Meet in love update Friday 8 july 2022


Meet in love 8 July 2022: Manager ask Manushi to pick broken glasses. Manushi get down to pick broken pieces. Meet Ahlawat says to Manager here is my card debit it from my account for damage. Manager says but you don’t need to pay it. Meet Ahlawat says mistakes happen from human beings, no need to scold her this much. Meet says to herself I know how bad you will be feeling inside but still you are helping her he got this behaviour from Raj he also don’t stop himself from helping someone he is his kid, thank god this would help Manu dee. Manager says to Manushi did you see good people come here which help people but you cannot understand now go and do your work and keep your eyes open. Meet Ahlawat about to leave. Manushi says thanks yo her. He walks away and Manushi says sometimes wound on your hand can heel your heart.

Manushi in room waiting for Meet Ahlawat says have patience he will come surely. Meet walks in. Manushi says what are you doing here someone will see will create a problem go from here. Meet says I come to see your wound. Manushi says leave me on my condition. Meet says how could I, I’m your sister if you are in trouble I also feel same I cannot see you like. Manushi says if not then close your eyes, if I’m not interfering in your life then why are you, go and tell your Meet Ahlawat I’ll pay him back when I’ll get salary don’t interfere in my life I beg you please leave me on my own. Meet leave. Manushi says I show him wound but why is Meet Ahlawat not coming back.

Meet Ahlawat sitting near window. Meet walks to her. Meet Ahlawat says can we go on shopping tomorrow I’m having headache. Meet says no worries we will ho tomorrow let me bring medicine for you and thinks if I camm at reception and they send Manushi then he will geel more bad, she says to him that I’ll go and get medicine for you. Meet Ahlawat see flashes of Manushi and holding her earing and remember what Meet said to him for not breaking fath in him and go to mirror write his quote but stop in between and gets uneasy.Raj says to Jaypratap but… Jaypratap says stop I’ll not say anymore if I said anything wrong then tell me, I’ll not say anything will pack my bag and go. Raj says what are you talking. Jaypratap says let me say what I feel, I know you are good people consider your daughter in law as your own daughter that’s why I was quite but after many years I want my daughter to married again so what’s wrong in that, its been years since Tej came or his news.

Tej reading book in market sitting down on road. A couple come and sees Tej says this is first time I saw some begger reading English book must be from good family.Raj says I want to say. Jaypratap says listen to me if instead of Tej, Sunaina was missing then yoi would also leave Tej to die in her memories, if I have said something wrong then tell me I’ll leave this house without meeting my daughter. Raj says you are right I promise you I’ll also support you for Sunaina’s happiness, I took time to understand for that I’m sorry. Jaypratap says no need to join hands you understood is enough for me. Babita see them hugging.Meet goes to temple says from the time we have come it’s all mess and pray to god, give Meet Ahlawat strength to fight anything and bless Manushi too so that she can have everything she want in her life.

Meet Ahlawat knocks at Manushi’s door. Meet Ahlawat is in trouble because of his past he is fighting daily.Manushi says finally Meet Ahlawat is back to his better half. Meet says Manushi is trying gather her life together, she didn’t love Meet Ahlawat at all but still she is in trouble because her better half ditched him. Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat you, walks to him says come inside before someone see you. Manushi says to God please give strength to Meet Ahlawat so that he can face Manushi. Meet Ahlawat says to Manushi I want to talk something important. Manushi says yes please I was waiting. Meet Ahlawat says there was time I use to love you a lot but you left me alone to I was lost and in pain everytime I use to say to god to bring you infront of me so that I can ask you why you did this to me, but now you are standing infront of me so I’m not feeling anything, yes you are right I don’t care of your existence, my past in standing infront of me, I’m not feeling anything I’m telling you because there are not misconceptions inside you, those damge I paid was for a girl who’s job was on line and if it would be someone else I would have done same, if you think my help as hope then it will be bad influence for you in frot of Meet Ahlawat, remember.

Manushi hold his hand sasy I know you are angry on me and you should be, I know I did bug mistake and I know it doesn’t require sorry, everyone hates me and you too, it’s okay because I deserve that. Meet Ahlawat remove her hand leave. Manushi says this drama was a trailor just wait because that time is not that far, you will come to me because you cannot see me in this condition.Meet at temple says I’ll take some prashad for Meet Ahlawat too. Tej come and snatch her prashad and start eating. Meet says to him you like sweet and sit with him and says what do you like most, Ragulla, Rasmalae, Rabdi, Barfi, Jalebi. Tej looks at her says understood you like jelabi next time I’ll bring that for you and ask is your hand paining. Meet gets call but drop her phone.

Tej picks up and answer call. Meet Ahlawat says hello. Meet says Babaji this is phone not a toy and give me phone, says If you want Jalebi then give me phone. Sun shine on Tej’s face and he shouts start panicking and run away. Meet says what happen to him and answer to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says come fast I’m waiting for you. Meet says yes coming and disconnects call, she gets call from Sunaina. Sunaina crying says I know it’s not good time to talk but I’m not feeling good. Babita standing beside her give her sign not tell tell. Sunaina says nothing it was like we were missing you everything was feeling so empty. Meet says good you call we were also missing you a lot and says there are many beautiful bangles here send me your list I’ll grab everything for you. Sunaina says I’ll share it and tell how’s everything going there.

Meet says everything is fine. Sunaina says I hope this trip bring you two more closer and disconnects. Meet says how will I tell Meet Ahlawat still like Manu deedee.Meet Ahlawat packing his bag. Meet walks to her ask what are you doing. Meet Ahlawat says I have decided that we are going back, pack your bag. Meet says okay and you know when we go back from our holidays we don’t steal things. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not mood for jokes. Meet says it’s about right now so we will talk now. Meet Ahlawat says okay tell what did I steal. Meet walks to her says your bad memories with Manushi, taking back with you no need to take them back and she switch off light. Meet Ahlawat ask what are you doing. Meet says now help me to find your shadow. Meet Ahlawat says here it is but what are you trying to say. Meet says now get rid off your shadow if you succeed then I’ll obey everything you say.

He says but how can a persyget rid of his shadow that’s impossible. Meet says I know that and nobody can run away from shadow and bad memories, but ww have to leave them behind and if they don’t leave you make new memories so that your past don’t haunt you, you cannot get anything from running. Meet Ahlawat says I tried a lot but when she come in from of me I become helpless and I can’t even explain you that. Meet says do you think it’s easy for me that my husband’s past is haunting him around me, my father use to say that there are two path to face anu situation, you should run away from that or run with that and face them, tell me what you will choose and keep two fist in front of him. Meet Ahlawat choose to fight and say I’ll need your help please help me. Meet says I’m always with you even if we fight.

Meet Ahlawat walks to mirror and write his quote on mirror.abita says to Sunaina it’s not like that I don’t understand your pain but uf you tell Meet then she will cancel her trip and come back, after so many days they went to spend time with eachother please don’t tell them till they eacome I’m here for you nobody will force you yo get married again but don’t get weak, I know Tej will come back you have waited so long don’t let it break because I believe your love will bring my son, your husband back. Sunaina says this is my belief too and I’ll not marry again. Babita hugs her and thinks if Jaypratap convinced Raj for second marriage then I’ll make my daughter in law so strong that even Raj cannot break her.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat getting ready and Meet Ahlawat troubling her. Meet gets angry and start troubling him. Meet Ahlawat and Meet playing outside candy stall and enjoying.Raj and Sunaina in garden. Raj says to her you know these plants also have life in them and they need care and support so that they can grow like us humans, who need a partner to support and move forward in life. Ragini says every plant needs different kind of support and same way every human has different way of living, sometimes memories help you live. Raj says I don’t about others, all I know I want to see happiness on my daughter’s face and don’t want her to waste her life on a hope, Raj says even I’m waiting for my son but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t miss your life and I’m sad I didn’t talk about all this with you earlier and I want you to start a new life, and Sunaina says don’t ask something I won’t be able to give, my love and loyalty is all Tej’s and can’t think of someone else.

Raj says I feel bad seeing you like this and for your sacrifice I won’t eat or drink anything till you say yes for marriage and leaves.Manushi walks to Meet and Meet Ahlawat and asks may I help you, Meet Ahlawat shows her do not disturb tag, Meet smiles at her, Manushi leaves. Meet sees couples enjoy and says look at that couple what must they be talking, and imitates them, Meet Ahlawat joins her and both giggle, Manushi sees them and gets jealous, Waiter walks to Meet and says you have a call at reception, Meet Ahlawat says should I come, Meet says no I will manage and leaves.

Manushi looks at her and says good she left and Meet Ahlawat is all for me now and last time he felt bad seeing me get insulted and so now I have to try something big and seeing me suffer he will feel bad again and for this I have added chilli in guests food and then I will eat it too.

Guests start complaining about spicy food, Manushi says this is not possible, guests ask her to taste, Manushi says okay and tastes it, Meet Ahlawat looking at her, Manushi starts coughing and in tears.Meet walks to reception, and picks call and no one answers, Meet asks who was it, Receptionist says no idea you please stay here for sometime they might call back, Meet says okay.MKeet Ahlawat controls himself from going to Manushi and thinks about Meet’s words and uses ketchup to write on plate. Manushi gets confused thinks what is he doing instead of coming to me. Meet Ahlawat writes Meet trusts Meet Ahlawat, Exit Manushi. Meet walks to him and asks whats wrong, he says I controlled myself just like you said, I didn’t run and faced my problem, Meet holds his hand. Manushi sees that and gets angry. Meet Ahlawat says you wanted to give jalebi to a friend, Meet thinks he will be bored alone let me take him along, Meet asks him to join her, Meet Ahlawat agree.

Manushi says there was a time when Meet.Ahlawat died for just a hello and today I ate chiilies and he didn’t care, he didn’t care seeing a beautiful girl in pain, what’s wrong with him, I have to calm down and breath and sees Meet trusts Meet Ahlawat written on mirror and exit manushi and says this means this Meet is the problem, he won’t come close to him, Meet you did big mistake coming in between my future, you will pay for this.

Tej and Meet at dinner table. Tej eating. Meet ask do you like, says Meet Ahlawat also like pasta. Manushi looks at Meet says I don’t know why Meet like sitting with these people she use to do same in Shahbadh, after being a daughter in law of rich family she again doing the same, I would not waste my time on these people, Manushi you should focus on Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat coming upstairs.Babita holding Tej photo says I miss you where are you come back to me, I’m alone.

Meet Ahlawat about to enter resturant. Manager stop Meet Ahlawat says I have asked all staff members to assemble in garden area, please come with me. Meet Ahlawat go with manager. Meet says to Tej don’t know where he is, will be coming in few minutes.Meet Ahlawat in garden with Manushi and other staff members. Meet Ahlawat see bandage in Manushi’s hand and ask how did you get hurt. Manushi says I slipped in corridor one of the staff member says yes I saw her there. Meet Ahlawat says to manager do me a favor show me last night CCTV footage. Manager ask Manushi to take him to CCTV room. Manushi says okay and take him.

Babita with Tej photo in her hand says Sunaina is thinking to get married somewhere else, she will go please come back. Sunaina hear everything says to Babita I still love Tej but my love bow down in front of my families responsibility, I cannot so dad in this condition and hug Babita.Meet Ahlawat and Manushi going to CCTV room. Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat you are doubting me how can you think that I can do this bad with my sister, I’m so bad for you, therr was time when you use to love me a lot. Meet Ahlawat and Manushi in CCTV room. Meet Ahlawat ask a man to zoom video. Manushi scared remember mixing tablet in Meet’s drink. Meet Ahlawat see Meet fainting and video stop. Meet Ahlawat ask where is rest of the video. Man says sorry sir only this much video was capture of party. Meet Ahlawat says means you don’t have more footage.

Manushi thinks thankgod footage is deleted I thought it’s not deleted because of electricity cut. Meet Ahlawat walks away.Raj walks in hall says to Kaka are all the gift pack for boy’s family. Kaka says yes it’s done. Raj says okay and ask Mani kaka all these gift are for boys so keep them separate. Jaypratap walks to Raj says Sunaina use to say me that you treat your daughter in law as your own daughter and today I can see that, believe me I have seen boy and his family you won’t feel any regret. Raj says what are you talking you are Sunaina’s father you must have knowledge about the family. Jaypratap says thinking like you can open happiness door for kids like Sunaina. Raj ask Mani kaka to keep everything with care and don’t leave anything, Jaypratap and Raj leave.

Babita holding a letter in her hand says after reading this letter any boy will say no to this marriage, it’s very important to reach it to boy but how, Babita look’s at gift and hide it inside that.Manager says to Meet Ahlawat I have an request please don’t report to police it’s a question for our reputation. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry. Manager says thank you and if you doubt anyone from our staff tell me I’ll fire him. Manushi thinks if Meet took my name then manager will fire me and no job means I cannot be near around Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat looks at Manushi and says to Manager I have no doubt on your staff and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat enter restaurant and says to Meet sorry I’m late where is your friend. Meet says you said of 5minutes where were you, my friend came eat lunch and left, well forget that let me tell you something interesting, my friend was happy when I brought him here and he also like pasta like you and he know how to use spoon ansd fork, he was using better then me. Meet Ahlawat gets call picks up says okay good and hund up. Meet ask what happen.

Manushi walking says to herself focus you only have 2 days left after that they will go back, till now none of your plan was successful and they are getting close to eachother, you have do something and she gets call from staff member saying a guest has called you feom room jo. 229. Manushi says okay in room no. 229 Meet Ahlawat is staying and he need to meet me wao, let’s go Manushi and walk towards room 229 and ring door bell. A couple come out says our bathroom is locked and we see on your website that k in bathroom door so can you please remove it. Manushi says sure ma’am the earlier couple demanded for lovk don’t worry I’ll ask staff members to remove it and couple go inside. Manushi rush to reception area and ask where is the couple staying in 229, they were going to stay for 2 more days. Receptionist says they checked out and went back today. Manushi says do you have nay idea. Receptionist says sorry no idea. Manushi says to herself where did they go and why.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat on camel. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you are naughty as well I thought don’t know where you are taking in anger with bag packed. Meet Ahlawat how’s the surprise. Meet says I loved it, I never saw desert this big. Meet and Meet Ahlawat sitting on table. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet you know I always loved ocean, sea, beaches and my Tej loved desert like this, whenever we decided to go on vacation Tej use to choose one of my favourite place so that I feel happy. Meet says to him it must have feel good when siblings have fun with eachother, think about eachother and stay like friends.

Manushi ask receptionist Mr. And Mrs. Ahlawat’s must have hired a cab while checking out, it will be very helpful if I get an idea of there location because they forgot there bracelet. Receptionist says no they hired a cab from outside, they checkout and left. Manushi says where did they went I cannot figure out and cant even call them after what happen yesterday, you have to think something it’s about your future.Meet Ahlawat says to Meet me and Tej use to have bond of best friend he was key to all of my locks and you know in school kids use to bully me so Tej use to bunk his class and always use to be with me and he this way he took away all my fear. Meet says so you were a scared child don’t relate that with innocence.

Meet Ahlawat says so you are a daredevil so tell me what are you scared of. Meet says I’m claustrophobic, one time I went for delivery, I was in lift and it got stuck and I got so scared, I don’t understand how to tackle it. Meet Ahlawat start laughing says there are only few moments where I can laugh at you so let me, here is a tip for you if you stuck again then try to calm down your breath and second syart counting so that you divert your mind, you will feel relaxed, Tej taught me this. Meet says you want me to get in trap in to try your formula. Meet Ahlawat says I’m just suggesting and they both start arguing.Manushi thinks my dear sister I’ll find you, come what may.

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