Lost in Love update Wednesday 19 October 2022


Lost in Love 19 October 2022: GoodSai taunts Pakhi that her husband returned home after 1 year, even then she stays away from him. Pakhi angrily says they stay in same room. Sai says they sleep separately and gives him a fake smile. Samrat enters and asks who gives fake smile. Pakhi says Sai is talking about her friend. Sai says Pakhi is too much concerned about her since Virat left, was asking if she slept well, she also yesterday came into her room concerned. Samrat says he is impressed. Pakhi says she has to make Padva festival arrangements and taunts Sai that she doesn’t have to as. Sai says Virat is not here. Samrat asks Sai to call him if she needs any help. She thanks him.

Virat looks at area map and says Sada will not attack on citizens and will attack in a secluded 8 km stretch. Bomb squad informs him that they checked 8 km stretch and they didn’t find any bomb. Virat thinks how will Sada attack minister then. Sada in his camp tells his team that police must be thinking how will he attack minister. His team member gives him bomb and says it can kill many people. Sada describes the differences between a rebel and a terrorist and says they will not harm innocents. Another aide informs that police have appointed their best officer to catch us. Sada says he doesn’t care. His wife Shruti walks to him. He asks why did she come here. She says since he didn’t return to their camp last night, she came here. She describes that she is his teacher’s daughter who fell in his love seeing him following her father’s principles and how they are fighting for justice. He expresses his love for her and her child.

She says she was fearless before, but now fears for their lives. He suggests her to shift to her parent’s house until his mission ends. She denies. Aide informs him that police is coming towards them. He asks her to go now and says they will go far away from this jungle after he completes his mission. She asks him to promise on their child that he will return safe. He promises and sends her away.

Pulkit with Devi visits Chavan family to celebrate Padva festival. Seeing her brothers and SILs ready for the ritual, Devi insists to apply uptan to Pulkit. Pulkit hesitantly agrees and sits with Samrat and Mohit for ritual. Sai offers uptan thali to Devi. Mansi tells bahus that they should get gifts from their husbands after performing ritual. Karishma and Devi get happy hearing that while Pakhi tries hard to get some expressions on her face. Bhavani tells Sai that she wants her to perform ritual with Virat once he returns as their bonding is very important to fulfill her demand. Sai thinks she is still behind her demand and just hopes Virat returns home safe first. Pakhi applies uptan on Samrat’s back. Bhavani asks Sai to learn it from Pakhi. Samrat says he is feeling relaxed. Pakhi senses Virat’s heart racing. Samrat says its because of her touch.

She gives her universal expression with eyes wide open.Sai misses Virat. She imagines Virat in front of him and asks if she is shying to apply uptan on his body. She says its normal in physiotherapy classes. He says this ritual is to develop more love and bonding between husband and wife and says they should enact as one for this ritual. She agrees and applies uptan. He says it smells good. She asks if she cares for him like a friend or husband. He asks what she wants to ask. She asks if he loves her like a husband.

Sai asks Virat if he loves her like a husband. Virat says she is his wife and he.. She insists him to complete. He says forget it. She angrily pinches his shoulder and then gets concerned. He applies haldi on her and runs . She runs behind him and realizes its her imagination. Virat with his team checks security and calls DIG to find out if minister cancelled his trip. Minister calls him back and informs that minister denied to cancel his trip and asks about Sada’s movement and what has he decided about his friend. Virat says he is insulting his loyalty towards his duty by asking this, Sada is just a criminal for him and not bestfriend. DIG says he was expecting this answer from him and wishes him all the best as minister’s convoy will pass by in 15 minutes. Virat gets back into his jeep. Sada watches him hiding on a tree.

Sai tries to light temple lamp. Bhavani taunts her. Sai burns her finger. Devi gets tensed seeing that. A terrorist blasts Virat’s jeep. Sai tries to calm down Devi. Devi continues to panic. Ashwini tries to calm her down next. Devi says she already told them that whenever Sai and Virat separate ,they get into danger; if Sai is hurt here, even Virat must have; she wants to speak to Virat right now. Sai says he is on a mission and hence they cannot speak to him. Virat and his team get out of jeep injured. Bomber runs in front of them. Virat stops his team and says Sada wanted to divert their attention behind bomber so that he can blast minister’s convoy. Surve informs that jeep tyre have burst. He asks Surve to reach nearby police station and get a jeep. Surve gets a message that minister’s convoy has reached their area. His stuff falls down and he searches under jeep. Virat realizes that Sada must have planted bombs under a small bridge. Sada keeps bags under bridge and hides. Virat reaches bridge and finds bags. Bomb squad checks it and finds only timer in bags. Surve informs that minster’s convoy is about to reach. Virat notices a drone with bomb flying.

Devi insists to meet Virat repeating that his life is in danger. Family tries to control her. Sai holds her. She breaks Sai’s mangalsutra by mistake. Family gets tensed. Sonali comments its abshagun, and Karishma comments Virat went on Padva day and Sai didn’t perform pooja for his safety, so this was obvious. Sai crying picks mangalsutra beads. Ashwini helps her. Pakhi comments why is Sai worried when she always considered her marriage as a mutual understanding and Virat as just friend. She continues spilling venom. Ashwini and Bhavani shut her mouth with their replies and ask her to help Sai pick beads. On the other side, minister’s convey reaches bridge. Sada is about to blast drone bomb when Virat shoots drone and blasts it in air, failing Sada’s plan.

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