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Love will never lie 12 May 2020: Nandini confirms if Mauli is pregnant or not? Mauli asks why Nandini is concerned about it, if she would be able to leave Kunal if she replies as yes. If their friendship had no value in front of Nandini?

She cares for her child, but didn’t care for her while snatching Kunal from her. Nandini requests Mauli to tell her if she is pregnant. Mauli replies yes, she is three months pregnant.

At home, Kunal had made preparations for Nandini’s Haldi ceremony. He welcomes Nandini excitedly as she was soon to be Mrs. Kunal Malhotra and promises to complete all the rituals well. He was excited about their wedding and planned each function for her. Nandini thinks about Mauli, and says this marriage can’t take place. Kunal asks why it isn’t possible. Nandini says Mauli is three months pregnant. Kunal drops the thaal claiming it impossible. Nandini asks if Kunal understands the meaning, Mauli is going to be a mother to his child; she can’t snatch her husband at the weakest turn of her life. No child must be brought up without father, and Kunal would be a dearest father in the world. Kunal leaves in confusion.
Mauli returns home. Mamma asks what happened since yesterday, Mauli is so disturbed. Mauli tells Mamma that Nandini called her to temple and inquired about her pregnancy. Mamma wonders how Nandini come to know about it, and if Kunal also knows this? Kunal comes inside saying he has come to know about it. He asks Mauli if she told Nandini that she was pregnant. Mauli was speechless. Kunal asks how it was possible, they had gone for family planning. Is she sure?

Mamma complains that Kunal isn’t concerned about the condition of her wife? He is a doctor and must understand that family planning fail. He isn’t anymore the old Kunal who cared for his wife. Kunal leaves home. Mauli asks Mamma to let him go to Nandini. Mamma says an innocent life is now involved with this matter and she will make sure Kunal takes his responsibility towards his child. She leaves the house. Dida assures Mauli that everything will now get fine, Mauli must not lose hope.

Nandini watch all the decoration. Mamma comes clapping over her celebration and curses Nandini for enjoying here with Mauli’s husband while she is suffering. She questions how Nandini can celebrate so well after snatching another woman’s husband. She claims Nandini to be emotionless; no matter what names society gives Nandini. She asks Nandini to call Kunal, she needs to speak to him. Nandini replies that Kunal isn’t here. She says she sent Kunal home as soon as she found out about Mauli’s pregnancy.

Mamma says Kunal came there, still he left his wife and child. She curses that Nandini is never able to bear this pain, she prays Nandini never becomes a mother. Nandini promises Mamma to send Kunal back home, his child will never live a fatherless life. Kunal belonged to Mauli and always will.

Mauli was in her room taking clothes from wardrobe when an old card fell off from between. She reads, “Jaana, it’s not any birthday, neither any festival nor any celebrations; it’s only a card for her because she makes every day festive. I love you Mauli, Yours Kunal”. Mauli thinks time has drastically changed their paths.
Nandini tries Kunal’s number and was worried where Kunal can be if not with Mauli. She thinks Kunal must surely be there.

Kunal sat on a bench at a green spot. He recalls Nandini’s words about Mauli’s pregnancy and about her inability to marry him and snatch him from his child. Nandini silently joins Kunal on the bench. Kunal asks if Nandini has seen the sun, it enlightens the whole day and sets in the evening; but again rise the next day with a beautiful morning. Why their love is unlike this rising sun, why it’s always setting? Nandini says may be they selected the wrong path or direction, they only have to live with the time; as it is.

Kunal understands at once and says they can get over with the darkness on the way. He won’t need to live with Mauli and his child; he can still prove to be world’s best father and even Nandini will take care of him when he is with them. Nandini says it’s impossible, when his child grows up he will hate them both. Kunal asks what when the child would realize there is only silence and coldness in his parent’s relationship. Nandini advices Kunal to give his and Mauli’s marriage another chance.

At home, Mamma welcomed the guests for Pooja. Mauli was concerned that Dida didn’t have the breakfast and now she is waiting for Bhojan. Dida says she prayed to God for a gift on Karwachot tomorrow. They begin the festivity of Pooja.
There, Nandini and Kunal look towards each other sadly. Nandini hugs Kunal in tears and says he would never be able to give his marriage a second chance, if she stays around.

They understand the situation well, it’s only the heart that isn’t compelled. She requests Kunal to agree on one last thing, she demands him to take her engagement ring back from her. Kunal was helpless and pleads not to do this. Nandini asks him to stay strong, else what would happen to her? She won’t be able to get rid of past memories otherwise. Does he want so? She turns to walk away silently, Kunal holds her hand to stop her. Amidst heavy tears, Kunal takes the ring off Nandini’s hand. Nandini hugs Kunal and kiss his forehead. She says her life would be filled with darkness after he has left, but the memories of his love would remain as a source of power for her. She says “I love you”, Kunal replies “I love you too”.
During the Pooja, Dida prays to God for being a savior of Mauli’s marriage.
Nandini finally runs away crying. Kunal was left with the ring in his hand.
Kunal walks home. Mauli turns to look at him. Mamma notices his presence in the hall. Dida was also alert. Kunal signals Mauli to listen to her. She walks towards him. Kunal asks if they should give this marriage another chance. He is ready for it. Mauli was in a disbelief and breaks into a cry, hugging Kunal tightly. Kunal doesn’t hug back. Mamma goes to hug Mauli, then caress Kunal for bring back home. Kunal then walks to Dida and hugs her. He was lost and didn’t speak much. Dida was happy that her prayers have been answered, they will celebrate Karwachot tomorrow, zealously. Kunal walks inside. Mamma asks Mauli to give him sometime to adjust and be normal.

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