Meet in love update Saturday 6 August 2022


Meet in love 6 August 2022: Meet Ahlawat and Manushi in house. Meet rings the door bell. Manushi get scared. Meet Ahlawat says she shouldn’t be here, I don’t know how did she come let’s do one thing I have to do drama infront of her of being husband, you should hide somewhere or she will make mess. Manushi hide under the table. Meet Ahlawat says to himself happy valentine Meet. Meet open door and get’s shocked after seeing the decoration. Flower shower at her. Meet Ahlawat walks to her says did someone said you statue and sit in front of her, ask for her hand and take her inside. Manushi looks at them. Servant brings cake for her. Meet thinks did Meet Ahlawat start loving me. Meet ask him did you do this for me. Meet Ahlawat says because you are my wife and I want to make you feel special now don’t stare at me. Servant brings dress for her. Meet Ahlawat ask her to wear dress.

Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat wearing her gifted dress. Meet Ahlawat and Meet start dancing. They both cut cake. Meet says to him my god bless you forever and thinks should I tell him that I love him and says hesitate to say. Meet Ahlawat kick candle and clothe catches fire. Manushi get scared come out of table and hugs him. Meet see her and ask Manushi what are you doing here. Manushi says to her excuse me before asking me anything let me tell you he did this everything. Meet in shock. Manushi says don’t you understand he still loves me. Meet Ahlawat hugs Manushi. Meet get’s disturbed and walks out of house. Meet Ahlawat walks out to see her. Meet sits in car and try to drive away. Meet Ahlawat run towards car and sit inside.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat on highway. Meet do rash driving on highway. Meet Ahlawat gets scared and ask her to drive safely. He says talk to me. She says I don’t want to talk. He says when everything you have seen them we should talk, it’s too fast please drive slow, last night I went on dinner with Manushi and I asked that model to ditch the show. Meet stops the car and says I don’t want to know anything just tell me do you love her. Meet Ahlawat says yes I love Manushi. She gets out of car. Meet Ahlawat says listen me please we can talk in car. Meet says how can I fall in love with him.

Meet Ahlawat walks to her. Meet says tell me all that decoration you did was for Manushi. Meet Ahlawat says how should I tell you, I am not as strong you are, you did help but I couldn’t get her out of my heart, I thought I will over come but I couldn’t, she kept affecting me and I fell for her she is my first love, she is right for me because we love each other.Meet says there is no love, I will bring her true colours out. Meey Ahlawat says no Meet, that doesn’t matter, I know I hurt you, Meet says you are happy with her, I will leave by tonight, Meet Ahlawat says you can’t because that will hurt dad and if you remember you had promised him you will always be married to me. Meet says okay I will talk to Papaji, and leave.

Meet Ahlawat says he won’t agree to this, Meet says what you want to be married to me and be with Manushi too. Meet Ahlawat says I can’t forget Manushi, so will you please talk to Dad for me please. Meet says I can’t. Meet Ahlawat says this is last favour, for me please do it, and if you really don’t want to, I have to run away with Manushi. Meet says have you lost it, don’t you remember what happened when Tej left and you want to repeat that again, your love is so selfish and when did you turn so selfish, I can’t see a family loose their son again, I will talk to uncle and thinks will also reveal Manushi’s face.

Meet Ahlawat stops Meet, Meet leaves his hand and walks away in tears. Meet Ahlawat collapse and says sorry I am helpless because no one can take your place and try to snatch your respect, I am sorry and tomorrow is big day because everyone will see how good you are Manushi so bad and also your papers will be in my hands.Meet Ahlawat near pooja house pray to God says today I’ll be needing your help because today I’m going to hurt someone who is close to me for her good only so that I can make Meet mine. Meet standing behind him says I wish Manushi also love him they way he loves her. Meet Ahlawat try to light diya Meet walks to him and help, says the direction in which you are lighting diya is important.

Meet Ahlawat says you are right and after so long I feel like I lighten this diya for right person and thinks this will take me to my destination which is Meet. Meet says did you pray for Manushi right. Meet says yes and are you forgetting something. Meet says yes I remember, I’ll leave today. Meet Ahlawat but after talking to dad and he leaves.Meet says to God I promise him that for his happiness I’ll talk to Raj and I promise to myself too that I’ll never break his heart so please give me strength and help me to bring out Manushi’s true face by finding Kunal. Meet calls Kunal. Kunal see his phone and hungs up, says I don’t know should I trust him or not because already people are looking for me because of my mess. Meet says he is using his brains. I need yo try something else to catch him because it’s important for me.

Kunal says I have to be careful ang get’s voice message from Natwarlal, whichs says that there is a girl who introduced herself as Kunal relative and money is handed and voice note ended, Kunal get scared. Meet says to herself Kunal is trying to act smart but I’m smarter, now he will call me. Kunal tries to call Natwarlal, Meet purposely keeps ignoring his calls. Kunal says now he is not picking my call and try again.Meet Ahlawat walks to Manushi and start ranting says I dont know what magic she did on my dad, he treats like his own child then me, for her he is ready to throw me out of porperty land house business everything. Manushi get’s up says this can’t happen your mom loves you so much. He says ofcourse she loves me but dad is her husband she will support only to some extent don’t you remember dad forced Meet to get married.


Meet Ahlawat says it shouldn’t happen that because of Meet we loose everything and find ourselves on road. Manushi says this cant happen because I came back for your property and money. Meet Ahlawat says it’s okay I’m not judging you and everyone want stable relationship but our case is different, Meet has spoiled everything what can we do now.Kunal gets scared on natwarlal foe not picking the phone and send a voice note which says don’t give my money to anyone I’m coming to pick it up. Meet says I told you Meet Ahlawat I’ll leave you for your happiness I guess we were ment to be together only till here,but I will show you Manushi’s true intentions.

Meet Ahlawat says to Manushi, we have to find a weak point to control her, she is close to your mother too, do something because if she goes tell Dad we will lose everything. Manushi says I have one thing but no, Meet Ahlawat says its important for our future, happiness, everything. Manushi says I have property papers of house, we can sell that and mummy and Dadi will be homeless and Meet won’t handle that.
Meet Ahlawat picks Manushi and says what a great idea, go get papers and I will deal with Meet and ask her to do as we say, Manushi says I will talk to Meet. Meet Ahlawat says no I should talk to Meet and Dad because we need to be careful, I will handle and if you don’t want all this, we will live a poor life, Manushi says I am ready and can do anything for my love, Meet Ahlawat says you are so nice, Manushi thinks will sale that poor house and be a millionaire, Manushi leaves.

Ram and Lakhan happy and dancing, and cheering for Meet, Meet dressed as Natwarlal, asks can she be recognisable, Ram Lakhan says no.Meet Ahlawat waiting for Manushi, Manushi walks in with papers, Meet Ahlawat hugs her and says I love you, no one can separate us.Manushi at fashion show rehearsals, Manushi being trained, Manushi is asked where is her partner, Meet Ahlawat comes out talking on phone with Raj and breaks phone. Meet Ahlawat tells Manushi, Raj found about them and has thrown them out of house, property and business.

Kunal walks to Natwarlal, Natwarlal says come lets have tea or lassi, Kunal says wait I will be back and goes get suitcase and says look I got good back for money, Meet describes Manushi and says that girl took money away, here is her ID photo, Kunal sees Manushi’s picture and says what did you do.Meet Ahlawat says I have you Manushi my love, I don’t want anything else. Manushi asks who told dad, Meet Ahlawat says your sister, I wanted to go on tours, luxury vacation but we are poor now but your love is enough to survive.Kunal says why did you give her my money, Natwarlal says she said she is your, Kunal says I know wife, why did this nonsense girl come to my life, but I left her then why did you give her my money, Meet thinks but Manushi married parth and he stole her money and ran away, Meet as Natwarlal says to Kunal, you are so funny, why would you live such beautiful girl, Kunal says she is evil cunning girl, and I married her twice.

Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat, we will survive with this love for only 2 days, I know love is important but so is money, what will we do when we get hungry and all that struggle will bring differences and not romance. Manushi says I have an idea…(Manushi remembers Babita giving her Ahlawat ancestral jewellery for fashion show).Manushi says Meet Ahlawat this is ancestral jewellery may be worth crores, so less sale it for money, and run away and get married, atleast we don’t need to be poor. Meet Ahlawat thinks so this is your plan.

Kunal says to Natwarlal, she is evil first married me Kunal on 17th July. Meet thinks this is the wedding date when she ran away, Natwarlal says you are so filmy, why would she do so. Kunal says she just looks innocent, come see these pictures this is forst wedding photo and then made me Parth and took home, she lies to her family how can I trust her, she lied she is pregnant and forced her family to let her marry me and then stole all jewellery, pushed her grandmother, insulted her mother. Meet thinks god she behaved so bad with mummy and Dadi, this true face of her I have to show to Babita and Meet Ahlawat.



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