Meet Rati Pandey, the Feisty Indira Sharma from ‘Iron Lady’ Zee world series


Rati Pandey

Ranti Pandey needs little introduction among Zee World series enthusiast in Africa. She is currently starring as Indira Sharma in the hit series Iron lady. She is a delectable actress who has won the hearts of many for her strong and feisty role as a woman who isn’t afraid to take on the world.

However, this piece is not about Indira sharma but about the person behind the character – Rati Pandey. Did you know she actually studied commerce at the Miranda House at Delhi University, where she specialized in Economics?

Rati Pandey

Well she did. Probably a reason why she fitted perfectly into the shrewd, strong and pragmatic character of Indira sharma in iron lady Zee world series.

She was born on 11 September 1982 and is currently 35 going 36 in 4 days time. She had been 29 when Hitler Didi first premiered in India around 2011.

Rati Pandey

So who is Rati Pandey dating? 

The tantrum queen of Indian Television Industry had been rumored as dating actor Anas Rashid, even though there was no clear and confirmed report about their relationship till date.

Anas Rashid and Rati Pandey rumoured to be dating

However in 2016, Times of India reported that they had separated and were no more a couple.

Eitherways, it is very clear that Rati Pandey preferred to keep her private business private.

Rati Pandey and Anas Rashid

What is she up to currently, she played the role of Komal in Begusarai, a series currently airing on Zee World Africa. And she has been on the Sony TV series titled Porus ,where she playS the role of Queen Anusuya.

Rati Pandey as Anusya


2016 Begusarai Komal &TV
2017–Present Porus Queen Anusuya[7] Sony TV

See more picures of her below:

Rati Pandey
Ranti Pandey
Rati Pandey

That’s all the stalking we can take on this amazing actress, you can check her Wikipedia page for more information about her.



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