Made for each other update Friday 20 November 2020


Made for each other 20 November 2020: Bajaj and Prerna sending everyone out. Shekhar and Mahesh try to blow off the fire. Mahesh asks Shekhar to come with him. Shekhar says send the people out. Mahesh asks Prerna to go out. Mr. Bajaj says ask Shekhar to come out, I will call the fire brigade.

Prerna goes to Shekhar and takes him out. Samidha coughs by the smoke. She sees the fire. Everyone goes out. Ronit says we can try to blow off the fire. Komolika asks what’s this drama, such a bad arrangement and this fire, did they do this intentionally. She asks Ronit what is he doing, engagement is done, they should leave now. Ronit says we should help them, you also help us, their plan will fail. Nivedita says Komolika is too much. Mohini says forget it.

Priyanka asks is everything fine. She sees the fire. She says Samidha…. Prerna asks what. Priyanka says I m finding her. Prerna asks where is she. Priyanka says she went to kitchen to get scissors. Samidha shouts Maasi. Prerna says it means she is caught inside. Priyanka says there is a way from backside. Prerna says no, this is the only way. Priyanka says I had seen the window. She runs. Prerna recalls Samidha and goes inside.

Mr. Bajaj tries to stop her. Komolika wonders what magic did she do that he is ready to jump in the fire for her sake. Prerna calls out Samidha and runs to her. She hugs Samidha. She says we will find your mum. Samidha says I want to find my mum. Shivani and Kuki throw water to blow off the fire. Kaushik throws water at Kuki and says sorry. Komolika says I don’t understand, what shall I do to defeat Prerna.

Mohini says Prerna had lost everything, Anurag, his love, money and family, you don’t forget it. Komolika says she got everything back by changing name, she is much clever. Prerna tries to break the window glass. Samidha shouts for help. Mr. Bajaj comes and calls her out. Prerna shouts to him. He runs upstairs. He runs in and saves Prerna and Samidha. Veena asks Prerna is she fine. Prerna’s saree pallu catches fire. Mr. Bajaj blows if off by his hands.

Prerna says your hand will burn, let it be. He asks are you fine. Prerna says you burnt your hand. Kuki asks are you fine, dad. He says I m fine. He goes. Priyanka hugs Samidha. Samidha says Mr. Bajaj and Prerna saved me. Priyanka thanks Prerna. Prerna thinks I m getting relieved that I saved the girl. She sends Samidha with Kajal. Komolika says thank God, you got saved Prerna. Nivedita says its madness to jump into the fire. Prerna says a girl was trapped inside the fire. Mohini says she isn’t your daughter, think once. Prerna says I take decisions from heart, my decisions are right. Mr. Bajaj says fire brigade is coming. Shekhar says we will help the team. Komolika says Mohini has breathing issues. Mohini says yes. Prerna asks them to go home. She goes to ask Samidha how is she. Priyanka thanks her for saving Samidha. Prerna says I will get your cheque, I want to give the money now itself. She thinks why do I feel bad when Samidha is going, I feel I know her.

Prerna and Mr. Bajaj care for each other. She applies the ointment to his burns. He looks at her. Hawayein….plays…. She asks why are you looking at me like this, give this businessman look at office, why did you come there. He says you think I will just stand watching you in trouble, I went because you went there. Kajal sees them and thinks Mr. Bajaj takes care of Prerna, Mahesh doesn’t care for me. Moloy asks who is that girl, tell me. Kaushik drives smiling and says no one. Moloy says Anurag was confused when he was in love, he came to ask me indirectly, he didn’t tell that girl’s name, he was ready to fight the world for her.

Kaushik asks for Komolika. Moloy says some relations are like rail tracks, so near yet so far. Kaushik says I don’t believe it, I don’t like it, tell me who was she, whom Anurag loved so much. Moloy says be careful in driving, we will go home and discuss. Prerna asks Mr. Bajaj what happened. He says I gave importance to less people in my life, I m extremely possessive about them, try not doing it again. She says you are stuck there. She goes to get cheque book. She gives the cheque to Priyanka. She says stay back, someone will drop you.


Priyanka says Samidha has fever, I will go home and put her to sleep. Prerna says you can make her sleep here itself, we will take care of her. Mr. Bajaj comes and says let her rest here, you both stay here. Prerna says yes, many rooms are vacant. Priyanka says I have a duty to cook food for orphanage kids. Prerna recalls the fire accident. She says she calls you Maasi right. Priyanka says all the orphanage kids call me and my sister Maasi, we work at the orphanage and run a flower shop. Prerna cries.

Priyanka says Samidha is the smartest kid of our orphanage, she studies in a big school, just rich family kids come there in big cars, Samidha got the admission based on merit, she gets scholarship every year. Mr. Bajaj says you can go, we will take care of the girl. Prerna says yes, I will drop her. Priyanka says fine then, Samidha take care. She thanks them and goes. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to be with Samidha. Kaushik thinks of Kuki. He thinks she made you feel bad, she doesn’t deserve that you feel anything for her, maybe her dad is angry on her, its tough to tolerate her. He gets angry. Prerna takes care of Samidha. Samidha says I don’t want to sleep, else I will miss this, I m liking it, we are 30 kids, how can someone put us to sleep like this, warden has her own kids also. Prerna says I m here, sleep now. She hugs her. Mr. Bajaj looks on and goes.

Kaushik thinks of Kuki. She thinks of Mr. Bajaj’s reaction. He thinks to call her. He says if she asked why I called, then… He disconnects. She checks the phone. He says she will think that I was thinking about her, no…. She calls back Kaushik. She says you had called. He says no, I was sleeping. She says I got a missed call. He says maybe it got connected by mistake, shall I ask something, I hope you are feeling better. She says don’t call me at night and don’t flirt with me. She ends call. He says she doesn’t deserve niceness.

Prerna thinks of her baby. She thinks you are finding your mum and I m thinking of by daughter. She goes and cries, sitting on the stairs. Mr. Bajaj comes and sits. He holds her and says you can share it with me. She asks why did Lord do this with me, why did he give Sneha when he had to snatch her. He consoles her and says maybe Samidha lost her parents. Prerna says I was putting her to sleep, she told me that no one caressed her this way with love, I felt bad for her. She cries a lot. He feels upset. She says seeing the fire, I saw the same fire in which I lost my daughter, I saw Samidha inside and went there to save her, if you weren’t there… He says I promise you, nothing can happen to you until I m there, things will be fine.

She says I wish someone reached there and saved my daughter that day. They cry. Ronit comes to Komolika. She asks did Anurag call or message you. He says no. She says I m tensed about him, he didn’t speak to anyone, where is he, what is he thinking. He says you are worried for him. She says I m not joking, you know Anurag and my relation isn’t like a typical husband and wife’s relation, something is happening that I don’t know, something bad is going to happen, this never happens. He says don’t worry, he will be fine. She says he will get two big news, you got engaged to Shivani, you have become CEO of Bajaj city project, he will get mad. He says relax, he can’t do anything, you know how to handle him. She says I want to know what’s on his mind. Anurag thinks this time people will know my plan when its concrete, its a big game, its for Prerna and me, just for us.

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