Mehek Update Friday 3rd May 2019 #mehek

Friday update on Mehek 3rd May 2019

Mahek says everything is fine there, i had to work hard today, i am tired, can i take rest? Jeevan says yes go, Mahek says sorry i dont know why i yelled, Kanta says we are fool to not ask you water or anything when you are tired, go and take rest.

Mahek says what he was saying? that i will run back to him? what he thinks of himself? i dont have debt to give him back. Mansi comes there and asks Mahek to come downstairs, we have made dish, Mahek says i am not in mood, Mansi says its your favorite, come.

Mahek comes downstairs, Sonal says you have got ego after getting job, where are you lost? PD and Balwant are arguing over TV remote. Mahek is lost and is putting salt in her plate blankly, Sonal asks what is going on? Mahek says my heart and mind is having contest, i am loosing in both cases, i am not even getting sleep. Sonal asks who has done it? Mahek says none other than Shaurya Khanna. Sonal says you are going to new job, from where did he come?

Mahek says he came there and asked me for coffee, when i said no, he said that i will go running back to him. Sonal says girls get old waiting for guys and that guy is giving you attention and you are denying it. Sonal asks Mahek to eat dahi.. she says no, someone says on Tv that if girl doesnt eat dahi then she is in love. Mahek starts eating dahi and says to Sonal that i am not in love, Sonal laughs.

Sonal and Mahek are in room. Mahek says Shaurya is behaving like romantic movie’s hero, how to stop him? Sonal says i have learned that if a girl asks boy to not come closer then it means girl wants him closer, tell me truly you want him to not come to you? you cried for Shaurya but you smiled because of him and he has done favors on you too, my experience is saying that you are in love with him, Mahek says are you helping me? you are saying rubbish, leave me alone, Sonal says you will never be alone from now on because Shaurya will be in your thinking and mind all the time, she leaves. Mahek thinks and is tensed.

Rajiv says to Shaurya that we have done all preparations, only chef is to be employed, we have given our best chef to KD, i have shortlisted few, select one from them, Shaurya is lost in thoughts.

Mahek is looking at moon and says this love is rubbish, i will get busy in love and it wont happen. She looks at her phone and is irritated.
Shaurya is looking at his phone, waiting for someone’s call. Rajiv asks if someone important is going to call? are you having silent fast? tell me what is it, Shaurya says dont disturb me, leave me alone today, Rajiv sighs and leaves. Shaurya looks at moon.

Mahek opens her laptop. Shaurya is looking at his laptop too, both are waiting for each other to contact, both are restless, ae dil hai mushkil plays, Mahek contemplates to contact him or not while Shaurya is agitated that she is not calling. Both are not getting sleep.

Its morning. Mahek is working in KD’s hotel kitchen. she looks at cooker and recalls supercook incident when she asked for cooker from Shaurya, how he brought it for her. Mahek is lost in thoughts. KD is watching her from far, Mahek starts cooking again, she recalls how Shaurya scolded her for evenly chopping veggies and how he held her hand and chopped it for her, she starts chopping veggies and shrugs, KD smirks seeing it. Kd comes to his assistant Shalini and says this Mahek is desi girl, how did she impress Shaurya? he acts like englishman, she agrees.

Mahek is cooking and recalls how Sonal said that Mahek is in love with Shaurya, she tries to concentrate but is not able too.

Mahek leaves office after hours. KD says Mahek is our trump card, he asks Shalini to make exclusive contract for her, give her money as much as she wants but her recipes should be in our menu only, do it fast, i dont want Shaurya to change her mind, she says it will be done.

Shaurya is driving car in anger, he recalls Mahek leaving in rickshaw yesterday when he was waiting for her. Driver is sitting on passenger seat and says to Shaurya that i will drive, you are driving too fast, Shaurya says you think i cant drive? Shaurya thinks Mahek get out of my mind, you have no right to live in my mind. Shaurya drives faster and hits another car, he gets into accident.

Mahek comes out of office and says i didnt want to see Shaurya’s face then why i am waiting for him when he is not here? She calls Shaurya, his driver takes call, she asks where is Shaurya? driver says Shaurya has got into accident, Mahek is shocked and asks where? he tells her address, Mahek ends call and takes rickshaw. She comes to accident site.

She sees Shaurya’s car crashed with other car, she sees blood on road and car’s windshield, one man says seems like man is finished inside car, Mahek says no, police doesnt let her to near car, Mahek screams for Shaurya and says i want to go to him, Mahek asks policeman to let her go, i want to meet Shaurya, he says you cant move to accident site.

Mahek cries, Shaurya comes there and asks what are you to Shaurya? Mahek turns and sees Shaurya fine and standing there, she runs to him crying and hugs him tightly, Shaurya is little surprised, Mahek cries on his shoulder, Shaurya slightly smiles and asks why are you crying? Mahek says driver said you had accident, he says yes but i didnt get injured, she breaks hug and says then what is it? Shaurya says i thought to do some acting, Mahek weeps and hugs him again, Shaurya says i told you, you will run back to me in 24hours, Mahek says why you did it? what if something happened to you? shaurya says how does it matter to you? he breaks hug and says it wont matter you if anything happens to me right?

Mahek hugs him again and says i would have died, Shaurya says why? why would have you died? Mahek breaks hug and looks at him, she says because I.. he asks you what? Mahek says some things are not said, they should be understood, Shaurya says i dont understand them so say it, Mahek looks away, Shaurya says say it Mahek Shaurya Khanna.. Mahek snaps her head back at him surprised, Shaurya says say Mahek Shaurya Khanna, Mahek smiles in daze, Mahek says I.. I love you Shaurya, shaurya smiles hearing it.

Mahek smiles and says I love you Shaurya.. the both smile at each other, confetti and balloons are flowing in air, Mahek blushes looking at Shaurya, Tere sang yara song plays, they both keep smiling at each other, Mahek cries being emotional.

Mahek comes home, she is dancing and singing. Preshan song plays, Mahek hugs Balwant and plays with flowers, Mahek dances around family who are busy in their household chores. Mahek dances with Sonal being happy, Mahek imagines Shaurya there and dances around him, she hugs him from behind and dances with him. Shaurya asks Mahek will you go with me for tea? Mahek blushes and says yes..

Kanta asks what happened to you? Mahek sees that Shaurya was her imagination, she says nothing, no problem, she smiles and goes to her room.
Mahek comes to her room and starts dancing again, she lies on her bed smiling, she imagines Shaurya lying on bed with her, they smile at each other, Shaurya pinches her nose, Pareshan song, Mahek caresses Shaurya’s face, and giggles, she pinches his cheek and gives him flying kiss, he caresses her cheek too, she laughs, Mahek keep imagining him and keep smiling, her phone rings, she sees Shaurya calling, she smiles and takes call.

Shaurya says enough, he says i am having too many hiccups, stop missing me, Mahek smiles and says Mr. Khanna, for your kind knowledge, nothing like that, my focus is on my new job, Shaurya says someone has started lying though teeth too, Mahek says your staff must be remembering you calling you devil, she laughs. Shaurya says laugh, he asks is there mirror in your room? she says yes, he asks her to look in mirror, she does, he says now look at you nose, she says what? Shaurya says see your swollen nose, he laughs, Mahek says i have important work then this, Shaurya says liars have swollen nose, stop missing me and focus, Mahek asks when are we meeting tomorrow? Shaurya says i have tight schedule, i will meet you in evening, she says i thought we will meet in morning, Shaurya says sorry, he ends call.

Its morning, Kanta shows boys pictures to Jeevan and says they are from good family, they are good proposals for Mahek. Mahek sees this and gets tensed. Kanta says i have done research this time, Jeevan says be careful, earlier we were doing mistake too. Kanta shows him boys pictures and tells him about their work, Mahek is worried seeing all this and thinks God they are finding guy for me in real.

Shaurya is jogging, he gets Mahek’s call and says you keep running and someone will runaway with me, he asks what? Mahek says Kanta chachi found four proposals for me, i will have to say yes, Shaurya says you are in demand Mahek Sharma, Mahek says you think this is joke? this is about my life, dont you think you should do something, Shaurya says its your family, what i can do,

Mahek says you dance in my wedding, you were saying something else yesterday idiot, dont call me again. Shaurya laughs. Mahek ends call and says he is useless. Nehal asks whom youa re cursing? Mahek says some people are nothing, they just talk and cant do anything, i am going to office, she leaves, Nehal says what happened to her?
Shaurya comes home and asks servant to brings his clothes, he smirks.

Mahek is working in hotel, she says Shaurya doesnt care about anything, he should get lost. KD comes and asks who should get lost? she says Shaurya Khanna, she gets conscious and says sorry sir, he asks are you in touch with Shaurya? she says yes, he says you slapped him, Mahek says it was misunderstanding, Kd says then you must be going to his house? Mahek says i dont go to his house but he comes to my house anytime he wants, you know rich people are moody, only they know what they are doing, she leaves, KD says this girl will teach Shaurya.

Shaurya is at Mahek’s home. Mahek comes there and is stunned seeing him, she gets tensed and eyes him. Kanta says to Mahek that he drank four cups of tea but keep saying that he will talk only when you come, its good that you came. Kanta asks Shaurya to say it now, Ravi says yes please, we are impatient now. Shaurya smirks and starts coming towards Mahek, she gets tensed, Shaurya kneels infront of her, Mahek moves back but Shaurya turns towards PD and holds her hand, Jeevan says what he is doing? Balwant says drama.

PD says yo are 60years late, you cant propose me now, i am retired, Shaurya says i am just 60years late, i wish i could marry you, Pd blushes, Shaurya says so in this birth, i will be satisfied with your shadow, i can make your laddo(Mahek) mithai(sweet) of my life (asking for Mahek’s hand), Mahek is stunned and blushes while whole family is shocked, PD smiles, Nehal is happy too.

Kanta says what is all this Mahek? Mahek is unable to speak. Shaurya comes to Kanta and says chachi I.. she stops him and says i am asking Mahek, she asks Mahek to speak up, is this happening with your consent? Mahek looks down and is tensed, Kanta says i am asking you, she grabs her arm and asks if she has consent in all this? Mahek looks down and says please Chachi.. she nods, Shaurya says i know, i couldnt make place in your heart but please give me one chance Chachi, after meeting Mahek, i realised importance of small things and i dont want to loose her at any cost, i dont want anything other than Mahek, Kanta says this is difficult decision Shaurya, we need time for this, Shaurya says i will wait for your yes, he helplessly looks at Mahek and leaves, Mahek turns to see him go and smiles proudly…

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