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Prerna is conscious. She recollects that someone had hit her head from back because of which she got unconscious. She remembers that she had come back to the Basu house again but she wonders how she came to that room instead going to the mandap for the wedding.

There is a flashback where Prerna comes at the door of the house but she remembers what Anurag told her. But still she decides to get married to Naveen. By that time Anurag and Shivani come there. She also remembers that Anurag took her to that room asking her about the reason of getting married to Naveen.

Prerna pretends that there is no any other reason behind her marrying Naveen. She again tries to go to the mandap but Anurag gets angry. He asks her not to say lies to him. He asks her why can’t she see the real face of Naveen even after having such beautiful eyes. She still doesn’t listen to him. SO he asks her whether the cost of her life is Rs. 15 lacs.

Prerna is shocked to hear that. She recollects that Shivani must have told him about it. She gets emotional. Anurag asks her not to sacrifice her life for Rs. 15 lacs. He asks her about the love she is waiting to come in her life. He says that after knowing all the fact, he will not let her get married to Naveen. Prerna cries a lot as the frustration for her decision which was inside her bursts out after that. Anurag holds her hand.

He consoles her but lets her cry out all the tension. Later she asks him not to care much about her as she doesn’t deserve it. She reveals that she knew everything about the accident that Naveen caused to him but she says that he cannot take her out from that problem. She tells him that she tried applying for the personal loan but nothing could be possible. So she accepted he only way she had which was to marry Naveen.

ANurag asks her why she didn’t talk to her Moloy uncle about the issue. She tells him that she tried talking to Moloy but that time Nibedita had some issue of Accounts so she had blamed Rajesh for that so she could not talk to Moloy about this issue. She says that Rs.15 lacs might be a small amount for him but for her family, it is a big amount. She cries a lot. Both of them look at each other remembering the moments spent together.

Anurag wipes her tears. Prerna hugs him. But immediately she says that she cannot back out from the marriage as Mohini will get upset as she is doing it for her family and stops saying suddenly as she was about to talk about him. Anurag tries to make her understand that she should not get married to Naveen. But she is not ready to listen to him. He hugs her saying something weird which she cannot understand.

Later he makes her unconscious with a handkerchief having some chloroform on it. He apologizes to Prerna saying that he didn’t have any other option to stop her. Prerna gets unconscious. She is still having pain in her head as Anupam hit her badly. She tries to open the door as she feels that there is time for the wedding but she finds that the door is locked from outside. She keeps on asking for help but no one is there.

On the other side, Madhuri accepts in front of Mohini that Naveen is her husband and they have been married for many years even they have kids. She also clears that she never got married to Naveen’s brother but she got married to Naveen only. Mohini is shocked to know all that. Madhuri says that she supported Naveen in all thr right and wrong decisions taken by Naveen but today he is letting others questioning her instead of giving her respect in front of all.

She says that Anurag rightly said that Naveen is a disgusting and coward person as Naveen never learns from his mistakes. She says that she did the first mistake by listening to what he said to her and marrying to the same person again. But she is happy that Prerna’s life was saved because of her. Naveen gets angry on her. He pretends that she is lying. But Madhuri also shouts on him saying that his shouting will not turn his lies into truth.

She reveals that Naveen made her say all the lie else he would have made her away from her kids but he doesn’t allow her. Mohini is shocked to know that. She cries a lot as she has not met her kids for almost a year. She calls Naveen as a Devil. Naveen gets angry. He says that if he is a devil then he will kill her. He starts beating her. But Anurag pushes him away from her. He holds Naveen’s collar. He says that he will get him arrested as he will get punishment for what he has done. Moloy interefers.

He asks Anurag to calm down. He expresses his wish to ask a question to Madhuri. He asks her about how she decided to ditch Naveen and save Prerna’s life as so far she kept supporting Naveen. Madhuri says that Anurag made her realize her mistake and he convinced her to sit beside Naveen as a bride.

Anurag reveals that it was not easy for him to convince her as she loves Naveen a lot. Madhuri says that she knew that Naveen was obsessed with Prerna so he also cancelled the deal with the person he had promised to. There is a flashback where Madhuri fights with Naveen as he reveals that he loves Prerna. He also promises that once he is satisfied with Prerna, he will come back to her.

All are shocked and wondering about all that. Shivani gives water to Madhuri. Anurag asks Madhuri whether he can discuss the thing which they had discussed. Madhuri asks Naveen why he never thought of her wishes as she always listened to him for him but it didn’t matter for him. Anurag reveals that he had no other option to stop the marriage as his intention was right.

He explains to all that he tried to stop Prerna from marrying Naveen but she was stubborn so he kidnapped her.

Anurag says I tried to convince her, but she didn’t back out, she said she was helpless, I had no other option than this, sorry, my ways was wrong, but my intentions was right, Madhuri helped me today, this happened suddenly, I was going from the room and saw her. FB shows Anurag going to see Madhuri. She cries. He holds her. She gets shocked. He says you are crying, what happened, is everything fine. She says yes, I m fine. He says I understand, your husband is marrying someone else.

She says Navin isn’t my husband. He says I know, you got married to him, if this marriage happens today, your life will be ruined as well, if you be silent, the truth won’t change, you love Navin, I care for Prerna. She says I wish I had a friend like you, I did everything for Navin, but now… He says you don’t want this to happen, stop this, please, save Prerna, I have nothing, I m helpless, you can help me, tell me who is Navin.

She says he is a very dangerous man. He says I know, we can’t let anyone’s life get ruined because of this fear, I beg you, I need your help, I have to stop this marriage. She asks but how will you stop Prerna. He says she is sleeping now. She asks what shall I help. FB ends.

Navin says she is lying, she is my Bhabhi, why did she do this drama in mandap. Anurag says it was imp to save Prerna’s life and exposing your true face. Navin says they are lying. Moloy says if they are lying, you are only one to say truth, Anurag has seen you making Madhuri wear mangalsutra, Madhuri is saying she is your wife, she isn’t lying. Navin thinks I just want Prerna, I don’t care for them, its good Prerna isn’t here, everything will be fine, Prerna will come with me, if Anurag can kidnap her, I can’t spare her, how shall I go to her.

Prerna looks for her phone. Veena says thank God, our daughter got saved, she didn’t marry this man, thanks Anurag. Rajesh says we didn’t wish this to happen, Navin doesn’t deserve any girl. He scolds Navin. He asks Anurag to call Prerna, she should see Navin’s poison. He gets shouting in anger. Everyone holds him and calms him down. Prerna calls Shivani and asks her to answer.

Shivani says Prerna is calling. Anurag says go and get her, she should know this too. Shivani goes. Anurag says relax uncle, Prerna got saved. Prerna asks Shivani to come and unlock the door. Shivani goes to window. Prerna asks her to open the door, she has to get married, Anurag has locked her. She scolds Shivani for telling truth to Anurag. Prerna says its my marriage, open the door, people would be finding me. Shivani says Navin has got married, nobody is finding you.

Prerna asks what, Navin got married, no, how can this happen, I m here. Shivani says listen to me, he has got married to Madhuri. Prerna gets shocked and says no. Shivani tells her everything. FB shows Shivani and Anupam coming to Prerna. Anurag says she is resting, Madhuri will be marrying Navin now. Anupam asks what, don’t marry Navin, he is a bad man.

Anurag says don’t question much, Shivani observe Prerna, we have to get same clothes and jewellery for Madhuri. Shivani says we may get sample lahenga in Mohini’s cupboard. Anupam asks Madhuri to do bridal makeup until they come. They try to find bridal clothes for Madhuri. Anupam sees Mohini and worries. Mohini asks what are you doing with this sample lahenga. Anupam says I have come to take this. She asks why. He signs Anurag and Shivani. They quickly hide. She asks Anupam to answer her. FB ends. Prerna says it means Anupam told the truth to her.

Shivani says no, Anurag has saved him. FB shows Anurag signing Anupam. Anupam says I wanted to try this lahenga, I love this. Anurag comes calling Mohini and says pandit is calling you. Anupam keeps lahenga and goes. Anurag says I have a request, send Veena to get Prerna to mandap, she is Prerna’s mum, she will like it. Mohini says fine. Shivani asks did you involve mum in this plan. FB ends. Prerna says so mum agreed for Navin and Madhuri’s marriage.

Shivani says no. Prerna says but how did mum take Madhuri to mandap. Shivani says just Anurag, Anupam and I knew this, so we had lied to mum. Prerna says you got Navin married to Madhuri, its bad, how did Madhuri agree for this marriage. Shivani says the real picture is still left, we will watch it with everyone.

Navin says Madhuri needed a man and married me to fulfill her need, Anurag and Madhuri have this deal, I got caught in this, strange, Mohini trust me, there is no proof or evidence. Sid comes and says I m the witness, I have seen Madhuri and your marriage certificate. Anurag hugs him and asks are you fine.

Sid says Anupam called me. Mohini says everyone knew about this. Anurag says no, I told him, Navin is acting like a victim, truth is that he traps innocent girls like Prerna and sells them abroad, Ronita was his wife, this is Navin’s business, he doesn’t value girls, Navin is Pradeep. He shows the fake passports of Navin. Navin and everyone get shocked.

Anurag says Navin and Pradeep are same person. Madhuri says I compelled Ronita to change her statement, I had no other way, I had stolen this passport from Anurag that time. Veena says you knew his intentions and motives, we were not ready for this marriage, Prerna felt Navin will give her a good life, why did she agree for this marriage, tell me the truth.

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