Meet in love update Tuesday 13 September 2022


Meet in love 13 September 2022: Officer says I would like to take a name who showed spuerb performance in training and the name is Meet Hooda and ask her to come on stage. She walks toward stage and remember the thoughts of her father. She take the package and scroll. Everyone gets happy for her. Meet Ahlawat says my girlfriend is looking hot in police uniform and looks at Anubha and Dadi says I mean she is a good police officer.Meet run and hugs Anubha. Anubha says I’m so happy I cannot explain, you father will feel proud if he see you in uniform because you fulfill his dream, she start crying.

Anubha says don’t cry, your father is with you always and give her Indian flag pin. She says father use to wear this. Anubha says now you will follow the legacy, she pit on pi. And everyone salute her. Dadi praises Meet and says I remember my son Ashok after seeing you in uniform only mustache is missing, you look hot in uniform Meet Ahlawat was saying. Meet take blessings of Raj and Babita. Babita says you have no idea how much we missed in last 9 months, bow you are done with your police officer role so directly reach to Ahlawat’s mansion because I have to act like mother in law for you, now let’s go. Meet says I have one more hour to complete few formalities until that you can have food in canteen. Meet Ahlawat says nobody will wait, she can take more time, so you all can go home have lunch I’ll bring her. Everyone laugh.

Babita says you are right it can take time and you also get tiered because of office so what you can do is take everyone home I’ll wait here because I’m totally free, what happen to your face, did you see how he changed the face expression and make fun of him, she says don’t be worried I’ll take everyone you can be here but bring her early surprise is waiting for her. Meet says what surprise. Babita says come home then I’ll tell and says to Meet Ahlawat if you told her about surprise then just see. He says don’t worry. A officer walks to Meet says sir is calling you. Meet says I have to leave and walk away.

Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat with her luggage. Meet Ahlawat says wao commitment beack in exactly one hour. Meet says yes because I know how crazy you will be that’s why I completed my work fast. Meet Ahlawat says say that you were missing me a lot and tease her then says thanks for coming early. Meet says if you are thanking me so tell me what is the surprise. Meet Ahlawat says you became to Inspector Meet but at home Commissioner is waiting called as Babita Ahlawat if she came to know I told you surprise then she won’t leave me and I don’t want that. Meet says okay I want tell you that I thought when I’ll meet you will give you a tight hug. Meet Ahlawat says then give me I also want that, so give. Meet says no I cannot do I’m in uniform and it have some rules.

Meet Ahlawat says hugging is not a crime and try to get close to her. She pinch him tightly and ask him to stay away. Meet Ahlawat says do one work please ask my girlfriend to talk to Inspector to stay somewhere here because I need to spend my time with my girlfriend. Meet says what do you mean. Meet Ahlawat says I mean we will go on a long drive have ice cream and spend some quality time. Meet says sometimes you give good idea. He says go change fast. She says tell me surprise I’ll go and change. He says first change then I’ll tell you surprise.

Meet waiting for her in car she open the door and sit inside. Meet Ahlawat hugs her and aboyt to kiss. She slaps him and he come out of his imagination and says what faces are you making. He says nothing and try to give her side hug. She says I just took the training of police I can sense what is going on in someone’s mind and show him handcuff. Meet Ahlawat get scared and says I thought of getting romantic with my girlfriend but I’m stuck with a police officer. Meet says now let’s go or should I pinch you. Meet Ahlawat says no no it’s okay and they leave.

They both in market she ask him to stop car. He ask what happen. Meet says come out and let’s have tea on this tapra. Meet ask vendor to make tea. Meet Ahlawat take tea and says here is tea of SI Meet Hooda. They both have tea. He says your tea looks more tasty and flirt with her. A man walks to Meet says madam please help me. Meet Ahlawat says listen you are not on duty. She says okay but let me ask what is the problem. She ask him what happen. Man says my name is Rakesh and I bought second hand car from my neighbour, I trusted him and give him whole amount and bow he is denying to give me car. Meet Ahlawat says no need to worry, you must be having evidence of transferring money. Rakesh says no sir he is my neighbour, so he asked me for cash, I trusted him and gave money so I don’t have any evidence and show them car, Manoj went inside to get some stuff and show her the photo of Manoj and ask ask him to give me my car.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat this will take few minutes let me handle. He says okay. Meet ask Rakesh get yourself a pen and paper and write down as I say, she gave him address of Ghasita Ram sweet shop and ask him to bring half kg jalebi till that time I’ll look for something. Rakesh go away to get jalebi. Meet Ahlawat says how you will solve case without any complaint, I thought you will do everything with lot of action but you ask him to get Jalebi from Ghasita Ram. Meet says so this is my style now come with me to help me.

Isha in hall says where are these people they must be here till now, it’s so late. Everyone gets in. Isha ask where is Bhabiya and Bhabhi to Raj and Babita. Babita says they will be here soon they stop to complete some formalities and says your Bhabhi will be here soon so show all your tantrums and hugs her, listen they will be here any time be prepared and Babita leave. Isha worried says to herself please come fast Meet I need your help, it’s do or die situation only you can help.

Meet in her car remove shoes. Meet Ahlawat ask why are you removing shoes. She cover the windows of car and ask him to remove his jacket and be quick. He gave her his jacket. She cover the front wind shield and then ask him to remove shirt. He ask what are you doing and why are you doing. Meet says I’ll answer all your questions after wards for now do as I say. He remove his shirt and give to her. She cover the back windshield. Meet Ahlawat says what are you trying to do. Meet says I’m not that bold that I can do anything without cover. Meet Ahlawat misunderstood the situation and thinks she is getting romantic. Meet says don’t think of anything else. Meet says don’t turn you face just look infront if you try to turn then I’ll arrest you. Meet changing. He says do fast. Meet remove the cover and says now you can see. Meet Ahlawat says you changed you whole attire and remove my clothes. Meet says good now wear your clothes because you have to go and talk to Manoj and ask him is that car his or not.

Meet Ahlawat says do you think he will tell truth. Meet says I know he will not tell the truth but we have to ask him as if we know he sold that car to Rakesh now wear your clothes fast and will brief you about plan.Meet Ahlawat go to car and start looking inside. Manoj walks to him says are you amd or what what are you doing near rhe car. Meet Ahlawat says this car is your I don’t know why this car isn’t seems your. Manoj get offended and says this car is mine and if it’s not mine then is this car of your father. Manoj says I told you this car is mine now stop wasting my time. Meet Ahlawat says please one time more says that this car is your. Manoj says you are out of your mind now clear my path, he go to the trunk and open it and see Meet inside lying with her hands tied to a rope. Manoj get scared and says how did the girl came inside car. Meet start shouting help me.

Meet in trunk shouting for help. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and says to Manoj this the news came for kidnapping was right and you are a kidnapper and help Meet to come out of car trunk. Manoj says what are you saying I didn’t kidnap anyone. Meet Ahlawat says it’s your car and the trunk is your so you are the kidnapper and you were saying car is yours so I’ll call police right now. Manoj start laughing. Meet Ahlawat says what happen. Manoj says you think me as kid, you are trying to accuse me and take money from me, wait I’ll call police. Meet says call them, you talk about police and it’s here and show him her ID card says I’m SI Meet Hooda. Manoj get scared. Meet says I know very well you sold this car to Rakesh, you took money from him and bow denying to give him car.


Manoj saya you are correct but that Rakesh is telling lie, he didn’t gave me money. Meet says people are not so innocent, he made your video while giving money and you were saying that in 1 or 2 days you will transfer paper on his name, this much evidence is enough to keep you inside jail, I’ll call police station and caal for backup. Manoj says you are right I sold him car but afterwards my mood change, I’m sorry for that I’ll give him keys today and do the paperwork too. Rakesh walks to them. Manoj says here is your far keys I’m sorry and try to leave. Meet says wait if you try to do again then will make a good arrengement for you in police station. Manoj says I’m sorry won’t happen again and run away. Rakesh says to Meet here are your jalebi. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll take that and they walk away.

Meet says jalebi are good. Meet Ahlawat says when did Rakesh told that he made a video of giving money. Meet says this thing you and me know he don’t know ticket but Manoj didn’t know so he accepted the truth but tell me who ask you ro do this much overacting. Meet Ahlawat says you and me know that was overacting but Manoj didn’t, I thought police academy will train you but now Shahbadh goon is now police goon. Meet twist his ear and says who are you saying goon, I did according to my oath to help truth and stay away from me. Meet Ahlawat says I’m sorry and please be normal when enter house now come fast surprise is waiting for you.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat enter house. Everyone claps for Meet. She take everyone’s blessing. Raj ask Babita to make everything special and put ghee in that see how weak she have become in academy. Meet says I want my surprise please tell me. Meet see Ragini she walk to her and remove cloth from the plate says rings. Babita says yes these are engagement rings we all were waiting for you, we have decided that you will choose Isha’s ring. Meet get’s excited says Isha is getting engage and hugs her. Ragini ask Meet to choose ring. Meet whispers to her says you did everything by yourself I’m very happy for you. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing come here and choose the ring. Meet choose the ring. Everyone looks at the ring. Babita says so you like alphabet ring then choose this one.

Meet see the ring and says S, why S Babita. Babita says because her fiance name start from S Shanty. Meet says what Shanty. Meet Ahlawat says Shantanu Rana, he is son of Abhay mama, he is the best guy for iur family and family already know eachother so this is best. Ragini says you are right our Isha will be happy there and ask Meet to make all the arrengement. Meet says to Ragini this cannot be possible Isha will not be happy you cannot do this engagement. Everyone in shock. Meet Ahlawat says what are you saying. Masum walks to them says to Meet are you understanding what are you saying, something good come in this house and you start making it worse. Ragini ask Masum please wait and ask meet why she cannot get engaged.

Meet says to Isha you should have told everyone now see how far things have gone. Babita says what she should have told us. Meet says Isha and Deep like eachother and want to get married. Babita says what Isha and Deep. Raj says you must be having some misunderstanding. Meet Ahlawat says dad is right and uf something like this is happening then Isha would have told me. Masum says why are we clarifying Meet when we are so sure if there is confusion then we can ask Isha directly and ask her truth. Meet says to Isha speak. Ragini says to Isha tell is Meet right and shouts at her. Isha says Meet is telling truth. Everyone in shock.

Ragini start crying. Masum says when Meet already knew then why didn’t she told earlier what were you waiting for thats Isha take a wrong step and our family reputation get ruined. Isha ask Masum to keep quiet you know I won’t do anything like this. Ram shouts at Isha shutup I won’t leave you and charge towards her. Meet Ahlawat stop him and says I know Isha can’t be wrong, the wrong person is the one who was acting to be my friend and that’s not a big thing for him he was part of family but still ditched us all, I know he doesn’t love her at all I’m not sad for that, I’m sad because my sister don’t believe me and never try to discuss this with her brother. Isha try to talk to Meet Ahlawat. He ask her to stay away I thought my sister share everything with me but I was wrong. Meet says to meet Ahlawat Deep is your bestfriend what did he do wrong.

Meet Ahlawat says don’t ever take his name in this house if he may be the last person on earth still I won’t let isha get married to him. Isha crying. Meet Ahlawat says to isha you are wrong and walk away. Tej ask Sunaia to take Isha in room. She take her. Meet thinks what happen between them why is he so angry on him and ask Raj what happen between them. Raj says Deep was involved in that case but afterwards we get to know he want to become rich in one night for that reason he went against his friend Meet Ahlawat. Babita says we never thought in our dream that Deep will play with us and now he played with Isha’s emotions. Raj says now he is in jail. Meet in shock says what.

Raj says yes he is serving in jail and the punishment he got for his crime is quite less. Meet says to Raj, Deep cannot do this he is not like that there is something fishy you all know him very well have seen him since childhood and how Meet Ahlawat believe that Deep will play with him is not right.Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet stop him says where are you going come I need to talk something. Meet Ahlawat says I’m already tensed please let me go. Meet says sorry to him and says I didn’t know about Deep, he is your best friend and how did you believe. Meet Ahlawat says I told you I don’t want to talk about Deep or about Isha and Deep. Meet says but I want to talk.

He says I have important work please let me go. Meet says why do you want to go out, alone you will feel more trapped, what you will get. Meet Ahlawat says you are back after so many days and you want to fight with me because I don’t want to so ket me go.Tej walk to Meet says what are you seeing. Meet says I’m seeing how things have changed in few months, how is he behaving. Tej says you are right when you were there many things changed it’s like a lifetime lesson for him and Deep case has shatter him, but uf you ask me he is more confident and strong then before with guidance and he is doing great and always take mamaji’s suggestion before doing anything big, your boyfriend us now a husband and says mom is calling you come.

Babita says to Rajhow Meet can do this. Raj says it’s not her mistake she didn’t know anything about Deep she was reacting with earlier image. Meet at door says sorry I’ll come later. Raj says come in you are a family member come inside. Babita says we were talking about today. Meet says I’m sorry if you felt bad I just want to say we all know Deep then how did we consider him as criminal, I’m sorry but Meet Ahlawat was also accused for fake medicine if we didn’t have got any evidence then there are chances that Meet Ahlawat would be in jail and we should consider that he did this and leave him alone. Raj says we got evidence against him. Babita says to Meet you promised us that you will keep balance in your family and your job and never do a thing which make my son weak that’s why try to understand, topic of Deep is a matter of issue for him so please promise me that you won’t bring Deeps topic infront if my son and never take his name.

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