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Married again 17 December 2019:  The judge says that she is hopeful, that in three months, their relation would be rejuvenated. Raj and sarita are going back home, they both remember what happened in the court. Both are wondering why raj said no. Raj thinks that something in his heart made him say no. Sarita thinks that maybe he understood that she’s in love with him. he thinks that this gesture mightnt make her wonder that he’s in love with her. they both wait for the other to start a conversation.

All are working in the kitchen, and comparing sarita to the most essential ingredient, salt, and hope that she comes back with raj, and is in ther family only. Kamla finds the phone ringing for a long time, and picks it up to be told what happened in the court, and about the judge’s verdict. Shiela and granny are superjoyed while kamla and the other girls are tensed. Raj and shiela arrive home. He asks her to go inside, while he finishes a work and meets his father outside. As she enters inside, he leaves in the car. Shiela comes in greeting her, and congratulating her that she wasnt seperate from raj, and that very soon she would be in raj’s heart. kamla comes to taunt sarita on the same, and accuses her of being so clever, that she could play games like this. Kamla says that that she thought she was saving shiela, but actually she was doing a favour, so that raj is obliged to be with her. sarita says that she isnt playing, and the Lord makes matches, and its his wish that their relation is given three more months. Kamla continues taunting her, and then leaves. shiela comes back with sweets, and giving it to sarita, she gives it to kamla, who refuses. kamla actually thinks that sarita is an essential part of their lives now.

Sarita is still in tesnion, and wonders what god has written for them. Raj comes and helps her open the necklace, and tells her that its good that he got three more months to spend time with his friend, and would also get time to find a suitable match for her. raj says that he has to go for work, and leaves. Sarita thinks that she would try her level best to get him back in the drama world. She says that maybe he returns from there, and says I LOVE YOu, to her.

The next morning, while sarita is busy with her daily chores, somebody blindfolds her, and she is asked who is it. She finally manages to recognise that its ARti. She is very happy, and arti scolds her for not contacting her at all. Arti taunts her of being involved in her husband all the time, and no time for friends. Shiela comes to take arti for breakfast and asks sarita to come fast too.

As arti enters the house, she has memories reminiscient of her time spent there, and with yash. When kamla asks what is she staring at, arti says that there are lots of memories attached. Arti gets into chatting with kamla and sohan, and shiela lays out the breakfast spread in the meanwhile. kamla asks the reason for arti’s sudden visit. She tells that there’s competition in which she’s the chief guest, Mr. and Mrs. Bhopal. Sohan says that even he could have judged that. Arti says that kin and family cant be involved in participation. They are confused. Aarti comes and says that Raj and Sarita, are the best couple in Bhopal and hence she has entered their name in the competition. Sarita is tensed. They are shocked too. She asks if she did right. shiela agrees with arti’s descision. arti wishes them the best of luck. Arti tells them that the winning couple shall get 5lakhs.

Hearing the cash prize involved, sohan nd kamla too want to enter the competition. Arti asks them to go and practise, and tyhey hurriedly leave. arti gives her the venue and time. Sarita asks that she should have asked them. arti says that its her right. sarita says that raj wont like as he’s the reserved type. Arti says thats not a problem, as yash too was like this earlier. She leaves for meeting shobha maa, after wishing her best of luck.

As raj is busy in his work, sarita comes in with water. In her excitement, she spills it on him. She uses her saree to wipe it, and apologises too. With great hesitation she manges to bring up the topic that she’s dreading to talk to raj about. When sarita manages to spill those beans in front of raj, she is tensed when raj refuses to participate. But she finally gets around them to participate.

Kamla and sohan are the first people to reach there, and are super excited to participate. The Mc calls on the participants, and arti beckons them to go, while she says that she would continue this talk of their relation with Punar Vivah later. As they are about to leave, arti stops them and wishes the best of luck. He starts the first round, compatibility test, where they have to emote and not say anything, while they enact out their heart. kamla volunteers to go first, and is cheerd by the crowd. She picks up a chit, and as the timer starts, she tries to emote, but Sohan cant understand. Sarita catches in the first glance. The MC asks kamla to enact it out, and she dances to the song that she was emoting. The MC asks the duration of their marriage. sohan says that its been 35 years, he’s been beraing this dumb marriage. The MC says that therefore the chemistry has died. Arti says that this isnt necessary, and she would give an example of how romance is unfazed with time, and calls Raj and sarita on the stage. Sarita too picks up a chit, and reads the song. She is shocked at whats written. Sarita says that she wont be able to manage it. Arti encourages her, to relax, and show the world that even after many years, the couple can have a sparkling chemistry. Sarita hesitatingly starts. She goes onto emote the song, and all wait if raj can guess the answer. after the time is up, the MC asks if raj can guess the song, or prove arti wrong. Raj guesses the song correctly. Then its raj’s turn to emote. He too picks up a chit, and sees the song. He goes on to show the song by actions, and sarita is trying to guess it word by word. As the time is up, the MC assk sarita to guess, and she guesses it correctly. all clap. The MC awards them 20 points. Arti is happy at her statement being proved right. Raj and sarita brace up for the next round.

While arti is hoping for their success, the Mc starts the second round, of secret revealing. Sarita is asked about raj, whats his biggest desire. Sarita answers that he wants to be a big director. The MC then asks the name of Raj’s first love. they are both surprised at this question. But sarita bravely answers Divya malhotra, and arti remembers it as the person, who met yash in mumbai. The MC asks her husband’s biggets weakness. sarita answers herself. The MC awards them 30 points for the correct answers. Raj is asked the size of Sarita’s sandal. raj tells number 5, and it turns out to be right. He is then asked, Sarita’s wieght. Raj says that its around 50 kilos, while sarita is all amiles. Kamla taunts him, that he knows because he’s been carrying her in his arms recently. The Mc asks the third and the most personal question, if sarita’s blouse contains Button, or Dori. He says that there’s a dori. But this turns out to be the wrong answer, and raj is awarded only 20 points. Raj wonders how can he knows this about sarita, as after all they are only friends.

While sarita is crying, arti comes and asks what is he hiding. Sarita denies, but Arti asks her not to deny or lie, and says that she feels that there’s some problem in their relationship. Arti says that there’s some problem, or else there wouldnt be an indication of the loss, to the team that was winning. She asks if its alright between them. Arti makes sarita swear that as a friend, she should tell arti whats bothering her. Sarita says that there’s no relation between raj and her as husband and wife. arti is surprised at this, and asks why even after ten years. Sarita wipes her tears, and says that Raj is a very good person, and she doesnt complain from him, as she shouldnt have expectations from this kind of a marriage, that is nonexistent. Sarita tels them abou their own impending Punar Vivah’s. Arti is shocked, but says that she knows that raj cares and respects her a lot. Arti says that by the time the competition ends, she would prove that their relation isnt lifeless. Sarita is tensed yet hopeful.

kamla and sohan are cursing arti for her overmaturity and walk off. Arti says that sarita isnt raddi, but a diamond that they couldnt diagnose. She points out their true character to them, and reprimands them for running after money. Kamla asks why’s she advocating for them, and she asks her not to interfere with their matters. sohan and kamla reprimand her and walk off. Arti thinks about such low level of these people. She rushes to the stage to join sarita for the rest of the competition. The third round begins, and all the husbands are blindfolded, and they have to put bangles, and give makeup and adorn their wives. Raj does so correctly with sarita, ending with the mangalsutra, and the sindoor. Arti is superjoyed at their success.

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