Lost in Love update Wednesday 18 January 2023

Lost in love 18 January 2023: Virat and Sai select their baby’s name as Savi and Sairat. They both get romantic and are about to kiss each other when Pakhi disturbs them. She knocks their room and congrulates them for the baby. Sai says its good that she is congratulating baby’s real parents and asks her to remember it for 9 months. Pakhi says she doesn’t let her forget it even if she wants to. Sai says she is right. Pakhi acts as coughing. Virat offers her water. Pakhi asks Sai to bring hot water for her. Sai agrees and leaves. Pakhi asks Virat if he is happy and not angry on Sai. Virat asks her not even think of that as there is not rift between him and Sai. Pakhi says she is missing Samrat as he would have taken care of the baby as a father. Virat says he is sorry that she couldn’t get happiness she deserves and says she should take much stress during pregnancy as it would adversely affect her pregnancy. Pakhi asks if she can hug him as she is missing Samrat a log. Sai enters and hugs her. Virat says Pakhi is missing Samrat. Sai says she can understand that Samrat would be happy hearing that she and Virat are becoming parents. She asks Pakhi to hug her whenever she misses Samrat. Pakhi frowns seeing her plan failed to hug Virat but acting as smiling tries to leave. Sai asks her to take her hot water. Pakhi thanks her and takes water with her.

Virat tells Sai that he is happy seeing her clearing all the differences between her and Pakhi. Sai says Pakhi wanted to act innocent and try to hug and get intimate with Virat. Virat says Pakhi can really miss Samrat, Sai is doubting Pakhi unnecessarily. Sai says if that is the case, she hugged Pakhi and comforted her, but the truth is Pakhi wants to get closer to Virat and she will not let that happen. Virat says he knows, but is sure that there is nothing like what she is thinking. Sai says as a woman she can judge a another’s woman’s mind, she will make sure Pakhi doesn’t eye on Virat and doesn’t lose her focus from pregnancy. Pakhi tells Vaishali that she can’t understand how Sai can behave so well suddenly. Vaishali asks what happened. Pakhi says she wanted to hug Virat, but Sai hugged her instead; she doesn’t know if Sai is worried for her baby or understand that she wanted to hug Virat. Vaishali say Sai is an intelligent girl and knows to protect her husband from Pakhi. She says everyone are pampering her now, but would be only for 9 months and once the baby is born, nobody will ask her. Pakhi asks her not to worry as she knows what to do. Vaishali asks her to understand her warning before its too late.

Ashwini prepares laddoos for Sai and asks her to cheer up as its a special celebration for her. Sai expresses her concern that Pakhi will try to get closer to Virat with her tricks and innocent Virat doesn’t understand it. Ashwini asks what will she do then. Sai thinks she somehow has to find out who the woman was who mislead Geeta. Bhavani asks Karishma to make a list of snacks for Pakhi. Virat and Sai walk down to go somewhere. Pakhi walks to them looking tired. Bhavani gets concerned and asks if she has any problem. Virat asks if they can help her. Pakhi says she wants her checkup at the hospital as she wants to take good care of the baby and hence wants Virat to take her to the hospital. Sai says she will answer all her questions and if need be she will take her to hospital. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to go with Sai as Sai’s constant doubt on her made her uncomfortable. Sai says her acts make her to do that. Pakhi gets adamant to go only with Virat. Virat asks her to fix a doctor’s appointment. Sai asks Ashwini if she understood what she meant. Ashwini asks what will she do now. Sai thinks she needs to somehow stop Pakhi. Pakhi with Virat reaches hospital for checkup. Sai surprises Virat and says she wanted to attend her baby’s checkup and hence took a leave.

Pakhi stands frowning and asks Virat to accompany her for checkup as he is baby’s father. Sai says he is not Pakhi’s husband though, so only she will accompany Pakhi. Doctor meets them. Sai introduces herself as herself, Virat, and Pakhi as their baby’s surrogate mother.Doctor takes them in. Pakhi questions doctor. Sai answers them. Doctor asks how does she know so much. Sai says she is also a doctor. Doctor performs Pakhi’s checkup. Sai thinks she stopped Pakhi today, but how will she daily. After checkup, Pakhi asks doctor to give her number as she doesn’t want any intern doctor to take care of her. Doctor says baby is lucky to have a doctor mother who will answer all the questions, even then she will give her number. Sai asks Pakhi not to worry as she is in safe hands. Pakhi angrily looks at Sai. Back home, Pakhi complains Bhavani that Sai barged in during doctor’s checkup. Karishma says Sai is baby’s mother, so her presence is obvious. Pakhi says Sai never took up any responsibility than giving her embyro, its her who took up baby’s most responsibility. Sai returns and questions who asked her to take up responsibility, why was she present there just before the procedure when she was not needed there. Pakhi asks Bhavani to question Sai why she is stuck at the same issue. Sai says its still a secret now and not clear why she was present there at the end moment to become a surroate and why the original surrogate mother couldn’t reach the hospital.

Bhavani yells at Sai why she is questioning Sai. Sai says Pakhi herself came there to help them unwantedly when they don’t need her. Pakhi says she doesn’t want Sai to be around her as she doesn’t trust her, she even barged in during checkup and doctor advised to seek Sai’s help in need, she doesn’t want Sai to be around her baby. Sai asks her baby? she is habituated to snatch other’s things and murmurs in Pakhi’s ears that she is doing same with Virat. Pakhi stands speechless, trying to get some expressions on her face. Pakhi says she doesn’t want anything happened to her baby because of Sai. Sai asks what did she say, she is habituated to steal other’s things, mumurs in her ears that she is doing same with Virat. Pakhi stands stunned. Bhavani asks Sai what did she murmur in Pakhi’s ears that she got stunned. Sai says its between her and Pakhi and asks Pakhi to get a temporary tattoo on her hand for 9 months that its Sai Virat Chavan’s baby and after 9 months, she will get the baby anyways. Pakhi asks Bhavani to tell Sai that she doesn’t want to be treated by her. Bhavani in her usual rudest tone orders Sai to respect a pregnant woman’s wish and stay away from Pakhi. Sai says the baby would be hers anyways. Sai imagines herself being pregnant and Virat asking Sai to select a school for their baby girl Savi. Sai imagines Savi asking them to drop her to school.

She informs Virat that she imagined Savi asking them to drop her to school and also she was pregnant. Virat shares his excited with her. They both discuss about the baby. Pakhi calls Virat and says she is feeling hearburning and pain and asks him to bring a doctor to her room.Virat walks to Pakhi’s room and asks how is she feeling. Pakhi says she is feeing hearburning and asks when will the doctor come. He says doctor is on the way. Sai walks in with pillows and says her heartburn with subside with elevated pillows and she will prepare a diet chat for her in the morning. Pakhi angrily asks what is she doing here. Sai says how can she let a male doctor test Pakhi, she will be at her service all the time. Virat supports Sai and leaves. Sai confronts Pakhi that she knows her ill intention of gathering Virat’s attention and get closer to him in lieu of pregnancy. Pakhi denies her allegation. Sai says she has seen how she was trying to get closer to Virat during Samrat’s absence and she is trying to avoid her to get closer to Virat, but she will not let her succeed in her plan. Pakhi gets shocked seeing Sai knowing her plan.

Sai continues tongue lashing Sai. Pakhi messages Bhavani and calls her there. Bhavani walks in and yells at Sai what is she doing here. Pakhi says she was feeling hearburning and had asked Virat to call a doctor, but Sai barged in with Virat and is forcefully trying to take care of her. Bhavani yells at Sai why did she come in here even after Pakhi’s refusal. Sai says Pakhi refused a doctor, but she is here as a mother and Pakhi cannot stop her from taking care of her baby. Ashwini walks in holding turmeric milk and says Sai is worried for Sai and hence asked her to bring milk for her. She tells Bhavani that she cannot keep Sai from taking care of her baby. Bhavani stands speechless, frowning. Sai makes Pakhi rest with pillow supports and says she should sleep in the same position. Pakhi sleeps angrily. She wakes up at midnight and gets scared seeing Sai sitting in front of her. Sai pampers her baby, chats with her, and asks Pakhi to sleep now.Next morning, Sai notices Pakhi having spicy food and stops her. She says she shouldn’t have oily and spicy food from hereon and describes her diet plan for her pregnancy. Ashwini says Sai is right, every pregnant woman follows that schedule. Sonali also backs Sai. Karishma says she feels scared seeing Pakhi’s condition and fears of becoming a mother, after all that Sai would be the baby’s mother and not Pakhi. Sonali says becoming a mother is not easy. Sai taunts that Pakhi wouldn’t have thought of all this before forcefully becoming a surrogate and says Pakhi has to follow the strict schedule until her delivery. Pakhi sits fuming.

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