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Love will never lie 13 May 2020: Kunal comes to the room and cries looking at Nandini’s ring he still held. He splash water on his face. The next morning, Mauli comes to the temple corner and prays. She recalls her past Karwachauth when Kunal used to wish her early morning and fast with her.

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He had decided to fast for her life as well, else what he would do without her? He had also arranged a surprise for her after moon sighting. This time she was upset and thinks this Karwachauth is still special, as it brought him back to her.

Mamma and Dida comes to Mauli with her Sargi. She touches Dida’s feet for blessings. Mamma forbids her to bend for her. Mauli eats Sargi from Dida’s hands. Mamma tells Mauli to continue eating a little for the whole day, but right now she lives for two lives. Dida asks Mauli to be thankful that she got a mother in law as Mamma, and not like those in serials who enforce their daughter in laws to fast for her son. Mauli requests them to let her fast, this is really special for her. She won’t let any harm to her child. Mamma and Dida agree.
Nandini opens the door of her apartment. Kunal stood with a thaal of Sargi, and requests not to scold him. He comes to the house and says even if she wanted to break their relation, she still fast. Who could have brought the Sargi otherwise? He insists on Nandini to fast with her, and he can’t even gulp his scolding today. Nandini hugs Kunal, placing her shoulder over his.

Kunal was asleep and realizes it was a dream when Mauli wakes him up. He straightens up at once. Mauli was concerned if he is fine? Mauli brought a new dress for him in his favorite color and fabric; she always gifted him on Karwachauth. She hopes he like it. Kunal thanks Mauli only dryly and leaves the room.
Nandini was eating Sargi. Her shadow appears to her questioning why she is having Sargi when she broke her relation to Kunal. Nandini replies that not meeting someone doesn’t result in a broken relation, her and Kunal’s relation is unbreakable.
Mauli makes the arrangements of Karwachauth excitedly. Dida was cautious and warns Mauli to take care of herself. Mauli promises to be careful. Mamma comes there and sends Mauli to get henna on her hand. Sweety asks the henna girl to write Kunal’s name in Mauli’s design. She asks about Kunal? Everyone stares at Sweety helplessly. Then only Kunal walks into the hall. He spots a lady in saree and feels it was Nandini. He walks closer to place a hand over the girl’s shoulder. He withdraws himself at once as it was someone else; then looks towards Mauli who smiled while lost in her thoughts.
Nandini was getting henna applied in her hand. She asks to write Kunal’s name in the design, and prays that in the next birth she is Kunal’s companion. There in the room, Kunal also thinks that he and Nandini would be together in the next life, if not this one.
Mauli comes to the room after henna. Kunal stood in front of the wardrobe lost. She recalls how Kunal loved henna’s fragrance and always tickled her when she stood helpless after applying henna. Kunal turns around and finds Mauli silently staring. Mauli comes to the dressing and attempts to pick a catcher while being teased by hair. Kunal comes to her help and ties her hair into the catcher. He smiles watching Nandini’s face in the mirror.

He soon realizes Dida had come inside calling Mauli. Mauli happily goes outside to give flowers to Mamma. Dida cautions her to walk slowly. Dida advices Kunal to keep great care of Mauli, he must keep her happy and not to let her bear any heavy burdens. It can cost a life of child, they are doctors and better understand the matter.

Mauli watch a car approach a young child on the road and runs to save him. She falls on the floor along with the child. Kunal was in the balcony and was concerned but find Mauli fine. Dida’s cautions about holding weight echo in his mind, he wonders why Mauli didn’t feel any discomfort.

Mauli comes home where everyone was dancing. He walks to Mauli concerned if she is fine, he says he just saw her slip while saving a child. Mauli says the child could have hurt. Kunal mentions that Mauli should have been hurt because she is pregnant as well. Mauli asks if Kunal is suspicious. Mamma takes Mauli for little dancing.

Nandini stood in front of the mirror, eyes filled with tears. She watch her henna filled hands with Kunal’s name written in it. She daydreams about Kunal draping her in red chunri, but soon realizes Kunal wasn’t there. The next day, Kunal comes to meet Dr. Aasha; Mauli’s doctor. He asks about Mauli’s test reports. Dr. Aasha says Mauli took the reports herself and was as well reluctant to give the reports. Dr. Aasha says she shifted the reports to her other clinic.

Mauli was standing for Pooja and wonders where did Kunal go. The flame on her platter goes off. Sweety claims it to be a bad omen but Mamma assures nothing happened, Mauli must light the flame again and continue her Pooja. Nandini sat in front of her temple corner for Pooja.

There, Mamma tells Mauli whatever happened was accidental, she must move on and continue the Pooja. She lights the flame for Mauli who was still confused. Mauli thinks the winds have changed, and it beholds the consequences of a storm.
Kunal had forgotten the car keys in Aasha’s office. Aasha was recording a message for Mauli that Kunal came here and is dubious, Mauli must share the truth with him as soon as possible. Kunal hears this.

Later in the evening, Mauli prays in the balcony for moon. Dida was dialing Kunal’s number but all efforts in vain. Kunal comes inside. Dida cheerfully announce that he is back home. Kunal angrily walks to the balcony. Mauli breaks into tears and thinks she was worried for no reason, Kunal is back home. She turns towards Kunal and does the Karwachauth aarti. Kunal stood there silently fuming, then stops Mauli’s hand in midair. He drags her inside and wanted some answers.

Mamma insists on Kunal to let her break her fast first. Kunal questions Mauli what’s most important for husband and wife Dida was angry over Kunal. Mauli replies, love and trust. Kunal swears her on the trust, opens the message of Dr. Aasha on her phone and asks what she wants to hide Kunal asks Mauli if she wants to start over this relation based on a lie. He place Mauli’s hand over his head and asks her to accept she is truly pregnant.

Mauli withdraws her hand off Kunal. She accepts lying about her pregnancy and says she isn’t pregnant. Kunal shouts at Mauli that its because of this baby that he broke his relation with Nandini. He could never think she would fall to such limits. He brings divorce papers to Mauli and ends their relation, leaving the house. Mauli drops the thaal.

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