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Married Again 15 December 2019: Sarita is very tensed, when kamla approaches her for reachging so late, as she has to bear her for just the next two days, after which shiela shall get married, and she would be out of the house. Sarita remembers rohan’s mother’s talks, and decides to go to raj first before taking a hasty step again. Granny tells her that raj has gone to the bus stop to pick up guests.

As sarita sits, granny laments that ever since she got raj by her side, all kinds of wrong is happening, and she wishes that sarita be very happy. She asks her to go sleep. Sarita says that granny has always taught her that after every trouble, there’s happiness around the corner. she asks granny not to bother and sleep. She leaves.

The next morning, sarita is waiting for raj, as he couldnt talk to him last night. Hearing raj kickstart his bike, she goes to him, but is hesitatnt to talk. Seeing him smile, she gets conscious and asks what happened. raj caresses her and asks where was she last night, and if she found anything. She is about to say something, but kamla steps in saying that he has to go to be a part of the puja that rohan and his family have kept before the marraieg, at the kuldevi mandir. He is hesitant, to hear sarita before he leaves, but kamla forces him to go. He finally leaves. sarita thinks that rohan’s house would be deserted and she would be able to surf for some more proof.

kamla is highly unhappy not being able to find sarita there. While munni is excited to dress shiela for the occassion, kamla hopes that sarita doesnt create anymore drama.

Raj, unwillingly is a part of all the rituals, while rohan is happy at his discomfort. His mother eyes raj doubtfully, while they do the puja. They are also joined by kajri ji, who drapes herself before raj can see her. Rohan’s mother is surprised to find kajri there. She is tensed as she finds raj too curious seeing kajri there.

Rohan too gets tensed. raj says that he doesnt want sheila to be with rohan and hopes that something can happen, and asks the Lord to help sarita in getting a proof that may enable them to expose rohan and his family to their family. She asks kajri why is she here. Kajri says that she would come in every ritual as its their joint descision. As raj is about to leave, rohan’s mother asks why the haste.

raj says that he has to prepare for the marriage. Rohan’s mother says that they too are waiting, and asks if sarita is still unhappy about the marriage, as she could have had the chance to sit on the mandap instead of shiela today, if rohan hadnt rejected her. She asks him to tell sarita not to worry, as she would find her a wonderful groom too. Raj says that she shoudlnt bother as sarita is lucky that she isnt marrying someone like rohan. as raj leaves, she is tensed.

Rohan’s father says that they forgot the mangalsutrea at home only, and ram singh isnt pciking up the phone. rohan is surprised that ram singh isnt picking up the phone. He is given directions by his father to get the mangalsutra and find out why is the servant not picking up the phone. rohan leaves.

sarita tells the servant that she has been sent by rohan’s mother to look for a ring that they left for the puja. She asks the servant also to go into a different room and start searching. He complies. Sarita is surfing around for proof that can prove that rohan and kajal are still happily married, and she can expose rohan’s lies and finds their marriage album, along with the marriage certificate.

the servant comes and is surprised to find papers strewn apart. He is about to call rohan, but sarita says that she found the ring, and asks for some water. The servant leaves. She is oblivious of the fact that rohan too has approached the house, and is entering in. While the servant is back with water, he is surprised to find sarita gone. sarita stealthily walks out. Sarita senses something and is tensed, as rohan walks across the room. She hides herself while rohan walks past, and thanks the lord for helping her go unnoticed.

While the servant tells rohan about sarita being there, rohan slaps him saying that his plan is wasted due to him, and that he’s definitely out of the job. He rushes out to catch sarita.

As raj comes back, he absentmindedly tells kamla about the puja, while his eyes keep looking for sarita. kamla tells him that sarita isnt here, and goes from there bumbling about her. raj thinks that he knows that she’s gone out for some proof, and even after such insults she’s thinking about the family, and that her mission is to save shiela. He is calles by shiela, who’s dressed as a bride. She asks how is he looking. He says that she’s looking very pretty. On being asked for, raj gives her blessings to remain happy always, in her marital life, and she’s never in pain.

She asks if he still believes in sarita, and is confident that she would prove to be a liar. raj says that he and sarita only want her to be protected and happy. he hugs her and pats her on the head. He goes inside to get changed.

Later, shiela is informed by munni that the Baraat has come. shiela rushes out excitedly to find her family happily greeting rohan and his family. raj is asked for sarita from rohan’s mother. She taunts him by asking wht work is more important for her than her sister in law’s marriage.

Kajri tells a tied sarita that she wanted to enjoy every ritual, but cant due to her. She asks her not to think so much of herthat she can never be a mother, and therefore sarita cant even understand what she’s going through. kajri gets emotional saying that a heir is needed, and hence this marriage is happening, so that shiela can sire a son, as kajri coulod never be a mother. Sarita asks how can she spoil shiela’s life for this.

Kajri says that they cant do anything else, as his mother would have thrown her out otherwise. Sarita curses her for being so cunning. Sarita says that even surrogacy can sire a child. kajri says that such things happen in big cities, and once in a small city like this, she’s branded infertile, the stain would remain on her always.

she tells her plan that once shiela is pregnant, she would be taken to her native place so that the world can assume that she got pregnant, and she sired a child, and then shiela would be thrown out of the house and their lives too. sarita says that she cant believe a woman can stoop to this level. kajri says that she thinks about herself first, unlike sarita.

Some goons come and ask whats to be done, as they have been sent by rohan. as kajri is about to leave, sarita says that she cant do this. Kajri asks the goons to shut her up. They comply. she tells the goons that they should kill her, if she tries to run away.

Rohan tells the goons, on the phone that sarita shouldnt be let go of, till they get married, and if she tries top escape she should be killed. the priest asks his father to call him, as the muhurat is just for half an hour. He calls out rohan, saying that he’s always busy in business calls. raj understands that there’s some problem sensing their faces. He wonders where sarita is, so that they can stop the wedding.

Sarita, in captivity, thinks that raj has had faith in her, and she cant spoil shiela’s life, and has to reach before marriage. She struggles to get free. Later, as the goons enter talking vulgarly about sarita, they are shocked to find her gone, and immediately rush out to search, while she is hiding inside.

Rohan’s mother is assured by kajri that they have caught sarita. Shiela is bropught down and made to sit beside rohan as the rituals begin, amidst much pleasure, while raj is tensed for sarita and shiela too. After the jaimala, the gadhbandhan too starts, and raj is highly tensed. They ask raj to join them too. He walks to the mandap. but just them, sarita dials his number, and raj immediately leaves to take it.

Rohan and his family are tensed. Raj gets sarita’s call, telling that she’s in grave trouble. As raj asks if rohan has done anything to her, She sees the goons approcahing her to kill with a knife and is scared. raj hears sarita’s scream and is tensed himself. Munni asks him to come down as they are all waiting for him. Raj tells about sarita, but munni asks him to prioritise his sister above his wife. raj says that her life is at stake, and he wont be able to forgive himself, if something happens to her. munni asks him to go then. Raj is about to go, when remembering sarita’s words, he deduces that sarita is at rohan’s house.

Munni comes down and hesitatingly tells an angry sohan, that raj was called for some Halwaai issue, and doesnt let them take tension by telling them the truth. Sohan wants to hurry up the marriage and hence tells the fatso to do the gadhbandhan instead. rohan and his family are relieved.

As the servant is talking to someone on the phone, telling that kajri is on her way, raj beats him up and asks where is sarita. After much beating, he is told that she is at the godown behind the building. he reaches there by the bike, and climbs up the building, and finds that sarita is being tortured by the goons. He gets into a rage, as the goons are surprised to see him and sarita is relieved. They get into a scuffle, and raj even bears knife wounds, while sarita is shocked to see raj wounded, just for her protection. He finaly wins over the goons and manages to get her free.

They decide that they have to run to save shiela from this marriage. She is in pain unable to walk, and raj carries her in his arms. They get on the bike and drive off, while kajri and the goons miss them by inches, but chase them nevertheless.

Granny praises munni for her maturity, and asks her to insist soham to stop the wedding for some time, in which raj and sarita can come and expose them. As munni is scared of sohan, granny herself asks sohan to wait till raj comes, as shiela is his only sister. sohan doesnt want to delay the muhurat and asks them to continue with the marriage. as the pheras start, to rohan and his family’s pleasure, granny is highly tensed about shiela’s fate.

Rohan asks his mother to ask the priest to hasten the marriage, or else the muhurat would finish. As they are about to perform the rituals, they are shocked when water spurts and the Hawan kund is doused and turn around to see who did that. A voice claims out that he did that, and all heads turn towards him, surprisingly. they are shocked to find raj with sarita, in hsi arms. kamla again starts taunting, but raj stops her saying that she needs to trust her son, and asks her to let sarita say the truth, and if she doesnt believe still, then she can do what she wants.

raj reminds that if she lets this marriage happen, without knowing the truth, she would repent forever. granny is happy that finally the truth would be out now.

Rohan’s mother says that nowhere have the groom’s side been insulted so much. She says that she wont tolerate anymore, and goes on a rant about how they are insulted for a member who isnt even a part of their family. soham agrees but is stopped by raj, shocking sohan.

He asks raj to step aside. Rohan’s mother again taunts him, that he has no control on his son. Rohan’s mother says that she would break this relation off right now. Her husband too agrees. She says that no person would ever be willing to marry their daughter. sarita asks her not to bother about shiela, as her son would never be remarried, as he has tainted the institution of marriage, and he doesnt deserve that he gets married to shiela or anyone else. Kajri and the goons too reach there.

Shiela vents out her anger at sarita, and that she wanted them to stay away, but she asks that she would want to know the truth, and demnbds to know the identity about the girl, who she claims rohan has an affair with. Sarita gets a girl draped in the dupatta, and unveils her off. They recognise her as kajri. sarita asks which servant roams around in jeans. She tells about rohan’s lies infront of everyone, that rohan’s first wife didnt run away and still stays with rohan in his bedroom.

sarita tells everyone that this is kajri, rohan’s first wife, and tells everyone the true purpose of rohan’s marriage with shiela. as rohana nd his family are shocked, all others are shocked troo and tensed. She also tells that her name is not kajri even, and she has herself admitted that she was married to rohan. The screen freezes on shiela’s tensed and hurt face.

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