Love by chance update Saturday 26 November 2022


Love by chance 27 November 2022: Gungun going for the rescue mission with the police. The ATS and the police team. Golu prays for Anu and Gungun. The goons have a talk and decide to feed Anu to the fishes in the sea. Inspector asks the ATS man to switch off the lights.

Goon says police can reach here also. Another goon comes and says I have seen a flashlight, maybe police has come. Chief says Anu shouldn’t get out of our hands. He asks commandos to fire in the jungle and see if the police has come, take the back route and leave, if needed, use Anu as a shield, police won’t harm him. The police and the goons begin the shoot out. Gungun asks the commissioner will they hurt my Anu. Commissioner asks her not to worry, Anu’s safety is his responsibility.

Goon goes to wake up Anu. Goon checks Anu and says he has high fever. Chief asks him to get Anu out. Goon asks the commandos to lift Anu and take him to another room. The goons bring Anu there. Anu gets shocked. Chief says police has come to find out, you won’t get saved now. Anu says you are scaring someone, for whom the death fear has ended. Gungun gets shocked seeing a goon aiming at her. Commissioner comes and shoots the goon. He says we will be entering the tent now and free Anu, come with me.

Chief says Gungun has got this baraat. He asks Anu to listen to them, else his GF will die. Anu says no. Chief shoots someone and scolds. Anu and Gungun see each other and shout. Commissioner says we have to think and take the step. Commissioner and the chief Charlie have an argument. Chief catches Anu and threatens to kill him. Gungun sees Anu and cries. The fight goes on. Police takes control and catches the goons. Anu and Gungun run and hug. Charlie sees the gun with the inspector. He takes it and shoots at Gungun. Anu sees this and comes in front. He gets shot in his back. Gungun gets shocked. He falls down. She shouts Anubhav….

And holds him. She asks why did you give your life to save me. Commissioner says we have to take him to the hospital first. They rush Anu. Gungun says I will go with him. Doctor says he doesn’t have time to reach Mumbai, take us to any nearby hospital. Commissioner says he can’t get treated in any small clinic.

Gungun says get him treated at the best hospital, don’t worry for the expenses. Golu, Ankit and Yug come to see Anu. Golu says let me be with Anu. Doctor says there is not much space, I can allow just one. Golu and Gungun are with Anu. Ankit and Yug go with the commissioner. Gungun apologizes to Anu and says don’t leave me please. Golu asks her to be strong, Anu needs her. The family is worried for Anu. Golu calls home. Akriti asks about Anu.

Golu talks to Charu and says we got Anu, the terrorists are caught. Charu and everyone get glad. Golu says there is a bad news, Anu is shot. They all cry. Charu asks is Anu fine. Golu says he is unconscious. Charu asks will he get fine. He asks how can this happen with Anu. Sargam says I want to go to him, take me to him. Chandru say we shall find out about them. She says I just want to meet Anu. Neeti consoles Akriti.

Akriti and everyone crying for Anu. Neeti consoles Akriti. Shankar and Garima see the news. Shankar says my daughter just got married, this should have not happened. Akriti calls Garima and scolds her a lot. She says you should have not let Gungun go with Anu, if anything happens to Anu, then I will never forgive you. Golu and Gungun are with Anu. Gungun asks the doctor to save Anu. Golu asks her to keep patience. Gungun asks Anu to live, else she will also leave the world. Charu says I will also go with Akriti. He asks Sunanda to pray that nothing happens to Anu. Chandru says flight is at night. Sargam says take me to Anu, please. Chandru says you are needed more here. Goli says yes, if you go, then we will be alone, nothing will happen.

Charu says I will go.

Ranvijay and friends see the news. Ranvijay’s friend says it happened bad. Ranvijay says Gungun couldn’t save Anu. The girl says Anu is alive, maybe you don’t want Anu to be alive. The guy says I think he will get saved. Ranvijay thinks Anu can tell my name, I have to do something. He says I have some work. He goes.

Akriti asks am I your bahu or not. Charu says yes, why are you asking. She says if you remember this, then remind this to the world, ask Gungun to leave. Chandru says I understand your sorrow, Gungun saved Anu’s life, she did a favor on us. Akriti says she did that for publicity, to show the world that she is Anu’s wife, do you regard him his wife. Charu says no, call Golu and ask the hospital name. Akriti calls Golu and says Charu, Chandru and I are coming to the hospital, text me the address of the hospital. He says they are coming to meet Anu.

Gungun says let them come, its Akriti’s right to meet Anu, I won’t leave my right but won’t snatch her right, I wish Anu gets fine. Inspector calls the commissioner. He says some guy Ranvijay informed the terrorists about Anubhav, he took 25 lakhs for the info, he lives in Lucknow. Commissioner says send the team to Lucknow and arrest him. Gungun asks the doctor to save Anu. Golu consoles her. Yug says we will go and fill the form.

Golu says we are Anu’s family. Nurse asks them the details. Akriti tells her name as the wife. Charu asks how is Anu now, how is his condition. Golu says he is in OT, doctors said they can’t say anything. He asks Gungun to talk to the doctor. Dean comes and pacifies Akriti. Nurse asks Golu to sign the form. Charu asks where are you going. Gungun says OT. Charu says you did a lot to find Anu, we are thankful, but you have to leave, you can’t snatch Akriti’s rights. Akriti scolds Gungun.

Gungun says don’t ask me to leave, you can taunt and scold me. She says Charu trusts Akriti more than me, fine. Charu says I have to stop this wrong here, you have to go. Golu asks why, when everyone was saying bad about Anu, Gungun was alone to find Anu, she has worked hard to convince CM to give orders for finding Anu. Akriti asks who told you. Golu says commissioner told this to me. He scolds Akriti. Charu scolds Golu. Golu says Gungun risked her life and saved our Anu, you said she has done a favor on us, will you insult her.

Gungun asks them not to fight. She apologizes to Charu. Chandru thanks Gungun. Charu says the truth is Akriti is Anu’s wife, Gungun can never take her place. Gungun says I never tried, and will never try. Charu asks her to just leave. Akriti asks Gungun to get lost. Golu says don’t forget manners. Charu says you don’t forget relations. Chandru says but Gungun… Charu says don’t give me Gyaan. Nurse asks them to go out and talk aloud. Ankit says sorry. Golu says we aren’t praying for Anu and fighting here.

Dean says he is right. Charu says ask Gungun to leave. Dean says it will be tough, she did a lot for Anu. Charu says you don’t know about Gungun. Akriti says she knows it, so she transferred me to another dept., Anu is my husband. She argues. Chandru says we will talk when Anu gets fine. Charu says Anu was never such, I didn’t know he will lose his mind for a girl, such a girl whose parents didn’t give her good values. Gungun calls it enough, and not say anything against her parents. Gungun and Akriti argue.



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