Love by chance update friday 25 November 2022

Love by chance 25 November 2022:  Anu getting beaten up. The goon asks him to listen to them, and not get tortured. Anu says Jai Hind. The goon beats him more. Akriti calls Gungun and scolds her. She asks what are you doing in Mumbai.

Gungun says I m trying to find my husband. Akriti says just I m his wife. Gungun says I m busy in finding him, don’t call to disturb me. Ranvijay reads Anu’s kidnapping news. He smiles. He acts shocked. His friend says you did all this, don’t act. Ranvijay says I went to confirm if Gungun is with Anu, I confirmed and came back, it was too bad, Gungun will become a widow at a young age. His friend says its bad with Anu but its your benefit. Ranvijay acts sweet. Akriti asks how dare she say that. Everyone cries for Anu. Sunanda says people ask for much ransom, right.

Chandru says they would have asked for money till now. Charu says we have to do something. Golu calls Gungun and asks did you find anything. Gungun says no, I m scared for him, I m going to the science institute, the students are going to protest to get help for Anu. Sargam and Sunanda pray at the temple. Gungun reaches the institute. Commissioner calls her. She asks about Anu. He says good news is the terrorist has given us much info, bad news is he doesn’t know where is Anu kept captive. She says I m going to protest with the students. He asks her not to do this. She says you are trying hard to find Anu, we can also find him, students have their sentiments connected with Anu, I don’t want to stop them, hope you understand, thanks. He says Gungun will not sit quiet until she finds her husband.

Gungun and the students protest and ask for justice for Anu. Golu, Ankit and Yug also join her. Golu says no one can harm Anu if he has a wife like Gungun, I never thought I would say this, wife is always a Savitri. Dean talks to the science institute professors. She says Anu got kidnapped here, you have to help in finding him. He says its police’s work. She says even students are supporting Gungun in finding him.

The dean and students protest and say the institute will get shut. The man agrees to help in Anu’s case. Akriti and everyone see Gungun in the news. Akriti gets angry and says she is shameless, I m Anu’s wife, she thinks the terrorists will leave Anu if she protests. Neeti says at least she is trying. Akriti and everyone worry for Anu. Gungun sees the protest trending on social media. She feels tired. Golu asks her to take rest. She says we can’t stop, I can’t have water, don’t know Anu had water or not. Anu asks for water. The goon doesn’t give him water. Anu says I didn’t bow down for love, I won’t break down for thirst. The goon says you will be dying to get water now. They burn something there and spread the smoke.

Anu coughs. Dean meats the chief minister to take his help. The neighbors meet Anu’s family. Sunanda asks them to pray that Anu comes home. The lady says Akriti, your husband left and now you got a sautan, she is your uncle’s daughter, right. Akriti cries. She asks the ladies did they come to show sympathy or taunt. Charu asks Akriti to calm down. Akriti says I know what they mean to say, Golu and everyone support Gungun, they don’t say that I m Anu’s wife, no one is stopping Gungun. Sargam asks her to think and talk. Akriti asks the ladies to leave.

ATS chief Kamal Deshmukh comes to help in Anu’s rescue mission. Inspector calls and informs the commissioner. Commissioner says great, we will start the mission tonight. Gungun shouts we want justice, no one can stop us. She faints down. Golu asks her to get up. He sprinkles water on her. Yug says we should take her to the hospital. She refuses to go. Golu asks her to have water. She says no, until I meet Anu, I won’t eat or drink anything, don’t know what is he going through, they might have tortured Anubhav. She gets up and says I m fine, we will enter CM office now.

Gungun gets commissioner’s call. He says chief minister has given the orders to find Anu, ATS is here to find him, you can stop the protest now, can you come to meet me here. She says I will just come. She gives the good news to the students. Golu says your hardwork paid off. She says its our hardwork. They meet the commissioner. He says this system bowed down to you. She says start the search mission soon.

He says my daughter is stubborn like you, we will leave for the search operation today. She asks can I come along. He says no, its risky. She insists. He says okay. Golu asks can we come along for Gungun. Commissioner says I can’t risk civilian’s life. He asks Gungun what is she thinking. Gungun asks did they do anything to Anu. He says they kidnapped Anu

to get help, but they will try their best to convince him. The goons check if Anu is alive. The goon chief says you know melting point for different metals, Anu will also melt down, how can we lose if that girl didn’t lose, we will be out of here before morning. The goon says Anu is alive. The chief says Gungun has become a threat for us. Gungun gets ready. She asks Golu not to worry. She says no risk is bigger than Anu’s life, dad told me about Savitri once. Dean says I will pray that you win like Savitri. Gungun says its enough that Anu regards me his wife, I know he will get away from me when he returns home, I can’t forget him, we have to get Anu back.

Neeti asks Akriti to have water. She pacifies her and says police will find Anu. Akriti asks when. Goli says even police can’t answer that. Akriti says Gungun has slapped me by calling herself Anu’s wife. Neeti says you have all the proof that you are his wife, what proof does she have. Akriti says she has Anu. They all ask Akriti to have food. Golu and Yug ask Gungun to have food. Gungun says I don’t know if Anu had food or not. Dean says I didn’t know if anyone can love someone this much in today’s times. Gungun asks her to pray.

Charu says Gungun and everyone have come mad, will Anu come back this way. Chandru says CM gave the orders to find him because of the protests. Sunanda says if the terrorists do anything to Anu then… Sargam says don’t say so. Divya says Gungun is doing a lot to find Anu. Charu says she is doing this to come on tv. Chandru says she is fighting for our Anu, without caring for her life. Charu scolds him. He asks them to remember what Gungun did with them. Ranvijay thinks if Gungun finds Anu, then it will be a big problem for me. He yells at his friends in anger. Golu asks Gungun to take care and get back Anu. She asks him to pray for Anu. Yug says call us if you need help.

Golu says update us. She leaves. Anu says Gungun… Goon jokes and laughs. Anu asks for water. The goon throws the water. He asks Anu to say yes first. Commissioner and Gungun are on the way. She cries and prays that she can die to save Anu.

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  1. Thank you for the update!
    I like the show
    Love by chance,
    But there exists a lot of loop holes that is not addressed,
    But I think they are a bit better than what we are used to!


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