Meet in love update Monday 18 July 2022

Meet in love 18 July 2022: Meet reaches Ahlawat’s mansion and goes inside. Babita ask her where are you going, before going talk to me first. Meet says I was going to talk to you, I want to tell why I didn’t reach panchayat Bhavan. Babita says I know why didn’t you reach because Manushi stopped you and Ravi accused you for sll thigs because Manushi ask him to do. Meet says yes but how you know that. Babita says I got clearance of many things today. Meet says I’m very sorry for that and I want to talk to Meet Ahlawat. Babita claps and says I want to see in your eyes do you have any shame or not and you know what I see nothing, how much lie you will tell more and target you big sister to fulfill your selfishness, first you became daughter in law of this house and now you want to make her bad infront of everyone.

Meet says hwat are you saying. Babita says I’m saying truth because I know everything, I know Manushi didn’t want to run away,it was you because you love him. Meet says this is not true she is telling lie and even Ravi is also involved I’ll call him. Babita says no not at all and for your kind information Manushi didn’t tell me anything and I’ll call a person infront of him you can’t play your gsme anymore and says please come forward. Amma walks to them. Meet in shock. Amma give letter to Babita and she says this is the same letter which Manushi left during marriage, it’s written that she is sacrificing for you. Amma says to Babita Manushi was with me everytime. Babita says you made her wrong because of your selfishness, tell that Dadi is also lying like Manushi. Dadi says please allow me I’ll leave now. Babita take letter go inside.

Meet stop dadi and ask her tell me what’s wrong why did you do this. Amma says leave me I don’t have any answer and I don’t won’t to talk to you, you are bron with bad luck your brother was dead when you were born. Meet says did Manushi said something to you, I did something wrong. Dadi says yes you were born that’s the biggest mistake, you ruined Manushi’s house, I didn’t came at your leaving ceremony because I got that letter, I said nothing because your mom said now I won’t stop, push her back and thinks how can I explain you why I’m doing this Manushi put me in this situation. Meet remembers how Dadi was begging her for getting married and took her side.

Meet enter Ahlawat’s mansion and thinks don’t know what they are thinking. Masum says to Raj ask your daughter where was she busy and didn’t come to community centre. Meet says I know you have lot of questions, goe to Raj says dad I know you always kept your faith in me and called me your daughter, I want to say please have that faith in me today and says I had some compulsion but I cannot tell you know. Raj says I have faith in you daughter and says to everyone no body will ask her any questions, when she will feel free she will tell and if we talk about Ravi then he cannot take Sunaina forcefully and he should understand that and says to Babita from now on don’t behave like slave with Sunaina she will also be treated like every family members. Babita says okay.

Meet Ahlawat says to Tej I cannot understand because there is a tornado inside me because my heart says Meet didn’t to anything but mind is saying she should be there to apologise, if I won’t be there then someone would have painted dad’s face black, I cannot understand anything. Meet enter room. Tej get’s happy and says my friend is very good. Meet Ahlawat says then she should be there. Meet calls Meet Ahlawat he get up and try to walk away. Meet hold him and do sit-ups infront of him. Meet Ahlawat remember what panch said to Ahlawat’s. Tej get up after seeing her doing sit-ups and Tej aslo start doing. Both of them stop him and make him sit. Tej says to Meet sit-down he take Meet Ahlawat’s and Meet’s hand and wipe there tears and give there hand in eachothers says team. Servant walks in says to Meet Babita is calling you.

Babita with Manushi says to Meet I called her because I need to take important decision, in my life nothing is more important then my son’s happiness and I want him to happy, the girl in her life should be her soulmate with whoem he can live without any sacrifice and I have to decide who is she between you two. Meet says there is no need of decision he is my husband and I’m er wife. Babita says is my son happy with you do he said that he loves you I have given you many chance, try to explain you things in person but did he got happiness of soulmate, you might be the first girl who went on honeymoon and his husband didn’t touch, my son use to be romantic I saw love in his eyes when he was engaged with Manushi, did you see any love in his eyes from the time he was married to you, you both have relation of friends. Meet says that’s one of the good sign of relation.

Babita says after six months of marriage also you are friends there is no love. Meet says we have deep relation. Babita says we can find friends with deep relation but wife is always one you can share happiness with friends but you can’t take promise for seven birth with friends that can only done with wife, I need wife for my son. Babita says our bond is also getting stronger he use to hate me now we are good friends and our relation will grow stronger. Babita says it can be done so that’s why I’m giving you and Manushi one chance to prove who is best for my son you bith have 10 days but my son dosent know about this, if my son is more attracted towards Manushi then you have to divorce her and go away from his life forever. Meet touches her feet and says you are mother of my husband that’s why I accept this challenge, I’m very stubborn when come to relation and if you I’m burden to any relation I won’t stay there long and in next 10 days Meet Ahlawat dosent choose Manushi then you won’t make her stand here and you will never ask any questions for our relation.

Babita says okay. Meet ask tell me what to do. Babita says tomorrow is vasant panchami and in our house a special Kheer is prepared which is my son’s favourite so tomorrow you both will make kheer and we need to see who’s lheer he will eat. Manushi thinks that’s a piece of cake for me poor Meet she will loose first challenge tomorrow and ask Meet do you know how to make kheer. Babita says that’s not important for me, important is who will win my son’s heart and says to Meet I know you don’t know how to make kheer but if you want you can learn how to cook kheer and if you cannot make them can order from out it depends upon who will win my son’s heart is that accepted. Manushi says yes and Babita walks away. Meet says to Manushi you can use this trick too because whenever you try to do something we always came close and one more thing Savitri fought with Yumraj for her husband so I’m also a wife and won’t let you win.

Manushi says keep your lectures with you and think of tomorrow challenge, I’ll give you a tip videos are available on internet learn how to cook. Meet says you are right I’ll get video but sweetness come with love from where you will bring that, mom says taste come with love and motive and we both know your motive that’s why you are on run always so don’t worry about me think of yourself.Meet Ahlawat in his room playing video game. Meet walks in see him playing hold her ears and sit in front of him says you are still angry on me, shout on me scream at me but please don’t be angry on me and hold his hands. Meet Ahlawat says leave my hand. Meet says first tell me you are angry on me.

Meet Ahlawat shouts at her says yes I’m angry on you and why I shouldn’t be look at your behaviour. Meet says went out your angry scold me if you want throw me out of room here hold my hand. Meet Ahlawat grab her hand and act like throwing out but leaves her hand and get back to his game. Meet thinks I have faith in our relation, walks to him. Meet Ahlawat says don’t stand infront of me and start playing game with him says this is best option to calm down and start racing with him. Meet wins the race says do you think I did everything on purpose, I also have some conditions, I just want to tell if you are with me then I’ll win life game also like this race. Meet Ahlawat says you are a bit gone case your violent streak becomes more hevay on you and you looses your temper and when you get normal you look again good.

Meet says I have decided that I’ll win. He says did you said anything. She says no, your heard something.Babita in hall Manushi walks to her says I want to tell you something from long time but couldn’t get time to tell you, I ran away from marriage but not on my will because of my younger sisters happiness because she use to love your son and I was so blind in my sister’s love that I didn’t thought about your families reputation, I’m sorry please forgive me. Babita says you will get your apology when you win my son’s heart because that’s important for me. Manushi says I’ll try to win this test and make everything normal. Babita says okay, stay happy and walks away.

Same night. Meet in her bed her alarm rings and she wakes up and says to sleeping Meet Ahlawat, I need your best of luck so that I can learn to cook kheer which you may love, she gets to kitchen and start seeing video for how to make Kheer, while watching she remembers how Meet Ahlawat helped her earlier to cook. Raj walks in kitchen ask her what are you doing. Raj says just think that I was waiting for you, you came here to drink tea. Raj says yes and start coughing. Meet give him water. Raj says I thought of telling Babita to make tea for me but if I wake her up then she sill start having migraine so thought of making it myself. Meet says I’m here I’ll make for you just tell me how to make tea. Raj says okay and give her instructions to make tea. Meet make tea for him. Raj says this is delicious.

Meet drinks it says this reminded me of mummy’s brew this taste so bad. Raj says that is true but it’s not that bad. Meet says I failed, you are not feeling well and I cannot give you a good tea to drink. Raj says no worries I’ll make it now and start making tea. Raj give her tea and says taste it and tell how’s it. Meet says it’s good, I cannot make a tea for you what will be more bad then this. Raj says every relation depends upon how you support eachother not on who is better then who now you should drink tea and I’ll leave, we will meet tomorrow morning for tea again. Meet says there is a saying that a person can learn anything he wants so I’ll practice and make sure that morning tea I’ll make for you like you made for me. Raj says okay and leave.

Next morning. Manushi asking dadi to make kheer and give instructions to put all dryfruits in that. Amma says this will taste well if you put love in this and what are your intentions in making this but my heart and well wishes are for my Meet. Manushi threaten her says if you ruin this kheer then I’ll tuin your life. Amma says I thought you chode the right path but you will never but I’m helpless. Manushi says so you know very well then now start cooking kheer with.

Meet in her room deciding what to wear. Meet Ahlawat walks in and says why is she passing her time don’t she want to go college and ask her time. She says it’s 8:10. He thinks she knows time but still doing timepass and ask why is your bag lying down send it to it’s location. Meet grab her bag and goes to keep it inside cupboard. Meet Ahlawat stops her says what are you doing don’t you want to go college look at the time. Meet says I won’t go college. Meet Ahlawat says how did you took this decision you have to go college and I’ll go to drop you and ask your teacher to have an eye on you, your education is important because that’s your father dream now forget whatever happen so please don’t let that effect your studies. Meet thinks so many things happen but still he is worried about my education but now our relation is on stake and I won’t let that hamper. Meet Ahlawat says what are you staring at get ready for college.

Meet remembers what Babita said about challenge and says to him I’ll go to college but after 10 days. He says what is so important. She says you. He gets stunned and says what. She says there is something more important but you won’t understand. He says okay do whatever you want you have only 10days after that you have to concentrate on your studies and grab a saree for her says this is good and walks away.

Meet in pooja room light the diya and pray to god says last night I couldn’t practice to make kheer and now it’s time for challenge I couldn’t understand should I cook it or order it please help me to decide, this is yellow flower if this fall it means you want I should cook and if this orange flower fall it means you wayme to order so whatever happens it will be your decision and place the flowers on idol, yellow flower fall, she says you want me to cook it no problem I’ll follow this path if you want me to cook then surely I’ll cook it and start preparing kheer in kitchen. Meet Ahlawat outside kitchen walks to Meet says it smells good and taste it, he spit out and says what did you cook, you should concentrate on studies and do your repair work but don’t cook kheer from now on, he throws the spoon and walk away. Meet taste kheer and says this taste so bad how will I make him eat even I don’t like it, I have to think something to wik this competition.


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