Lost in love update wednesday 15 February 2023

Lost in Love 15 February 2023: Jagtap warns MLA and his goons to stay away from Sai and Savi. MLA jokes if he is Savi’s mama/uncle that he is worried about them. Jagtap says he will explain how he is related to Savi, but right now he doesn’t want MLA to trouble them. MLA says he doesn’t know the power of a politician. Jagtap warns that his father keeps 100 MLAs in his pocket and if MLA doesn’t stop, he knows how to tackle him. MLA leaves angrily. Sai watches them. At Chavan nivas, Pakhi and Karishma are busy cooking when Karishma gets a call and looks nervous. Pakhi suggests her to pick her call. Karishma leaves. Ashwini enters and asks Pakhi what happened between him and Virat during pooja.

Pakhi says everything is normal between her and Virat. Ashwini says she is Virat’s mother and knows him well, he is considering himself guilty for Sai and Vinayak’s death. Pakhi says even she does, says Virat cares for her a lot and fed her medicine last night. Ashwini says there is a different between love and caring, she saw Virat and Pakhi’s beds separate as they haven’t still connected by heart. Pakhi says she is lucky to have Ashwini, Bhavani, Ninad, Virat, Vinayak in her life. Ashwini says she needs love in her life. Sai walks to Jagtap and asks what was he doing with MLA and his goons.

Jagtap says he was just chatting. Sai warns him to not interfere in her and her daughter’s lives and returns the gifts he gave to Savi. Bhavani feeds modak to Vinayak and asks him not to inform his parents that she fed him modak before food. She then takes him to dining hall for food and joins with family. Pakhi serves him food. Vinayak says he doesn’t want to have it. Bhavani signals him to keep their secret. Vinayak says he wants to have something he had at Savi’s house.

Pakhi says who is this Savi whom he is talking about since he returned from camp. Virat says if he doesn’t have this food, he would go weak. He says he will feed Vinayak today. Vinayak says it would have be good if Savi was his sibling and stayed in his house, they can play and have food together. Bhavani tells Virat and Pakhi that Vinayak wants a siblings and asks them to plan for a child. Virat looks nervous. Savi describes a bedtime story of Savi and Vinayak to Sai. she decides to call Vinayak. Vinayak tells Virat that Savi didn’t call him yet at all.

Virat says maybe she didn’t read his note yet. Savi takes Usha’s phone and calls Vinayak. Virat asks Vinayak who is calling him from unknown number at this time. Vinayak picks video call and feels happy seeing Savi. Sai speaks to Vinayak next and goes aside. Virat notices her sari pallu. Call gets disconnected due to network issue. Vinayak and Savi feel sad. Savi asks Sai to fix a mobile signal as she can fix anything. Sai says its not in her hands and says she can call Vinayak later anytime.

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