shouldnt reach there, if she reaches the function then my plan will be destroyed.

Shaurya says I want the guest list. Mahek says that guest list will stay with Vikcy only. I wasn’t there at packaging time too. He isn’t just your brother but my brother in law too. You can’t insult him. you can’t insult him all the time. I decide that Vicky will work on this project only. Shaurya says I want that list in next 24 hours and that’s final.

Mahek is sleeping in tears. Shaurya calls Salah and asks her to reach office. Dolly asks Kanta what’s wrong. They are fighting all the time. Kanta says tomorrow is lohri. We will call MAhek’s family and have a good celebration so everyone has a good time.

Kanta says to Nehal you have to make sweet. Mahek says you look so pretty. Dolly says Mahek show her kitchen. Nehal says masi you show me please. Nehal’s mood is off. Karuna says Mahek today is lohri. Be happy. Vicky receives the details of home minister’s daughter. Mahek says keep this CD in the locker.

Ravi says I won’t go. Mansi says whats wrong. Kanta says this is Nehal’s first lohri. We have to go there. Everyone prepares for Lohri. Neev is very happy to fly kites. MAhek’s family comes. Kanta welcomes them. They exchange gifts, They all fly kites.
Mahek says to Nehal I am sorry for yesterday. Nehal says this is my first festival after marriage. I want to celebrate it. She leaves. Nehal meets everyone.

Kanta says where is Shaurya? Mahek says his mood is off and is super busy. Kanta says here is Shaurya. He meets everyone. Dolly makes the teams. Shaurya takes nehal’s kite and fights with MAhek. He wins it. Nehal and Sonal are very happy. Nehal says wow you played so well. Mahek says Nehal are you happy now. Nehal says its festival I am trying to stay happy. Dolly says there is still tension.

Neev says there is a solution. I once saw in lohri people drank something and they got so happy. Its called bhang. Dollyu says thanks a lot. Dolly gives everyone thandai with bhaang it it. Everyone gets drunk. They all get happy and start dancing. Dolly says my idea worked.

That girl comes in. Watchman says who are you? She says Shaurya called me. Everyone is dancing. Mahek coems to room and falls with Shauyra. He says I have two faces. I will show you magic. He is drunk. Mahek laughs. He says U have faces. Mahek says you are crazy. he is about to take his mask off.

The woman comes to Arman’s room and takes him to washroom. She says you were doing such a big mistake. Mahek is asleep on the bed. She takes him. They leave the room

Everyone is drunk downstairs. Dolly says what did I do. I have to get them in senses.
Dolly gives everyone bhaang. She says dolly you everyone bhang. Mahek comes downstairs and says Shaurya isn’t home. Do you know where he is? Shaurya comes and says are you crazy? You ruined my whole house. Karruna says she did this for fun only. She is your aunt. Shaurya asks the girl to check drawer. She finds the locker and opens it. Watchman comes and says who are you.

Everyone is preparing for lohri. Mahek is worried. She says why is Shaurya so angry these days. The manager calls Vicky and says someone was trying to open your locker. She said she is hired by Shaurya. Shaurya says yes I hired. Her name is Daljeet. This was her first assignment. Mahek says you gave her asssignment to steal? He says I know what I am doing. You don’t need to tell me. Vicky says let is be Mahek. Kanta says leave it.

The same girl comes and says Shaurya called me. Mahek says you came before. SHe says I will help shaurya is this project. Mahek says he is upstairs.

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