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Married Again 28 November 2019: Raj and sarita together enter the house. Seeing them come home together, all are shocked out of their wits. Sohan says that today after a gap of 10 years, his son and daughter in law are together. He says that it looks as if some magic has happened behind his back. He tells sarita, that even after 10 years, she managed to bring out some manhood, in his impotent son, and rewards her with gold earrings. Raj gets angry at this, and throws away the bike keys.

The younger wife asks her to identify her own beauty and the art of seduction which managed to turn saints into sinners, just at the glance on the female body.granny tries to hear this intently. Sarita says that she understands iut, but she doesnt want to lure him, but win him over with her love, as only love makes life. granny compliments her, that this is the daughter in law, and not the second woman like her, as this is the result of a true and authentic marriage, not like hesr, the one that is just on alluring and has no strong basis. While the younger wife stands sullen, Sarita thinks that their relationship is true, and strong, and authentic, and this time Divya would ignite love in Raj’s heart, for Sarita. the screen freezes on her hopeful face.

Gaurav looks at divya’s burnt hand, which is a sign that she shouldnt do this. Divya gets a director’s call, who tells her that she’s in bhopal, and he too is and wants to come meet her. He tells that they heard about her marriage cancelled, and wants her to come back to the TV, if not for a daily soap, then a reality show, which are very popular. Hearing the name of reality show, Divya gets an idea.

While sarita is working, she looks at raj, and thinsk that she’s being courageous in getting Divya in the house, to get raj’s love for herself. she thinks that she would do anything to get his love as a husband. Sohan comes and starts taunting Raj, for working on himself too, just like he’s working on the fan. He says that he needs a woman in his life. raj shows his anger by breaking the fan. as raj is about to go, sohan stops him saying that he’s the father, and talking from experience, he should atleast listen to what he has to say to his son.

He asks Raj not to cry over love, as its not becoming of a man, as he can attain that in a second, and asks to take an example from him, who has more age yet two woman, one for the household, one for his pleasure, and has the best of both worlds. He asks Raj, if he is impotant.

Sohan asks raj to just name the woman who he would want to ignite his manhood, and he would have her in his feet anytime. he says that he just needs the proof of Raj’s manhood. raj breaks the fan and gets very angry. Sarita hears this and is tensed. Hearing the doorbell ring, Raj opens the door to find Divya waiting outside, and is very shocked. Sohan sees this and is surprised that choti bahu is in their house, and goes to call sundari, the younger wife or rather the mistress, as she woulod be very happy. sarita also rushes upto him.

raj thinks that he knew that she would come to Raj, and his wait wont be in vain, that why she came to him, leaving her marriage. they both enter into a romantic eyelock. he caresses her cheeks, while she is teary eyed. they are interrupted, when sohan comes in barging along with his family. Sohan’s wife exclaims that she came again. The younger daughter and the fatso tell him that she had come here also. raj is surprised and asks her if she came earlier too to meet him, and asks that she has come to meet him again. Raj says that he thought what not, seeing her getting married, but actually she came for him.

But before he can complete, Divya crosses him and says that he isnt here as Divya Malhotra, but to greet this family as Choti Bahu, and calls in her camera crew. Raj is surprised whiel his family is happy out of their wits.

shiela comes in asking which contest is she talkinga bout, and they dont knwo about any such contests. She says that there’s just one Before she can complete, Raj holds her back and asks why has she come here. Divya says that Sarita had given the best slogan on marital relationship, She tells the poetry that supposedly Sarita had given her. Granny compliments sarita for this. Sohan butts in, saying that he is the head of the family.

He, along with Divya says that she just came for the announcement of the results, and the contest starts tomorrow. She informs them that she would stay with them for the next one month, raj is highly confused and surprised, that she came here for the contest. sarita wonders if raj got to knwo that sarita got her to come, then there would a big problem.Shiela asks why is sarita doing all this, in her room. sarita is in denial.

Sarita tries to tell her that Divya is engaged. Shiela tries to tell her that for Tv personality. Sarita tries to tell her that not all people are alike, and some are good and some bad.

Shiela asks her not to repeat the mistake that her mother did, and not let another sundari come in this house. Shiela leaves, but sarita is tensed. Divya tries to explain to her reason for this. Guarav says that he isnt bothered And what would she say when Raj finds out. Divay says that she isnt bothered about that. He says that the media would splash this news. she says that she would stay away from the media. She apologizes for this irrational anger, and that he is just to be angry at her. He asks what is raj cant control his heart. divya asks him not to worry as she has more faith on.

Raj remembers what happened, and Divya’s statements. Sohan asks raj why didnt he tell that they were in the same college. He says that he would welcome her garndly

Raj is determined that he wont sit in peace till he finds out what is divya upto and her purpose of coming in this house, as she might lie to others, but not her, as he knows that.

Sarita asks her not to forget that she’s older to her, She asks that today she is giving divya her bed, then tomorrow when she asks her husband, would she give that away too. Sarita slaps her, at this and she is hurt. As shiela leaves, the screen freezes on Sarita’s tensed face.

When divya shops with gaurav for raj’s family, and hopes that they would like it, gaurav says that she’s going to give the most precious gift to sarita, her raj. Divya is shocked to hear this. Gaurav asks her to wait while he gets the car. While he’s gone, eveteasers start passing lewd comments on Divya, and also offer her money. divya slaps them hard and ask her to get lost. they all try to force themselves on her. she frees their grip and starts running, with them in tow, who finally catch up on her.

she is very scared. But just then Raj comes on the bike, with clenched fists, and takes the dupatta that has fallen on his biks, and gives his bike a stop. While divya is surrounded by goons, who are trying to ill treat her, raj takes them off saying that having seen one woman alone, they went on to force themselves on her. When raj sees that its divya, he is shocked. She goes and hugs him tight, and remembering her promise to sarita, she jerks away from him.

He caresses her cheeks, and gaurav sees this. raj goes in and beats the crap out of those people, all the time shouting how dare they cast their evil hands on his Raj. Divya is apalled, while continually asking him to stop. Gaurav sees this and is surprised to see the ferocity of raj’s passion. Gaurav tries to stop him, but raj goes on beating sasying that he would break this hand that tpuched his Divya. Gaurav asaks divya to make Raj stop, or else he would kill someone. When he doesnt even listen to divya, she makes him swear on her, to let them go.

Gaurav stands beside Divya, while raj drivces his bike and leaves. Divya falls on the floor in tears. Divya thinks that she didnt betray him, and she has always loved him just as much, as he loves her. Gaurav is extremely tensed seeing this.

All are excited about choti Bahu’s arrival. A lady comes and says that she’s her tenant but a friend at first. she says that when she told the astrologer, her husband about choti bahu’s arrival. And he told her that the choti bahu would break the home, on her arrival into the house. Shiela gives a glance at sarita, who is visibly tensed hearing this. Sohan comes in singing, and says that the priest is jealous of them, hence said so. He asks his wife not to believe it.

He asks the tenant to go, while asks his wife to get milkshake for him and sundari. The tenant lady taunts her on her condition with the second woman. She backfires that her husband sired her 4 children when her husband just sired one son. When raj comes, sarita is tensed to see blood coming out, but he doesnt listen to anyone and goes inside. The tenant too lashes back saying that its been ten years, and her own son couldnt sire one child.

She asks her to be quiet, and taunts and curses sarita, for being barren and not being able to sire a child. she again asks the lord, to make her meet the woman who raj loved, and she would get her in this house as raj’s wife. Sariat is tensed to hear this. The tenant leaves in anger.

Gaurav and divya, both are silent in the car. Gaurav asks zdivya to still say that he’s wrong about raj, and wonders whats wrong with her, as they both still love each other, and what is she thinking of going in that house. He says that he;’s bothered that the responsibility that she has taken isnt approved by her heart. Divya says that she’s leaving everything on time, and one day when her mission is successful, his questions would be answered. they drive on in silence.

shiela again requests sarita, not to get divya in the house, while sarita is making rangoli. she says taht she has nothing to lose, and not even Raj’s love, and if what she’s saying is true, then her last hope too would vanish, and she would do the good thing of making him meet his love, and that after ten years she can sacrifice herself, for Raj’s happiness. Shiela leaves. someone is shown to be watching sarita, from behind the bushes, while she is oblivious. Raj notices that person, and he goes to him, and holding him by the collar, he turns him around to face him. Raj asks him whats he upto.

He ask when he returned from Jhansi, implying they know each other from long back. He ask Raj about the Tv Star choti bahu, coming to stay at his place. Raj is tensed and goes in a trance, not knowing that Sarita is in front, making a rangoli, He unknowingly splashes the plate of colours on the the floor from her hands, surprising sarita. They are distracted, by Divya’s grand arrival in their house, on a palanquin. while raj remembers his past moments with divya, and Divya remembers Gaurav’s doubts about her plan’s success.

the whole family comes out in anticipation and excitement. Raj and sarita are equally tensed at Divya’s palanquin entering their house, and Divya getting down with the help of raj’s sisters. sohan’s wife does the tilak and home welcoming. Sohan gloats about it in front of the tenant, the astrologer. sarita thinks about Shiela’s doubts.

Surrounded by people, and grandeur and festivity, while raj watches her from afar, Divya avoids locking eyes with him and thinks that this is the test of her love, and she has come here, with a true heart to give her love to someone who truly deserves her love for Raj now, his wife, Sarita. she has the full faith that god too would support her. She enters the house in haste, along with other ladies, to avoid meeting Raj, who begins to approach her from the other side. The screen freezes on Raj’s surprised face, as divya avoids him and goes inside.

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