Love by chance update Wednesday 16 November 2022

Love by Chance 16 November 2022: The Episode starts with Maya asking Anu’s family to come close to the mandap and sit. Anu says I m fine here. Ranvijay asks someone to play a dance number, everyone should enjoy in his marriage. Anu and everyone see Gungun coming downstairs. Gungun runs to Anu and hugs him. He smiles. kabhi kabhi….plays… He moves and his imagination ends. Ranvijay gives his hand to Gungun. He dances with her. Zubaan hai phiki shaam se….plays… Anu looks on. Akriti asks Goly to come, they should also dance. She insists and takes Anu. Anu and Gungun see each other. Anu turns to go. Gungun holds his hand. She dances on Baawri hogayi… Ranvijay and Akriti get angry. Anu looks at Gungun. She dances around him. He tries to go. She holds his hand. He says leave my hand. Golu cries. Gungun says you can try hard, you can’t get rid, this hand will be left on own forever. He says you are going to hold Ranvijay’s hand, then why did you hold my hand.

Gungun says I m leaving your hand, I didn’t cheat you, no one else can touch me except you. She falls back and faints. They all get shocked. Anu checks her. Maya says she got dizzy. Ranvijay asks what happened, nothing can happen to you, I can’t live without you. Anu says stop your overacting. Ranvijay’s mum asks how can you say this. Doctor checks and says her pulse is dropping, we have to take her to the hospital. Everyone worries. Golu says I will call an ambulance. Doctor says we don’t have time, we will take her in the car. Anu lifts Gungun and takes her. Golu and Yug stop Ranvijay.

Akriti says Ranvijay is there to take her. Anu says Gungun said no one can touch her, she did something. Akriti says Ranvijay is her husband. Anu says he is not, none can touch her except me. He puts Gungun in the car. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Maya asks him not to go. He says I m going, you can come in another car. Akriti asks him not to go. The lady asks who is he to claim right on her. Akriti asks Anu not to go, Gungun is Ranvijay’s wife. Anu says once she gets fine, I will tell whose wife is she. Anu takes Gungun to the hospital. Gungun gets treated. Anu asks is she fine, please save her. Doctor says I will try my best, I want to ask you, what’s your relation with Gungun, you have written your name as her husband and she was marrying Ranvijay today, what’s the truth. Anu says its complicated. Doctor says you are either her husband or not, its an easy question. Anu says no, sometimes we are of someone and still not of them, and sometimes we aren’t of someone and still of them. He sees Gungun. Ranvijay asks who all will I explain that Gungun and I took this marriage decision, it’s a serious matter, we have to find out why she took this step.

Garima says maybe she wasn’t happy with this marriage. Maya says she didn’t tell me anything, I think the reason is something else, someone would have threatened her. Ranvijay thinks did she take this step because of me. Maya says some people don’t want to see Gungun happy. Maya taunts Anu’s family. Sargam asks her not to blame them. Maya says it’s the truth. Sargam says its your misunderstanding, we know how to clear it. Maya says Anu lifted Gungun in his arms and took her, he didn’t let Ranvijay and me come, like we mean nothing to her.Anu cries and says just focus on Gungun’s treatment, if anything happens to her, then I can’t forgive myself. The doctor asks why are you feeling guilty, are you responsible for her state. Anu says you are a doctor, don’t interfere much in her life. Doctor says she is not just a patient, she is like my daughter, did she not want to marry Ranvijay, find out why did she attempt the suicide, symptoms are of suicide. Anu asks but why. Doctor says she did this before also, you know it. He says I know that I can’t live without her, please save Gungun. He says I m requesting you to save Gungun, I will go away from her if she wants, I will be content that she is alive, I realized it late, she is much imp for me. Doctor says don’t worry, be strong, I will try my best. He recalls Gungun’s words and their moments.

Garima saying we should go there and see Gungun. Charu and Sargam defend Anu. Maya says don’t try to justify Gungun, we are here for her, then what was the need for him to become a hero. She asks Akriti why didn’t she stop Anu. Akriti says its Gungun’s mistake also, she tries to get close to him by some excuse, does anyone gift an expensive ring, Gungun gifted her a ring to Anu, he returned it, so she came back to take revenge for the insult. Ranvijay’s parents ask about the marriage. Maya says we will find any other mahurat. Garima shouts on her. Maya says nothing will happen to her, if anything happens then I won’t leave those who are responsible. Charu says Anu didn’t do anything wrong. She says police will decide that. Ranvijay says police will find a proof against him. Maya says he will get rotten in jail. Akriti says I will complain against Gungun, she disturbed my married life. Charu says we should go now. Golu says go home, we will go to hospital. Maya asks why. He says because we care for her. Ranvijay says they are worried that Gungun can give statement against Anu, they are fraud and just pretend love. Yug says you fake love for her. Charu says we came here to bless her, this should have not happened.

A girl comes and says Gungun attempted suicide. Everyone is shocked. The girl shows the suicide note. Garima and Maya cry. Maya asks how is this possible. Ranvijay thinks thank God, she didn’t write my name, she doesn’t like me, but I love my American dreams. Maya asks him not to misunderstand Gungun. She says Gungun’s marriage will happen today itself, it will happen in the hospital, you will get everything in the US. Ranvijay says no, I m not interested in her property and America, I love her a lot, I will make sure that Anu gets jailed. Akriti argues with him. Garima scolds Maya for never seeing Gungun’s tears. She says I m going to Gungun. Akriti says no need, go home, we are going to see Gungun. Garima says you go if you want, you have no right to stop me. She leaves. Sunanda says we will go home. Akriti says I will see Gungun and come. Maya asks Ranvijay to come. Yug says we will also go. Akriti says I will also come, please. Golu asks her to come. They also leave. Charu and everyone leave for home. Doctors treat Gungun. Doctor says we have to take the risk and save her, I promise, I will monitor her health for one month. Gungun says I want to see Anu for the last time, please call him. Doctor says you are fine now, nothing will happen to you, who is Anubhav to you. she says he is my husband, please all him. Doctor goes out. Anu asks is Gungun fine. Doctor asks who is Gungun to you. Anu says she is my wife. Doctor says she wants to meet you. Anu comes to meet Gungun. They cry. Doctor says we have to start the next treatment in 5 mins, till then you can talk to her.

Anu says life is a book, if you dislike the story, you don’t have to close the book, but turn the page over. He holds her hand. She says don’t touch me. He says you said no one can touch you except me. She asks how can you see your wife marrying someone, you don’t know to show your rights. He says you snatched my rights. She says sindoor gives a big right on a person, stupid Ranvijay is nothing. He corrects her. She says you will be a donkey, you are pointing out my mistakes. He asks why did you try to give your life. She says I had no option, how could I marry again when I m married. He says its my mistake, I should have not filled your maang. She asks is our marriage a mistake for you. He says it’s a mistake if a moment punishes us for entire life. She says then Ranvijay would have married me, would it be right. He says no, but I can’t accept you in front of everyone. She cries and says that’s why I wanted to end my life, our problems would have got solved, after dad left, I don’t want to live, Bua is busy in her life, you never loved me, I m alone. He says I m with you.

She says you can be with Akriti or me. He says I don’t want to go on honeymoon with Akriti. She says I don’t want to marry Ranvijay. He says maybe we are seeing the thing which we don’t have, happiness. She says truth is, she is your wife. He says I married you first, she stays in my house, but you stay in my heart, I love you. She looks at him. He holds her hand and says I love you so much, I realized this too late, I understand it now that I can’t live without you, I would have died if anything happened to you, I felt my existence is wiped off when you wiped your sindoor, why did you do that. Gungun says if my mom saw sindoor, then she would have troubled you also, my sindoor was coming between Akriti and your happiness. She cries. He holds her. She starts coughing. He asks her to take a deep breath. He makes her lie down. She holds his hand and says don’t leave me alone.

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