Zee World series: Begusarai set to premiere 13th July, read plot, teasers, casts here

As ardent lovers of King of hearts say their final goodbyes to the series on the 12th July, they can put their mind to rest because Zee World is committed to bringing back to back series to its African audience. And True to that,  Begusarai will immediately kick off the next day.

Awesome right?

So what is the Begusarai series about (Plot / Synopsis)?

The series gets its name from a fictional town called Begusarai in the district of Bihar, India. The land is a tough one where wealth, power and respect is earned only through violence. If you want to become influential and powerful, then you have to be ready for gunfights and bloodshed.

It is in this backdrop that Phulan Thakur lives with his family and has garnered respect and status over the years. He is the present ruler of the land.

Also, as the head of the Thakur family he has the task of picking a heir to his throne. This is not an easy task however because the family is presently polarized into different factions with sibling rivalry.

But because Phulan knows that troubled times are approaching, he therefore makes it his new life mission to unite his family into a formidable and unified force; he also seeks to promote peace in Begusarai.

His intentions are however thwarted when Bhindya arrives. She is a beautiful and renowned dancer who has evil intentions towards the Thakur family.

Even though she portrays herself as an agent of peace she is the opposite; she seeks to manipulate her way into the trust of the family from where she can make them fragment even further.

Who are the casts of Begusarai ? Let’s meet them.

Shweta Tiwari stars as Bindiya Thakur

Shweta Tiwari as Bindiya

She is a beautiful dancer and a seductress. It is impossible for men not to fall for her charms. She is extremely witty and manipulative and when she has her heart set out for something, she will resort to any means to get it. She seeks to become the ruler of Begusaria.

Vishal Aaditya Singh stars as Laakhan/Shakti Thakur

Vishal Aaditya Singh

Laakhan is extremely ambitious, possessive and least expressive man anyone would ever know. Laakhan is feared by the people of Begusarai due to his short temper. He loves his fiancé Poonam and is very loyal to her. Laakhan is Priyom’s brother and his best friend. Laakhan respects the elders in his family but secretly desires to be the King of Begusarai one day.

Shivangi Joshi  as Poonam Thakur

Shivangi Joshi as poonam

Poonam is a shy and timid girl who has simply accepted her fate that she belongs to a male dominated society. She is extremely studious and is a very simple girl. She secretly desires a normal life, a loving husband and happiness she knows she might never have.

Sartaj Gill as Priyam Thakur

Sartaj Gill

Priyam is a happy-go-lucky charmer and an extremely kind hearted man. He is protective of the women in his life but the one thing he fears is commitment.

Others include:

Veebha Anand as Ananya Mishra

Veebha Anand

Garv Thakur Real Name Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

Adarsh Thakur Real Name Manish Naggdev

Manish Naggdev

Komal Real Name Rati Pandey

Rati Pandey

Amar Thakur Real Name Parichay Sharma

Parichay Sharma

Maya Thakur Real Name Vaishnavi Dhanraj

Vaishnavi Dhanraj

RajKumar Thakur Real Name Aru Verma

Aru Verma

Mithilesh Thakur Real Name Darshan Dave

Darshan Dave

Bengusaria has 226 episodes and will run from Monday to Sunday on Zee World.

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