Love by chance update Tuesday 15 November 2022


Love by chance 15 November 2022: The Episode starts with Anu talking to Golu, Yug and Ankit about Gungun’s marriage. Golu says Gungun is your wife, how can she marry. Anu says Akriti is my wife. Golu says you are listening to your mind when you should listen to your heart. Anu says truth is, she is marrying Ranvijay, I was an idiot for filling sindoor. Golu says she would be under pressure by Maya. Anu says you think she will get under pressure, no, I have seen Ranvijay feeding her the sweets. Golu says I can’t believe this, how can she do this. Gungun sees Riddhesh’s pic and talks to him. Ranvijay comes and asks Riddhesh to bless them. She asks why did you come here. He says I have come to meet you, this won’t be good for you and Anu, I have your wedding pic. She asks are you blackmailing me. He says yes, I will take revenge for the insult. She says you can take money from me, but not get my love.

He says I don’t want your love, but just what you have. She asks him to name the amount and get lost. He says I will get everything after marrying you, I want something else from you now. She asks him to stay away.He asks how long will you stay away, just I will have a right on you after marriage. Gungun asks him to get lost. Maya comes and asks what’s happening. He says typical couple fight, I got late and she is upset, did you come from shopping. Maya says yes, all responsibilities are on me, how many guests are coming from your side. he says not more than 20, talk to dad and confirm. Gungun asks Riddhesh to save her. Ranvijay says no one can save you, from falling in love with me. Maya is on call. Ranvijay threatens Gungun.

He says I want you to invite Anu and his family in our marriage. Maya says okay, I will call Akriti, why do you want this. Ranvijay says Anu broke the alliance and insulted your family, I want to show him that Gungun got a better guy. Maya says I m so proud of you, you are perfect for Gungun, Riddhesh would have got you two married if he was here. Ranvijay holds Gungun’s hand and says we all are with you, once we shift to US, then your sorrow and pain will end. Gungun beats him and asks how dare you touch me. Maya asks what are you doing. Gungun cries and leaves.

Anu is changing. Akriti hugs Anu and says thanks for agreeing, I can’t believe that we are going on honeymoon. He makes her away and wears a shirt. He says you had a right on this, I also wanted a break from work and many things. She says Maya invited us for Gungun’s marriage, its on Thursday, they are going to US on Saturday, did you know this. He asks how would I know, I don’t want to find out.

She says we will just talk about us, I m your wife, don’t get tensed, you have total right on me. She hugs him. He asks why are you saying this. She says you didn’t touch me after our marriage happened. He says we are going on honeymoon, right. He sees Gungun in Akriti and smiles.She says fine, we can have a hug at least. She asks about his expensive ring. He says maybe I lost it, its good to lose a problem. Gungun wears the ring. She says you promised that you will always support me, you returned this ring and ended everything, you proved that you and your promise were a lie, I m keeping this ring safe as your last memory, I should get angry and hate you, but I m missing you, you know why, because I love you.

Maya comes and says we have to go to invite Kulshreshthas. Gungun thinks shall I invite them, why am I thinking, Anu didn’t ask me why am I marrying Ranvijay, I will invite Anu, he should know what’s love. Gungun asks her to come. Maya says you are becoming sensible, its your best decision of marrying Ranvijay. Gungun says time will show it, I didn’t decide if I will stay with him or not. Maya says you chose him, I didn’t. Gungun says you can never understand me. Maya says its impossible to understand you. Gungun asks why do you want to invite them. Maya says Akriti is that family’s bahu, if we call Akriti, then we have to call the entire family, Ranvijay requested me. Gungun says understood.

Maya and Gungun come to meet Anu’s family. She invites them for Gungun’s marriage. Akriti welcomes Maya. Anu looks on. Maya asks everyone to come. Golu says I have to talk to Gungun. Gungun refuses to talk. Maya says Gungun has stopped talking useless things, we will leave now. Charu says we are glad that Gungun is marrying, I wish she always stays happy. Chandru says we couldn’t find a better life partner than Akriti for Anu. Maya says I agree, Akriti is perfect as per your standards, according to our standards, Ranvijay is the best, he is perfect for Gungun, he will shift to US, he will do MBA and settle there, his monthly income will be much more than the achiever’s annual income here, Gungun got many alliances, most of them were after her property, I m happy that Gungun got saved from those fraud people, after Riddhesh passed away, Gungun was broken, he took care of Gungun and fed her the food by his hands.


Akriti says that’s nice to know that he cares for Gungun, I m happy that Ranvijay is also going to US, we are also going out for few days. Maya asks where, US? Anu says no, Switzerland. Gungun saying congrats and all the best for your honeymoon, don’t forget my marriage, do come. Anu says I will surely come. Sunanda says but you are married. Gungun says my sindoor was a lie, my marriage didn’t happen, it will happen tomorrow with Ranvijay. Sargam asks did you apply it just like that. Akriti asks why did you say you got married. Gungun says it was a joke, marriage without parents is a joke. Anu says I hope this marriage isn’t a joke, I was a fool to get trapped in your fake tears, I thought you love me, you can’t love anyone and don’t deserve it. His imagination ends. Charu asks what happened, Anu. Anu looks around. He says congrats. Gungun says thanks, all the best. Golu says I can’t believe that she is the same Gungun who we know, she isn’t affected, maybe she got helpless to change, I think she is hiding something. He says I want to talk to Gungun. Gungun refuses to talk. Akriti makes Gungun jealous. Sargam asks Gungun to have food.

Gungun says no, I don’t want to put on weight, I have to meet Ranvijay. Maya says they love each other so much, they can’t stay without each other for a day. Sunanda says if Gungun loves him so much, then why was Riddhesh finding her alliance. Gungun says dad was finding an alliance, I was marrying Anu because of dad’s pressure. Charu says Anu also agreed because of family pressure, its good that he broke the marriage, you both can stay happy. Maya taunts on the family. Sunanda praises Akriti. Gungun says do come in marriage and get your husband along. Akriti asks Gungun to invite him herself. Anu says we will surely come. Akriti sees Gungun wearing the ring and says wow, what a beautiful ring, is it your engagement ring, but I feel I have seen this ring. Gungun says you are a scientist, still you have a weak memory, dad gave this ring to Anu as a wedding gift, Anu returned it. Akriti says you said its lost. Anu asks did your dad give it to me. Gungun asks who else can give it, me? I didn’t earn a rupee till now, if I earned, then why would I spend it on you, I will give this ring to Ranvijay, its my dad’s last wish, thanks for returning it. Maya says my Gungun is taking right decisions these days. Gungun invites them again and leaves. She thinks of Anu.

Its Gungun’s wedding day. Garima and Shankar come. Maya asks Garima to go and see if Gungun is ready, baraat will be coming. Shankar says you gave no respect here and got me insulted. Garima says I came here for Gungun, not for your respect. Gungun gets ready for her wedding. The girls compliment her. they ask why did you get engaged to Anu when you had to marry Ranvijay. Gungun says my hair and make up should be the best, I want to look the prettiest today. Garima comes. She compliments Gungun. Gungun takes some tablets. She says its vitamins tablets. Garima asks why are you taking it. Gungun says its deficiency. The girls go. Garima says you look beautiful, not happy. Gungun says I m very happy. Garima says when you lie, your eyes tell me the truth, you aren’t happy because Ranvijay isn’t right for you. Gungun says he is the best for me, Anu was the biggest mistake of my life. The girls come and say baraat has come. Garima says I have to go and welcome the baraat. Gungun takes more pills. Ranvijay dances in his baraat. Anu and his family come there. Garima stands at the door with Maya to welcome the baraat. Ranvijay sees Anu and smirks. He goes ahead to the door. Maya does his tilak and feeds him the sweets. She welcomes him. She welcomes Anu and his family. The pandit asks them to call the bride. Gungun takes more pills. The girls come to call her. They ask Gungun to come. They praise Ranvijay. They tell about a big family. Gungun says lets go then.

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