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Divya finally agrees to sohan’s idea, thinking of it as a way to get raj closer to sarita, saying its a good suggestion, and saying that she can even get the media to cover it. The family is super happy at this. Sarita and sundari are tensed. divya decides to have it tonight, and that she can call her media friends rightaway. sohan agrees to send his own car.

But then he gets Raj, to take her with him, and show her around the city. Divya asks him not to bother her, as she has her own car and can manage. Raj says that it wont take time, as this isnt Mumbai, which takes time to reach the destination. But sohan and kamla send her off with Raj only. Raj goes out, saying that he’s waiting for her. divya awkwardly goes out. Shiela and sarita are tensed.

As sarita is working, sundari comes in trying to make her realise what mistake is she doing, that she’s the daughter in law, and munh dikhayi is with divya. She says that sarita maynt like it, as she’s the other oman, but its for her favour only, that she should decide to have her rights, and not let divya come in the house, and she should pay all the more attention, as its her who’s saying this, the lady who herself is the other woman, in her mother in law’s husband.

Sarita ignores her and gets to cleaning, but sundari leaves saying that she might ignore, but this house would never be clean with the taint of the other woman.

Sohan gives Kamla money, and says that they would kill two birds with one stone, and that is he would surprise Divya with their fame and money, and get Raj to marry with Divya. When kamla doesnt understand, he explains her what he has planned.

Divya talks to her friend, suggesting him to break the Chandelier, while she takes all of them together. After he consents and leaves, she thinks that now is the next step to her plan, and that would get Raj and Sarita topgether, and away from her. His friend calls up divya that her work about the chandelier has been done.

Divya drops a glass on the floor and breaks it. Sarita says that she still doesnt understand. divya says that this is their second plan, which would forever seal Raj with Sarita, and will go far away from her. Sarita is very happy to hear this, but apologises that she’s trying so hard to get her close to raj, and she herself is always doubting her only. Divya says that its natural since she’s the wife. Sarita says that still she feels insecure, and god knows what happens when she sees them together, and cites the morning’s. Divya tells sarita that this isnt jealousy but love. sarita says that wives can never accept the other woman, of raj’s past. divya gets upset.

Sarita apologises but divya ignores it, and asks what would she be wearing today. She asks Sarita what is she wearing. She says that she’s wearing a yellow saree, and divya exclaims that she too is wearing the same, and that their choices match. divya ignores the comment and is about to leave. sarita asks if she’s also wearing the same colour. Sarita says that the yellow colour is of turmeric, and which she didnt have.

Divya asks her not to worry, as with the yellow colour, she would also be pink with the glow of love, and raj wont be able to take his eyes off her. Divya assures her that she wont wear yellow. Sarita asks her to wait, and goes and gives her a gift for the Munh Dkhayi, as she wont be able to give in front of others. divya is very happy to receive anklets. sarita offers to make her wear it. She compliments the neauty of her feet.

Divya is overwhelmed to see sarita’s love for her. divya thanks her for this wonderful gift, as long as she’s in her husband’s house. Divya says that its not wrong for her to keep a check on raj’s girlfriend, as she may have made promises but not raj. And this way, she would be able to know if divya is coming close to Raj, by the sound of the anklets.

Sarita is embarassed, but divya says that she’s going to marry gaurav soon, and then she would help her become a good wife.

Sarita decides to dress up for Raj, with an excitement and anticipation. Divya too is dressing up, but is emotional. as she puts on lipstick, she remembers Raj helping her put on lipstick the first time around. sarita thinks that today, he would also see that in front of a wife’s beauty, the girlfriend’s beauty doesnt stand anywhere. raj sees Divya dressing up, and says that this lipstick wont match. He comes in and taking the lipstick from his hand, he says that much has changed in the ten years, but Divya still doesnt know how to put lipstick. while Divya is uneasy, raj chooses the shade for her.

She refrains when Raj tries to put it on her lips. He asks what happened. Raj says to divya that he mightnt remember that he made her learn how to put on lipstick, smile and decorate her lips. divya is uneasy, while Raj comes close to her, with the lipstick in his hand, saying that this isnt the first time, he would be putting lipstick on her. Sarita, who happily came to divya’s room to show how she’s dressed, is distraught to see raj’s behaviour. Divya goes away, while Raj is surprised.

Divya says that nothing is the same like before. Raj comes upto her, and asks whats the difference, as the love’s the same, and that much only. Sarita clenches her fist in despair. Raj tries to put again, but divya says that he would manage. Sarita leaves from there. Raj gives it in her hand, and also leaves.

Kamla starts taunting sarita, seeing her dressed up like this, and asks her to go in the kitchen thats her rightful place. Sarita asks kamla to ask divya only to look after the kitchen, and goes from there. kamla says that if her plan succeeds, then she wont have to bear her for long.

As she lights up the temple, she is joined by Divya, and she starts complaining that her beauty is futile in front of her, as its divya that they all talk about. divya says thats because noone looked at her and sh is always viewed like a TV star, and maybe her heart isnt that pure, as divya’s is.

Divya shows sarita, her own reflection in the mirror, and asks her not to be scared of her own beauty. Divya asks her to get rid of this anger. Divya asks if she remembers the plan, and if she is scared. sarita says that she wasnt scared in these ten years, then not now. She says that she can do anything for Raj in these circumstances. Divya asks her to stop tensioning, and that today would be her true Munh Dikhayi, where Reaj would see her.

Kamla and Sohan are entertaining guests. Sarita too mingles with them, while eyeing the chandelier. As she looks up, the tenant’s son asks why is she looking up. Kamla asks him to go and get Gazra, as sundari also is donning a Gazra, and has some evil idea cropping in her mind. the guests ask for divya. The daughters are excited to get her down. After wearing the gazra, she starts taunting Sundari, that Sohan got gazras for her. But her plan fails when Raj’s friend comes and returns the money that she had given to buy the Gazra.

Sundari asks kamla to stop this, as its all hers, and that she doesnt need anything, and just wants love. She asks her not to stoop to this level, in front of her younger sister. she offers to take it down for her. kamla complies.

The girls come in to take divya, while she confirms her plan with her spot dada. Divya leaves. The girls announce Divya’s arrival from the balcony. Divya comes in a veil, and Raj looks at the mirrors, in the decorations, to look at Divya’s reflection. The girls get her down, while all wait. Sohan seats Divya, while she’s still in the veil. Kamla thanks them for coming, and begins the Munh Dikhayi rasam of Divya. She herself proclaims that she should have the first chance to see her face, being sohan’s wife.

Thereafter, all start the ritual. Kamla asks Sohan where’s Raj. Sohan asks her not to worry, and continue on their plan. Sohan announces the end of the Munh Dikhayi Rasam, and requests divya to start dancing for the entertainment of the audience. While sarita is tensed, Divya goes with the girls. Sarita hopes that Divya’s plan succeeds, as she can even risk her life for Raj’s love.

Divya’s dance number begins, and they all start enjoying it, while sarita is tensed. Sarita and the spot Dada wait anxiously for the right time, to drop the chandelier. sohan also sends raj to dance along with Divya, while the chandelier’s setup isnt working. divya too tries his number, while he’s finding out whats wrong in the electrical circuit. Kamla gets juice for her, and accidentally though intentionally spills it on her saree, and forcibly takes her to change the dress, while giving sohan the thumbs up.

Seeing his cue, Sohan asks Raj to go to the rtoom, upstairs and get the gifts to be given to strangers. He thinks that everything is going according to plan. Sohan confirms Kamla of their plan’s success. Sarita is tensed that the chandelier isnt falling, and Divya too isnt seen anywhere. Just then, Raj’s friend too comes looking for Raj. She wonders whats happening as Divya and Raj both arent here. She asks kamla about divya, but she taunts her away. kamla thinks that that she shouldnt know at all, that divya and Raj are in the same room, and that she has broken the lock.

Divya is tensed at the glitch in the plan, and the chandelier too not falling. Raj, oblivious that she too is there, gets to work, closing the door. Divya says that the door is closed. He is surprised to find her there, while saying that he didnt do it. raj walks upto Divya, who is uneasy, and she adjusts her clothes, telling him the reason she’s here. The screen freezes on her face.

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