Love by chance Tuesday 20 September 2022

Love by chance 20 September 2022:  Ankit and Khushi seeing each other and smiling. Khushi feels shy. Goli jokes. Ankit and Khushi exchange the garlands. Garima shows the diamond necklace to Riddhesh and Gungun.

Gungun asks why such a costly necklace, they aren’t our relatives. Garima says we have to keep relations. Gungun asks why with that strange family. Golu takes Anu outside. Riddhesh comes. Golu calls Yug and Neeti also. He says the imp guest is coming, a princess is going to come in a big chariot, its here. They see Garima. Yug says she is elder. Golu says she is the princess’ Bua, that’s the princess. He makes Anu turn and see Gungun.

He stops Golu from going. He says welcome them. Neeti says the girl is so pretty. Anu says she has much tantrums. Yug asks what’s the matter.

Golu says there will be a story soon. Neeti says oh, I m so excited to get a modern bahu in the house. Anu says you don’t know that girl, I m going. Yug asks him to welcome Riddhesh, he helped Khushi. They go and welcome Riddhesh. Riddhesh introduces Garima and Gungun. He says sorry, we got late. Golu does wrong poetry. Yug corrects him. Anu completes the liner.

Golu says we were waiting for you. He asks Gungun did you get an umbrella. Garima says leave it, its a mistake. Riddhesh says I m sorry for that. Golu says it happens. Yug asks them to come in. The marriage rituals go on. Chandru asks Bade Papa to do the kanyadaan. Sunanda says no, its your and Sargam’s right. Sargam says daughter isn’t of any one, but of entire family, I have given her birth, but we all raised her. They get emotional. Bade papa says right, we all raised her. Chandru jokes.

Bade papa asks is this time to joke. Chandru asks is there time to joke, tell me, I will joke at that time. He calls out Golu. Divya comes to call Golu for kanyadaan. Riddhesh says Khushi is Chandru’s daughter. Divya says yes, Chandru and Sargam decided that we all will do her kanyadaan.

The elders perform the kanyadaan ritual. Khushi says one min pandit ji. She asks why isn’t Goli doing my kanyadaan. Goli cries and says just married couples can do kanyadaan. Khushi asks didn’t you hear mummy’s emotional speech. Goli says I heard it. Khushi says you have raised me the most, I need you Bua, do the kanyadaan with the family else it won’t happen. Everyone asks Goli to come. Goli joins them. Kanyadaan ritual is performed. Anu cries happily.

Riddhesh and Garima praise the family and smile. Gungun comments on kanyadaan, a weird charity. Anu says it doesn’t refer charity, it refers benevolence. She says you can glorify it. He says its like blood donation, its a good deed to help someone, when the girl’s family does kanyadaan, then they do a favor on the guy’s family. She says whatever, I m not doing to you. Riddhesh says you explained really well. Anu thanks him.

Ankit and Khushi get married. Pandit says marriage completed. Sunanda meets Riddhesh and says I have much knee pain. Goli stops her Golu introduces Garima and Gungun. Gungun says you don’t know me. Anu says that’s why he is saying.

Anu asking Golu not to do too much drama. He goes. Chandru goes and hugs Riddhesh. Goli says don’t feel awkward, sorry, you got Khushi home. Chandru says you bought us. Sunanda asks Riddhesh about Gungun’s mum. Garima says she is outside of India. Sunanda says I like your name a lot, Gungun, your name and face are beautiful. She hugs Gungun. Gungun says my real name is Riddhima, we call her Gungun at home. Golu jokes. Bade Papa welcomes Riddhesh. He does some poetry on doctors. Riddhesh laughs. Goli says don’t mind. Bade Papa meets Garima and Gungun. He says so Gungun is tired of giving introduction, I understand this, I used to go to attend functions with my dad. Garima asks Gungun to take blessings. Gungun says Hi. Everyone smiles.

Bade Papa says this is my Samdhi, Shekhar. He says Riddhesh took the children to hospital yesterday. Shekhar says we will always be thankful. Riddhesh asks them to forget everything. Garima asks about Ankit and Khushi. Goli says come. Gungun says I want to go. Bade Papa asks did you get bored. She says yes. Bade Papa says her heart is clean, so she is speaking her heart, transparent. Golu says we will drop Gungun to Chavi. Yug says its time for shoe hiding rasam. Chavi asks Yug to give 25000rs for the shoe. Anu asks Chavi not to ask for much money. He jokes. Ankit says its over now. Anu says I would have got Khushi to make you meet her.

Ankit’s mum also jokes. Riddhesh meets Khushi and Ankit. They take his blessing. Riddhesh says have a very happy married life. Chavi talks to Gungun. Gungun ignores. Golu tells something to Ankit. Ankit says we will fix 5000rs. Chavi says yes. Ankit says I will give you 5000rs and a singing performance by Anu, its worth a lakh. Chavi says done. Anu asks why. Ankit says I have this right, sing now. Khushi says please sing. Anu says no. Chandru says I will sing. Everyone shouts no. Anu says I will sing. Chandru says fine, sing well. Anu says I will sing for Ankit. They all laugh. Anu sings Khairiyat pucho…. Everyone claps. Golu teases Anu about Gungun. Anu asks Ankit to give money to Chavi. Golu praises Gungun and calls her a princess.

Sunanda says everyone got quiet when I asked about her mum, I see the sorrow in her eyes, this pride is just a curtain on her pain. Sargam says yes, she melted her heart when you hugged her. Divya says we should find such a way for Anu. Gungun takes the food plates for Riddhesh and Garima. Goli says she took the food for her dad and Bua first, not herself. Chandru says we will understand her behavior gradually. Bade papa says she is good hearted, she is very beautiful also.

Golu says she is a princess, Anu and Gungun will meet by coincidence. Riddhesh says we shall leave now. Bade papa asks did you have food well. Riddhesh says yes. Bade Papa asks did you eat sweets. Gungun says no, I m on diet. Golu says I m also on diet, see food, eat it. They smile. Riddhesh says I had a wish in heart that I show your family to Garima and Gungun, people make career, but you made a family, its a good joint family. Bade Papa says family should never break. Riddhesh says your house door is a time machine, person reaches Satyug. Bade Papa says no, its your love. Riddhesh hugs him. Golu jokes.

Bade Papa says thanks for coming, we feel proud. Riddhesh says its okay. Gungun says we will go now. Riddhesh says I didn’t get a chance to talk to Anu. Anu says sorry, I was busy. Riddhesh says I m sorry. Golu says Gungun thought we are cheapsters.

Riddhesh asks what. Garima says it was a misunderstanding, Gungun said sorry. Anu asks when did she say. Golu says she said sorry, this mistake won’t happen again. Garima says you can also come to our house. Anu says we will take appointment and come. Riddhesh asks did Gungun say this. Anu says no, you stay very busy. Gungun says I told him to take appointment and come. Golu says its fine, there is nothing wrong. Riddhesh asks Anu not to feel bad of Gungun’s words, the children of broken homes have their childhood broken, its my and her mum’s mistake, not her mistake. Anu says I can understand, thanks for coming. Riddhesh leaves. Golu asks when will you come again. Gungun asks why will I come again. Golu says keep coming. Anu says you are getting desperate.

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