Love by chance update Friday 30 September 2022

Love by Chance 30 September 2022: The Episode starts with Ankit saying no one can see you and say you have failed. Gungun gets quiet. Sunanda says don’t say that. Charu says maybe you had put other’s number and see the result. Divya says someone else would have failed. Golu asks how did you fail. Gungun says I didn’t study, so I failed, but Chavi passed, so I got chocolates and flowers, congrats. Golu says she came to be a part of Chavi’s happiness. Chavi says thanks, but you… Gungun says I failed, why are you giving my expressions. Anu says because you are giving Chavi’s expressions. Gungun asks Chavi to be happy. Charu says you came to celebrate Chavi’s happiness. Gungun asks shouldn’t I have come. Golu says no, we are glad. Chandru says you made me cry, people get happy seeing others fall in these times. Everyone praises Gungun.

Sunanda jokes on Charu. Gungun smiles. Golu says get papers checked again. Anu says exams are online, computers don’t do mistake. Gungun says Golu is talking to me, you don’t give expert advice. Golu says you called me Chachu. She says ignore, I will come first next year. Anu says you can’t come in UKG also. She says I will come first in BA, I had a bet with my dad. They ask what will she get when she wins. Gungun says I can get anything if I stay hungry for two days. Golu jokes.Charu asks Gungun to tell about the bet. Gungun says no, I don’t want to jinx, I will miss the parties and come first next year. Anu says you can never come first, go and sleep, come first in dreams. She says I will come first. He says you will come first in losers list. Sunanda and Sargam scold Anu. Gungun hugs Sunanda. She says I will come first, I have a solid reason to come first now. Ankit says she will pass next year. Gungun says then everyone will know what I can do. She taunts Anu.

Divya asks her to have lunch with them. Gungun says sorry, not today, Anu is also here. Anu says I m smart and sensible, so I m ignoring you, you should be sensible too. Charu says she is joking. Anu says sorry, I don’t like jokes.Anu says I have a problem with her, I m going. Sunanda says you don’t get upset. Sargam says she is upset with results, even then she has come to wish Chavi. Golu says she has a big heart. Anu says no, her plan is big, Riddhesh would have scolded her. Gungun says I don’t need to lie to dad to come out of the house, who are you to judge me. He asks her to shut up. Gungun says you shut up, don’t talk to me. They argue.

Charu asks them to stop it. They say we are not fighting. Anu says its better I will go. Gungun says you go in attitude correction class. Anu says I will join the class if they teach to handle people like you. Gungun asks him to go. Ankit says we just came, don’t go. Golu says good going. Anu asks Ankit not to talk anything wrong. Ankit asks what will you do. Yug and Golu tease Anu. Gungun says don’t convince him, let him go. Anu asks did anyone ask you. She asks did someone talk to you. Chandru sings. He says its enough now.Yug says they don’t like to see each other, how will they stay together all life. Ankit asks what’s the plan. Golu says we liked their jodi. Ankit says they won’t agree, if they get married, then how will they agree. Ankit and Khushi smile. Yug says give them training. Ankit says done.

Anu says its my house, I don’t need permission from you, its my wish. Sargam scolds him. Chavi says I will take you to my room. Gungun says no, sometime later, I have to go home, dad is upset. Anu says she is so stubborn. Neeti asks Anu to see Gungun’s qualities after marriage. Anu says you all will see stars in the daytime. He says if Gungun is staying, then I m going. Gungun says I m staying if he is going. Sunanda and Sargam to have lunch. Gungun says I like your family, except one. Sunanda says this house is also yours. Golu says it will get official soon, Charu’s choice won’t be wrong. Anu says fine and leaves. Gungun says house energies got good now. She sits. Chandru says we feel sad when friends fail, we feel more sad when friends come first, you have a big heart, you are happy for Chavi. Gungun asks how do you tolerate Anu, its good he left. Divya and Neeti get samosas and milk for her. Gungun eats.

Riddhesh gets Charu’s call. He says congrats for Chavi’s result, sorry, I should have called you, but I was busy. Charu says its okay, Gungun has got flowers and chocolates to congratulate Chavi. Riddhesh asks did she come there, so she took the pocket money. He says I didn’t know this, did she tell her result. Charu says yes, it happens, its okay. Riddhesh says I feel so ashamed, I asked for talented Anu’s hand for my daughter. Charu asks what are you saying. Riddhesh says I made a mistake, your son is educated and mannered, my daughter couldn’t pass BA exam. Charu says she has realized, she decided to come first next time, Gungun is very lovely. Riddhesh says she has many flaws, I m her dad and neglected it, I m now realizing my mistake, so I take back my words and this alliance. Charu says no, you can’t do this, we are saying yes for the alliance. Riddhesh smiles. Charu says she is now ours, we like this alliance.
Riddhesh asking Charu did Anu get ready for this alliance. Charu says yes, he was not agreeing before and now he is ready. Riddhesh thanks him. Charu says we respect elders’ word here, we will plan their engagement now. Riddhesh says if Anu changes his mind then. Charu asks why are we here, we will guide them, its different thing that they will take time to understand each other. Riddhesh says I was tired telling people that Gungun failed, so I wasn’t answering calls, its good that I took your call, now I have a good news.

Charu asks did you talk to Gungun about this. Riddhesh says she wasn’t agreeing, she failed and had to agree to me, but she kept a condition, that if she passes next year with first class then she will break this marriage. Charu asks what did you say. Riddhesh says I said okay, don’t worry, I know her, she can’t come first class, even if she comes first, then she will not think of leaving the family after staying with you. Charu says Anu also made me promise that I will support you if this marriage doesn’t stay. Riddhesh says yes, they agreed on the same thing. Charu says they aren’t happy so its our responsibility now. Riddhesh says I m sure that she will be of your family soon. Charu says yes, her studies are also my responsibility. Riddhesh says thanks, you have come as an angel for me and Gungun. Charu says no, we should be thankful that you have given your daughter to us. Riddhesh gets emotional. He says we will meet soon. Charu says yes. Riddhesh sees Gungun’s pics. He says you are alone in all the pics, you will become a part of the joint family now, you will get a family where you will never be alone.

Charu jokes on Chandru’s signing. Sargam asks Neeti to get tea. Sunanda comes. Charu and Sunanda argue about the radio. Goli says I will buy a new one for Sunanda, Charu will pay for it. Charu refuses to give a penny. Sargam asks Sunanda to calm down. Charu jokes on Sunanda. She gets angry and shouts. Golu says we will buy a new radio, I will not eat samosas from today and save money.Charu jokes on Golu and Goli’s obesity. Sunanda asks him not to taunt them. She takes the radio. He asks her to watch tv, he will hear radio. Everyone supports Sunanda. She smiles. Charu says I know you all got against me. Sunanda says no, they are with me. Charu says you would have bribed them. Sunanda says I have no money to bribe them. Charu complains of Chandru. He plays the radio. Kuch na kaho…plays….

Yug gets a call. The lady asks for Anu. Yug says it’s a call for Anu from national science academy, Delhi. Charu takes the call. He says Anu is in his room, he will just come, do you have any imp work. The lady says I have to give a good news to Anu. Anu comes and takes the call. The lady says I m Miss Geeta Guha, the news is good, you will be awarded with the scientist of the year award. Sunanda asks will Anu go to Delhi. Everyone worries. Anu thanks the lady. He ends the call. Sunanda says you won’t leave us and go. He says I m not going anywhere, they are awarding me for my research paper. Everyone claps for him. They congratulate Anu. Anu says they are coming here for the award ceremony on 10th. Sunanda says you invite everyone. Anu says not so soon. Golu says everyone will come. Neeti says Gungun and family will also come. Anu says let it be. Yug says they should know your award and success. Anu says fine, call anyone but wait for some time, let me see the arrangements first. They all talk of Anu’s childhood. They laugh. Golu says we shall party. Yug says yes, we will party.

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