Love by chance update Thursday 22 September 2022

Love by chance 21 September 2022: The Episode starts with Anu saying that girl is a disappointed. Gungun argues with Riddhesh. She says that family is a stranger for me, I will greet them when I meet them next time. He says you should value my word. Golu says girl is good, because she is from a good family, they have raised her well. Anu says I will leave now. He leaves. Neeti says the girl looks heroine. Sunanda says they will get big alliances. Golu says we have a big heart. Everyone discusses about Gungun. Divya says Anu is a talented guy. Goli says families are also involved in the marriage, Gungun was graceful, she didn’t greet Bade papa well, values are taught to kids in childhood. Sunanda says yes, why would Riddhesh choose us. Divya says people don’t see money, they don’t want the girl to adjust. Sargam says ask them if they are looking for an alliance. Golu says we will ask them. Goli asks him to do the packing. Sargam says Anu didn’t like the girl. Riddhesh says they will think that I gave you bad values. Gungun says fine, I will not beat them, I want the keys of convertible car, I have to go out and plan the birthday. Riddhesh says your rowdy friends shouldn’t come here. She says how mean, I will party with them at the resort, my friend Radhika will drive. He says she doesn’t have a license, driver will come and drive in speed limits, be careful. Gungun asks for money.

Love by chance 21 September 2022

He asks Garima to give money to Gungun. Garima says invite Chavi in the party. Gungun says she won’t come for a late night party. He says convince her family, I m going to invite them in the birthday party. Gungun says don’t invite Anu. Garima jokes. He says you call and clear the problem, I m going to invite them. She says my friends won’t come in your boring party. Goli says we will get a girl like Neeti. She praises Neeti. Neeti laughs.Anu is with his seniors. He says its tough to go away from my family, I want to finish post doc here. The man asks him to think well when he gets an offer next time. Anu says sure, I will drop you at the hotel. The man says I will have coffee first. Anu says you didn’t come in Khushi’s birthday, this treat is mine. The man says we will take a big treat from you, not today. Gungun and her friends enjoy the car ride. Befikre…plays… Anu sees her and thinks she is a rowdy girl. The man says they are driving rash, they aren’t scared of accidents. Anu says they have no common sense, life is a big party for them. He criticizes Gungun. The man laughs hearing Anu’s words. He says we both are scientists, studious, normal people aren’t such. Anu says we are normal, those youngsters were abnormal. The man says I used to come to this cafe when I was young, it didn’t change. Anu sees Gungun and her friends there. He asks waiter to ask them to make less noise. Waiter goes and tells Gungun.

She asks him to tell the other person to leave. Anu goes to Gungun and asks them to stop it. He asks her to go to fish market and make voice. She says its not a library, but a cafe. They argue. Anu lectures Gungun and Ronny. Anu says I will call her dad here and show him his daughter. She holds his collar. He asks her to leave his collar. He asks are you not ashamed, leave it, its a public place, you were disturbing everyone. She says just you complained, you did this to get attention. The man asks Anu to let it be. Anu says give me two mins. The man goes. Anu says I hate violence, I hate it when a parent slaps a kid, I think your dad should have slapped you, my values don’t permit me to slap any girl, learn some manners. He goes. He says sorry, I got angry. The man says I have seen chemistry between you and that girl. Gungun says he insulted me, how did you stay silent, Ronny give the car keys. She leaves. She comes home and cries. She throws the things. Riddhesh asks what happened. Gungun says Anu had insulted me. She tells him everything. He says its your mistake, not of him. She asks what.Riddhesh reminding Gungun her mistakes. He says Anu is a respectable scientist, you should apologize, if any girl holds my collar, how will it look. She says you can’t misbehave with anyone. He says it may happen. She says then I will slap her. He says this could have happened with you, he just used words. She says I won’t apologize. Garima says let it be, her birthday is coming. He says fine, she has to invite Chavi in the party personally by going to her house. Gungun says never. Garima says Chavi was sweetly talking to you.

He says entire family was sweetly talking, you were making faces. Gungun says if I meet that Anu again. Garima says you ignore him, talk to family well. Gungun asks what’s the point in being extra sweet to them. He says relations are made this way, we find such people rarely, we have to value them. Garima says yes, I also liked that. They insist. Gungun agrees.Everyone misses Khushi. Sunanda says Chavi spoke to her, she is happy. Sargam says I wish everything stays fine. Chandru says I also miss her, shall we make a video call to her. Golu says we did it in morning, she will come here for pagphere, call her then. Chandru says you are acting oversmart. Golu says I m. Anu comes and says I m going to meet Bansal uncle. He says you all ask me and answer, I m not getting a chance to say. They smile. He sings yeh moh moh ke dhaage…. Golu teases him.

Gungun comes there. She hears Anu singing. She enters the house. Gungun asks driver to give the sweets to them. Driver gives it to Anu. She takes it to give it to family. She argues with Anu. Sunanda says you are so pretty. Sargam says yes. Anu says this is a shock, not a surprise. Golu sings. Gungun gives the gifts to Sunanda. Golu takes it and thinks of opening the hamper, eat the chocolates. Gungun says Bua told me that we should not go empty handed to someone’s house, so I got it, chocolates is my choice, I don’t like sweets, is Chavi not at home, I want to meet her. Goli says she went to Khushi’s Sasural. Gungun says its my 21st birthday, I m celebrating with my friends, can Chavi come along. Goli asks did you come to personally invite Chavi, we will send her. Sunanda says someone will pick and drop her. Gungun says okay, party will start at 10pm. Golu says its good. Anu says Chavi won’t come, we won’t party at 12am. Everyone agrees with him.

Goli asks Gungun to come and sit. Anu says we can’t change our house rules, no one went to a late night party, how will Chavi go. Gungun says cake cutting happens at 12. Divya says we don’t cut cakes. Anu says we can’t send Chavi, I have seen her friends, they are like hippi. Sunanda says I know hippi. Anu says this girl and her company, its wrong. Neeti asks him not to fight with her.
Anu and Gungun argue. He says I would have sat here and fought with you, but I m not kiddish and have better things to do in life. He goes. Gungun says he has ego, bullet aunty. Goli asks what. Chandru says Goli, bullet. They laugh. Gungun says sorry, I don’t remember everyone’s name. Gungun says Anu is an idiot, monster. Sunanda says you talk so sweet. Neeti says she is saying bad to Anu. Sunanda says let her say. Gungun says I should have not come, I got insulted. She calls Golu round uncle. She says you all are so sweet, why is Anu like this, he always fights with me, he is very rude. Chandru says I will complain to Bhaiya about him, he will scold him. She says my dad refused to scold him, I will go now, get him scolded. Goli says fine, sit with us. Gungun sits on Bade Papa’s chair. Sunanda says he is very particular about his chair, Gungun sat on it. Sargam says let her sit. Everyone asks her what will she say. Gungun says no thanks. Golu says Sunanda made paneer koftas, its tasty.

Gungun asks what’s special in it. Sargam says it will become special when you have it. Gungun says you are so sweet, you are Anu’s mummy, right. Sargam says yes. Gungun asks how can you be so sweet. Chandru says she lives with me, that’s why. Gungun says you all are so sweet, nice like veg biryani, he is irritating elaichi. Sargam says he is tea elaichi. Goli says he is very nice, you don’t know him well. Gungun says I know him, did he say that we met at the cafe, I was with my friends, he came with an old uncle, he insulted me. Sunanda says let him come, I will scold him. Golu says I told you, its filmi romance.

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