Married Again update Monday 23 December 2019

Married again 23 December 2019: Raj tells Sarita that he has chosen her true love and soulmate, and its Vikrant suryavanshi. Sarita is shocked and distraught to hear this.

Some updates missing...

vikrant is fuming at sarita’s refusal to marry him. He gets a text, from abhimaan, saying that as homework he has to practise his anger control, as if sarita doesnt say yes, abhimaan would suffer, and he might get depressed and eterirate in studies if she says no. He calls up raj, and tells him everything that happend, and finds that there’s a network probloem and he’s unable to talk to raj. As raj walks bumbling about the network problem to shiela, she thinks that sarita should come now and confess her love to raj.

Sarita, at the door thinks that raj may be angry but she cant lose hope now, and cant hide anything from him, and evn then if he doesnt agree then she would agree to the remarriage. But she has to try atleast.

Inside, seeing kamla excited about sarita’s wedding, all are confused as to how is she so happy. she takes the girls aside into her room, leaving granny wondering whats cooking in kamls’s mind.

Kamla asks the sisters to call divya too to sarita’s wedding, as only she can control Raj, who’s headed for desperation. kamla thinks that for ten years raj is tormented for divya, and now he shall be free from Sarita. once sarita leaves, divya shall enter. They all discuss happily. Sarita hears this from a distance, and realises that she had turned selfish, as raj’s dream is divya and theatre, and maybe he has shown sympathy but not love. he has done his part and she should also keep her part of the deal. she thin ks that some relations are destined to be icomplete, and thiers is like that. she comes to the room, and remembers her last statement to divya, and her promise made to herself about raj.

raj wakes her up from her stance by asking her where she went. She avoids him and gets to work. raj says that he knows that she’s angry at him, but he clarifiesas to why he did that. He says that vikrant fits the bill for ideal spouse, that he doesnt. He tells about the call, and that he couldnt speak properly. Just then soham calls for him, and he leaves saying that he would come back to talk about the planning of the wedding, with her. After he leaves, she thinks that he’s so happy about her wedding, and it feels as if he’s happy to be unburdened, so that he can live with divya. she decides to talk to vikrant and straighten the issue before he talks to raj.

Raj asks for the towel from inside the bathroom and sarita gives it to him, and thereby her hand accidentally brushes against his. She thinks how will she be able to live without him, but she would have to fulfill her promise and get divya back to him, and for raj’s happiness she would have to agree to raj’s descision forgetting her love.

Scene 2:
location: In the temple
shiela asks the lord to help raj realise his love and save sarita from marrying vikrant. As she walks out of the temple, her dupatta flies and flows onto some goons head. They begin to eve tease her, by ganging up, finding her alone. Their head tries to get physical with her, in a bid to keep the dupatta over her, but is stopped by rohan, who slaps and beats them badly, while sarita is reminiscient of her chapter with rohan, from his physical in timacy with her to the betrayal. Rohan comes to her, after beating them up, while she awakwardly faces him. he gives her the dupatta, but she slaps him in turn, and leaves from there. rohan is shocked.

While shiela is wondering why is rohan back in her life, Rohan comes and asks that he just wants to know why she slapped him, and gives her the dupatta. Shiela asks him not to lie, and asks what does he actually want. she says that she hates him, and doesnt want him to come back in her life ever again. She also instigates the shopkeeper, saying that rohan is a criminal, and concocted all of this. but a woman in the crowd tells that she’s mistaken and its guru, her neighbour. Shiela refuses to believ it, and accusing him to be a fraud, leaves from there. The guy wonders who is this rohan.

Scene 3:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
vikrant is shocked to find sarita in the house, and asks what does she want. she says that she wants to talk to him. he says that he doesnt want to meet either her or raj, after what happened yesterday. He asks her to get lost and that he would make his son understand too. She says that she wants to marry him. vikrant is shocked and turns around to say that what has changed in one night that she changed her descision. she says that she isnt doing this for herself but for raj, so that he can have divya, his love back and start his life afresh. He says that he would agree to her descision on just one condition. Sarita is tensed. But she says that she accepts every descision. He says that she has to take this descision and take it to her deathbed, and whatever be the conditions between them, she cant turn away from this descision. He asks if she’s agreeing. She says that she does. He says that its a deal then, and extends his hand, and she too shakes it in turn, calling it a deal. The screen freezes on her determined face.

Raj telling everyone in his family that he has fixed Sarita’s engagement for day after. Sheila asks Raj that will he tell about this to Sarita or will forcefully place her in engagement. Sheila wonders when Raj will realize that Sarita will never be happy after her remarriage.

Raj tells Sheila that he will give the good news to Sarita himself. Sarita looks at her wedding picture with Raj but it falls and mirror breaks.

Sarita gets little wound on her finger with the glass. Raj enters and checks Sarita’s finger. Raj tells Sarita about her engagement while Sarita tells what she is going through by talking about wound.

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