Lost in Love update Tuesday 30 August 2022

Lost in Love 30 August 2022: Virat remembers Sai’s words that there marriage is just a deal as decided and she is with him until she becomes a doctor, hence there is no reason for celebrating their marriage anniversary. Sai remembers him informing about his transfer and telling they don’t have a relationship where he should seek her permission and Samrat’s words. Pakhi remembers Samrat’s words that he came to divorce Pakhi as even she wants same and has stayed in this house for some other reason and not him. Samrat remembers Pakhi expressing her love for Virat and today’s incidents. Virat thinks has applied for transfer as a reply for his insult by Sai, he will hide his feelings for Sai and will stay alone and tolerate everything alone. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Samrat then walks to Mansi and apologizes for troubling her and says he is not a good son. Mansi says the pain he gave her today is more than the one he gave in 1 year. Sai walks in and wiping her tears says she should be happy that her son returned to her. Mansi says Sai is so good and doesn’t expect anything from anyone, but she was expecting her son to support her in her old age. Samrat cries that he is bitten by an ill fate and is trying to cope up with it by supporting orphan children. Sai says orphanage children respect Samrat dada a lot. Mansi asks Samrat to take her along then. Samrat says everyone are here to take care of her, he stays in a small place and she cannot adjust there. Sai says she will take her to meet Samrat and children often.

Mansi agrees and says Virat and Pakhi did wrong by hiding the truth, but even Samrat did wrong by running away instead of questioning them. Samrat says what could he question them when he heard Pakhi telling that nobody can enter her life except Virat. Mansi says a person speaks a lot in emotions, but a lot changes over time; it is true that Pakhi stayed with them in this house for a whole year and followed her relationship with everything, she will not stop him from taking divorce if he wants even then and wants them both to take the decision together and not alone as Pakhi has right to decide about her future, he should speak to Pakhi and find out if she wants to divorce him or give their relationship one more chance. He says he is going to meet Pakhi.

Virat over phone informs Sunny that he spoke to his seniors and will go far away after getting a transfer. Sunny asks what is he doing, they brought Samrat home after so much difficulties. Virat says he wants to get away from everything. Sunny says his life changed a lot during his last transfer to Gadchiroli afer he met Sai there. Virat says he will keep himself busy in work and will not think anything else. Samrat knocks Pakhi’s room door and asks if he can come in, remembering all the recent incidents. She nods yes. He says this room is same like he left last time. She requests him to stay back for the family if not someone else. He asks when did he say that he is leaving the house because of her. She says he told today that he left house because of her. He says yes, truth is bitter. She says there is no use of talking about past, he should have questioned her and let her explain instead of making assumptions alone; her life got spoilt after he left, she couldn’t vent out her anger to anyone or explain her feelings.

He asks how could she explain about her and Virat’s relationships, he didn’t want to question about her past. She asks why did he go then. He asks if she wanted him to stay back, she stayed here as he left from here, why is she wearing mangalsutra and sindhoor and decorated herself when she doesn’t want him, difference is he can speak openly but she can’t. She says if he thinks so, he has right to divorce her, she will not plead him not to divorce her. He says relationships don’t break because of person but by knowing if a person respects the relationship or not, she never gave importance to their relationship at all.Sai returns to her room and picks blanket. Virat holds the other end, and she leaves it. She then picks pillow and says she will not stay here. He asks why is she informing him, its a big house and she can sleep wherever she wants to. Sai says problems started in this big house and she doesn’t want any more problems because of her. He says she can do whatever she wants to. She says just like he didn’t find it important to inform that he got a transfer.

Sai tells Virat that relationships are not to show them to the world but to follow, they take time time, hard work, and emotions and only the ones have trust will stay. She says Samrat loves and trusts his family and didn’t hesitate to apologize his mother, she can understand what he must be going through, he is a good human. Virat asks if she thinks he is not a good human, it doesn’t matter to him. She says everything is not about him. He says she is angry that he didn’t inform her about his job transfer, why should he inform her about his personal matter when she doesn’t have any right on him. She says even she will not inform her personal issue to him. She says he didn’t ask her and says until they are together, they will be formal and she can sleep wherever she wants to and doesn’t have any right to comment in his issues.

On the other side, Samrat tells Pakhi that he came here to know her decision, he knows her decision anyways as there is no relationship with them and she must not be having any problem with their separation, she should remove his named mangalsutra as she has not worn it for him and loves someone else. Pakhi says he really didn’t know that he and Virat are from same family, if its her mistake that her life and future are ruined. He says he didn’t mean that and says he feels Virat loves Sai and hence planned anniversary celebration for Sai, but Sai feels their marriage is just a deal. She asks why is he informing this to her. He says he wants her to know everything, he doesn’t want her to be back in his life and wants her to take an well-thought decision. She (her favorite one-liner) says he is insulting her. He says he is suggesting her as a friend. She asks when did they become friends as they don’t even know each other properly.

He says he agreed to marry her as he understood her in one gaze, but she didn’t as she has someone else already in her heart. She says that is why he is divorcing her, she will break all her ties with this house and they all will forget her and even she will. He says except one person. She says when did she say she will forget him, its okay if Virat wants to be happy with Sai, but Sai will not let him be happy. He asks if she thinks she can keep Virat happy. She just answered what she felt right, but everyone want Sai and Virat’s relationship to be more strong.He asks what she wants. She says she stopped wanting anything, there is no meaning left in her life and she is questioning herself that her and Virat’s past was an imagination in her mind. He says she shouldn’t lose hope on life as time changes and she can start her life afresh. She asks if he really thinks so, where should she start her life now. She says a person should leave everything and move on, he doesn’t know much about her but knows that she is a brave girl and will reach her destiny for sure. She asks when she should leave this house. He says if he has to decide, he doesn’t want her to go from here as this house belongs to his mama/uncle and he himself will leave from here after freeing her from their relationship.

She asks him not to do that. He asks if she really wants to give their relationship a second chance. She says for his mother and whole family’s sake. He asks not to give other’s examples, he may stay if she had asked him to; it was his mistake that he didn’t ask her decision, but now he knows her decision. He walks towards door. She asks where is he going. He says its late night and she should rest now. She says its his room and she will sleep in guest room. He thanks her for thinking about him and goes to guestroom.Pakhi remembers Samrat’s words. In guest room, Samrat remembers Pakhi’s words. Sonali brings dinner for him and says she is searching him in whole house and he is sitting in guest room instead of his whole room. He says there nothing dear to him in this house. She asks not to say that and asks to have dinner prepared by Ashwini especially for him. He says he is not hungry. She says she can understand his situation, but he took a right decision to divorce Pakhi. He says he informed his decision and doesn’t need anyone’s approval, he is tired and wants to rest.

She asks him to have dinner and pampering his head walks away wishing him good night.Sonali then rushes to Karishma’s room and seeing Mohit asks what is he doing here. Mohit says its his room and Karishma has gone to kitchen. Sonali says she must have gone to get popcorn to enjoy the drama in this house. He laughs and says she blabbers anything, then says he feels bad for Samrat and thinks he should speak to Pakhi once. Sonali says there is no use of it as she just met Samrat and thinks he already spoke to Pakhi and things didn’t change, this story is very interesting. He asks who enjoys family’s problems. She says he misunderstood him, she is just thinking what will happen in this story next and how will Pakhi’s life turn. Samrat says 3 more lives will take a turn.

Sai tells Virat that she can understand he felt bad as Samrat returned and informed his decision, but why is he being rude to her. He says he has locked his emotions and will not get them out at any cost, he wants to rest now as he doesn’t want to speak further. Sai thinks he wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary yesterday and today he doesn’t even want to talk to her. Virat thinks he cannot forget how Sai made him feel and will never forget his insult. She asks if he really doesn’t want to talk to her. He walks away. She asks where is he going.

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