Love or Poison Update Monday 3 May 2021

Love or Poison 2 May 2021: Viraj is in the washroom when he hears the sounds of footsteps. He gets alert. The room is locked. Where is this voice coming from? He steps out holding his dagger. Sitara shouts in shock seeing the dagger in his hand. She is about to fall when he holds her. He keeps his hand around her waist while she keeps her hand around his shoulder. They share an eye lock. She begins to apologize but he knows that it is her usual habit. He speaks of the store room disappearance act. She realises that Baba had told him that Rajguru will manage everything. Maybe this is what he said. They bicker cutely over the incident. Rani Sa asks Sitara why she was talking like that. Viraj says I was asking her something. Ratan says this is what friends do. One falls in trouble and another one covers up. Viraj says it isn’t so.
Ratan and Rajguru speak of his safety. Rani Sa adds that Rajguru has seen Sitara’s kundli. Her kundli is very strong. We have decided that she will stay with you from now onwards. Viraj isn’t convinced. Sitara stands there with a bowed head. Viraj asks her if she has already said yes to it. Sitara looks at her Baba and nods.

Viraj tells Kuldeep she is mad. How can you say yes? Kuldeep replies that his daughter knows his dharma. It isn’t wrong if she wants to help me in fulfilling it. Viraj refuses to believe in any of it. I will manage any problem on my own. Rani Sa says we don’t doubt it but think about us. What will we do if anything happens to you? You know that Rajguru hasn’t predicted anything wrong till date. Please agree for our sake. Ratan reasons that it is for the welfare of the entire city. You have to handle it once I am gone. Please say yes. Rajguru tells Sitara she will have to follow strict rules to protect Viraj. You will have to be his shadow and have to see who he is meeting or talking to. Any problem will first have to face you. She nods. Ratan says Viraj might be irked and will tell you to go away but you wont listen to him. You will tell me directly if there is any problem. Sitara nods. Viraj thinks she cannot even take care of herself. How will she take care of me? Sitara thinks I know what he is thinking but a Rajput girl can go to any extent to do what she had vowed to.
Nethra is shocked to hear the news. I cannot bear Sitara around Viraj for a second, forget about 24 hours!
Surili says we have to create some path to reach Viraj. Albeli gets an idea.

Sitara is following Viraj even inside his room. He picks a towel but finds her right behind him. He picks a dagger and keeps around her neck. She does the same to him. Nethra is watching them from the door. Sitara tells Viraj that she isn’t as irresponsible as he thinks her to be. I will complain to Maharaj if you will try to trouble me any further. Nethra mumbles that she will kill her before that. Samrat pulls her aside just then. He tells her not to show her hatred so openly. She replies that she cannot stand that girl. Samrat says I know it already. I will find a solution but try to contain your anger till then. She asks him if he found Chanda. He denies. I don’t know where she disappeared. Albeli looks at a bathtub filled with water. Maybe it is Viraj’s room only. Her sisters say we have no reason to wait any further.

Viraj tells Sitara it is bathroom. I am going to take a shower. She nods but stays put. He pulls his t-shirt a little to scare her. She covers her eyes immediately. He runs inside and closes the bathroom door from inside. Albeli sends the blue poison magically in the tub where Viraj is relaxing. Surili creates some boils. Albeli’s hands appear magically around Viraj and he struggles. He splashes water on the floor. Sitara hears strange sounds coming from the bathroom and gets alert. She inches near the door and Albeli’s powers turn feeble. She tells her sisters that it seems as if a very powerful person is around the bathroom. That person is stopping me from pulling Viraj. Sitara asks Viraj if he is fine. He replies that he is fine and steps out of the tub. He wonders if it was truth or if he was dreaming all that.

Surili tells Albeli that she might have become old. Your powers seem to have worn out. Vrinda reminds her that they cannot make each other look down and progress. We have to be together. Plus, if Albeli’s powers are weaning out then all of us are also becoming weaker. They discuss as to who could have saved Viraj from them today. Viraj steps out of the bathroom. Sitara asks him about the sounds. He says I felt as if someone was pulling me from inside. She tells him to calm down. I will tell Rajguru and Maharaj everything. Dress up first. Nethra calls Sitara cheap. He just stepped out of his bathroom. You have been told to be his bodyguard only. Sitara says I know my limits well. It will be good if you know yours too. Nethra gets angry. How dare you talk to me like that? She raises her hand to slap Sitara when Viraj takes her name pointedly. She asks him if he saw the way Sitara spoke to her. He says you too weren’t nice to her. This shouldn’t happen again.
Vrinda and her sisters wonder who that saviour could be. Chabeeli says is it that Rajguru lied to us about Sitara’s death. Maybe she is alive? Vrinda denies. I would have felt her presence if she was alive.
Ratan tells his wife to believe him. I am not hiding anything from you. She asks about the attack on Viraj in the bathroom. He assures her he will look into the matter. I want you to be with Viraj till then. Rajguru says kings are always targeted in many ways. It isn’t easy to figure out who does what to them. Rani Sa agrees. Promise me that you will not hide anything from me.

You should be 100% true to me. Ratan mentally apologizes to her. Rajguru assures her that nothing will go wrong with Viraj. I will keep you informed. She nods. Viraj comes with Sitara. His mother hugs him. Ratan comments that he will be fine till the time Sitara is with him. Viraj asks him why someone would try to attack him inside washroom. It was strange. It was pulling me inside water! Sitara realises that the danger is increasing. I will have to be with him all the time as his shadow!Ratan assures his wife that nothing can happen to Viraj till the time Sitara is with him. Viraj asks him why someone would attack him inside the washroom. It was pretty strange. Someone was pulling me from inside the water. I am sure it wasn’t normal. Rajguru tells him not to worry. We will find out whatever it is. He gives lame excuses but Viraj does not buy it. I felt as if someone was pulling me from underneath. His mother tells him to think of it as some bad dream. Offer your reverence to Devi Ma. She will protect us. Ratan seconds her. We will hold a puja at home. Rani Sa takes Viraj with him. Ratan thanks Sitara for saving Viraj’s life. Always stay with him. Don’t leave him alone ever. Sitara nods.

Nethra complains that Viraj supported that maid in front of me. Aryan says both Sitara and Chanda have messed up our lives badly. Samrat tells them not to act foolish anymore. Aryan strikes Chanda’s topic anywhere anytime. Even walls have ears. Viraj’s fiancé keeps fighting with Viraj’s bodyguard instead of romancing with Viraj. She reasons that Sitara is stuck with Viraj for 24×7. Shall I romance with him in front of her? He tells her to use her charm. Viraj will send her away then. She replies that Sitara never leaves. Samrat tells her to do anything. I don’t want a divorce before the wedding! Rajguru tells Kuldeep that Vishkanya’s have increased the number of attacks. It is more important now that Sitara is with Viraj all time. Kuldeep says what if Sitara realizes that she herself is a Vishkanya. She is so near them. Our decade old secret will be out then. Rajguru says it does not matter. We cannot separate her from Viraj for this reason.

Viraj is working. Sitara remarks that she is in a fix. Nethra gets upset if I stay around you but I also cannot go away from you or your life will be in danger. He tells her to say all this to someone else. I want to know the structure of the pipes and more about it to figure out what exactly happened back there. She tells him to leave it on Rajguru. Did you learn how to use a sword in Germany? He asks her from where she gets so much energy. You talk so much. She smiles that even her Baba says the same thing. I tell him that I drink petrol in the morning. You and Baba are so similar. You both should be friends. He gives examples on everything and you give lectures over everything. Have I ever asked you from where you get energy to talk like that?

Rajguru says it is next to impossible to kill Vishkanya’s but they can kill themselves. Vrinda can end her life on her own if she is stuck with the grief of losing her daughter.
Viraj gives up on Sitara. Please go outside. She points out that she cannot. It is my dharma to stay with you. They both look at the sword. She apologizes to him and also says thank you. Sorry for troubling you. I will not say anything now. He asks the reason for thank you. She thanks him for supporting her in front of Nethra. Nethra knocks at the door just then. She sends Sitara away on the pretext that Kuldeep has called him. Sitara excuses herself.
Nethra apologizes to Viraj and takes him with her for discussion on some special matter. Sitara comes to Rajguru’s room but both Rajguru and Kuldeep tell her that they have not called her here. Rajguru also deduces that it was a trap. Someone is trying to attack Viraj again. They rush to Viraj’s room.

Chabeeli hears the sounds of Viraj’s footsteps. Viraj and Nethra are in the room right above them. Nethra removes her hand from Viraj’s eyes and points at the surprise. She closes the door from inside. Viraj is impressed. I did not know about this room. It is amazing! I wonder why Dad never told me about this room. She keeps her arms around his shoulder. You can ask him later. Let’s focus on our date. He nods. She thanks him with a hug. I can spend some time alone with you so I made all these preps. I am glad you liked it. She makes him sit on the bed and turns. She turns and mixes a pill in his juice glass. I know you don’t drink so I thought to raise a toast with orange juice. Cheers to us and our future. He smiles and drinks the juice.
Kuldeep, Rajguru and Sitara head in 3 different directions to look for Viraj.
Viraj starts feeling dizzy. Nethra tells him that she has been waiting for this day since childhood. I always dreamt of becoming your wife in reality. The dream is going to come true soon. You have no idea how happy I am. He passes out on the bed. Nethra smiles.

Vishkanya’s are able to see Viraj and Nethra. Vrinda says it is time to sacrifice a kid in return Ratan Pratap Singh. Kuldeep, Rajguru and Sitara are still looking for Viraj.
Nethra switches off the lights. She turns but Viraj is nowhere in the room. She shouts his name in shock. An unconscious Viraj is magically transported before the Vishkanya’s. Albeli says our wait is over. Chabeeli tells her to kill Viraj and avenge for Sitara’s death. Vrinda says it will end my pain but I wont be at peace. I have heard my daughter’s screams because of the Rajvanshi’s. I have shed tears of blood! It is Ratan’s turn now. I wont be at peace till the time Viraj’s shouts / screams aren’t echoing in the palace! She tells Albeli to make him conscious right away. Albeli agrees.

Rani Sa and Ratan are shocked to know that Viraj is missing. Rajguru tells her that Kuldeep and Sitara are looking for her. Rani Sa questions her husband who assures her that they wont let anything happen to Viraj. He leaves with Viraj. Samrat and Aryan overhear it. Samrat is worried that no one is allowed to visit that chamber. I will be in trouble if they find out about my plan. Aryan asks him why he sent Nethra and Viraj there. Samrat hasn’t brought his phone while Aryan’s phone’s battery is dead. Nethra wonders where Viraj could have disappeared. The door is closed from inside! How can someone just disappear like this? She decides to inform Sam. She steps out of the room and finds herself facing Sitara. Sitara asks her about Viraj. I thought he will be with you. Nethra says you are his bodyguard. You should know.

She walks away. Sitara thinks once she finds Viraj she will tell Viraj to stay away from a girl who is not at all concerned about her fiancé. I have to first find out where he is! Ratan and Rajguru instruct the guards to find Viraj. Kuldeep has checked one side but has not found Viraj anywhere.
Albeli wakes Viraj. He looks at Vrinda is confusion. Who are you? What place is this? They share that they are Vishkanya’s. Viraj looks at them in shock. Samrat, Aryan and Nethra look at Ratan and his men. Samrat is in disbelief. Viraj disappeared from the room? Aryan is also boggled. Is this a palace or a haunted house? First it was Chanda and now Viraj! Samrat glares at him. Rani Sa prays for Viraj’s wellbeing.
Viraj tells them not to fool him. It is in fables. How did I come here? Who are you? They again repeat that they are Vishkanya’s. Rajguru has kept us hidden underneath the south gate of royal palace! Viraj is in disbelief but they insist that his father hid this truth from him.

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