Lost in love update Tuesday 24 January 2023

Lost in love 24 January 2023: Virat visits Pakhi when Sai is already present there and tells Pakhi that he came here as a father with a request as even he read Dr. Morey’s report. Pakhi asks why he thinks she will not take care of the baby and is doubting her intention, she wanted to help him and Sai by giving birth to a baby. Virat says he is not doubting her intention, he just wants her and Sai to work as a team to take care and protect this baby, she can unhesitantly discuss her doubt with him if she has any. Pakhi asks if he is sure she can tell him anything unhesitantly, Sai has developed a wrong opinion on her and.. Virat says there is nothing like that, Sai is just concerned about her baby and will not mix her professional and personal life. Pakhi says she saw how Sai treated Jagtap who killed Samrat.

Lost in love 22 January 2023

Virat says Sai knows her responsibilities and doesn’t lose her focus, now her focus will be on safely bringing their baby in the world. He asks her to take care of her and baby and leaves from there. Sai tells Pakhi that as Virat told, she will forget all the differences between them and will help her bring the baby safely in the world, she will not spare Pakhi if she creates any issue again.Ninad returns to his room and noticing Ashwini lost in thoughts question her. Ashwini says a lot has happened in this house, she wants Pakhi and Sai to be together forgetting their differences for the sake of their babies.

Ninad says that is what exactly will happen as Pakhi went to Sai’s hospital as she wants Sai to be with her all the time till the baby’s delivery. He then jokes that Ashwini is getting old and would be busy handling her illness while he will enjoy taking care of his grandchild. Ashwini hopes Pakhi realizes that the baby belongs to Sai.Virat gets a call from DIG who praises Virat and Sai’s commendable work in saving the lives of hostages and gives him another assignment from torrow. He also informs about Virat getting a bravery award. Virat informs about his next assignment to Sai from tomorrow.

Sai says he will be busy from tomorrow, so today he should spend time with her today and accompany her to temple. He agrees. They both visit temple. Sai prays god and tells Virat that she is sure that their baby will be born safely in the world and decides to name their baby in god’s name. Virat says they will name their baby boy’s name as Vinayak. Sai says evens he tougth same and they will name their baby girl as Vinayaki or Bianca. Virat asks meaning of Bianca. Sai says it means god’s blessing. Virat says then its a perfect name.

In the evening, Sai gathers family and says she has 2 announcements for them. Ashwini asks if Virat got a promotion. Sai says Virat is getting bravery award for risking his life and saving hostages. Ashwini and Ninad feel proud of their son. Karishma asks what about next announcement. Sai says Pakhi has a high-risk pregnancy and there would be pregnancy-related complications. Pakhi gets angry and thinks Sai shouldn’t have informed everyone about it.DIG addresses his officers and informs that IAS officer Harish Vyas is joining them today and describes Harish’s special qualities. Harish enters. Everyone great him.

Harish introduces himself as a new district magistrate. DIG tasks about Virat and Sai’s bravery and call them firebrand couple. Family gets tensed hearing about Pakhi’s pregnancy-related complications. Sonali asks if Pakhi is pregnancy or not. Sai says Pakhi is pregnant, but the would have to face many complications before it comes in the world. Ninad asks Pulkit if there would be any problems for the baby. Sonali asks if there were any complications in the procedure.Sai says there were problems not in the procedure but in selecting a surrogate, they selected a wrong woman instead of Geeta.

Pakhi shouts at Sai to stop accusing her and says she favored Sai by becoming a surrogate and feels healthy. Karishma asks if the reports are false then. Pakhi says reports are false as she feel completely healthy and is pregnant. Sai says they should take a second opinion from other doctor then. Pakhi refuses. Sai says Pakhi has to follow her instructions till the baby is born. Pakhi shouts she is not her servant to obey her. Sai says she is not her servant but a surrogate of her mother and hence has to follow her instructions. Pakhi shouts Sai herself cannot become a mother and wants to teach her how to take care of her baby. Shivani says there was no need to stress on that.

Ashwini says Sai is a doctor and knows better them all. Pakhi continues to shout and refuses to follow Sai’s instructions. Sai says she has to whether she likes it or not.Sai tells Pakhi that she has to follow her advice till her delivery. Pakhi angrily shouts if she is threatening her. Sai offers her water and says she is advising her. Pakhi calls Virat when he is busy in an important meeting with his seniors. Virat disconnects call. Pakhi gets more angry seeing his rejecting her call. Sai requests her not to call Virat repeatedly as he is busy in an important meeting. Family also requests Pakhi not to disturb Virat, but she continues calling Virat.

Virat’s senior notices that and scolds him for building a bad impression about himself during their first meeting. Virat says he is working on a new mission and didn’t silent his phone as he would receive an important lead. Officer says it doesn’t look like a lead call.Pakhi continues calling Virat. Virat goes aside and picks call. Pakhi asks him to come home immiedatley and see how his wife is troubling her. Virat asks if she called him during his important meeting just to say that. Sai snatches phone from her and asks Virat to complete his meeting. Pakhi snatches phone back and insists him to come home. Virat disconnect call and returns to meeting. Senior officer tongue lashes Virat again. Virat says he has some problems at home. Officer says everyone has problem her, but they leave their problems at home and attend their duty. Virat apologizes. Officer walks out angrily. DIG also scolds Virat.

Sai asks Pakhi why she disturbed Virat during his important meeting. Pakhi shouts she will not let Sai control her life. Ashwini asks her to calm and says Sai does want to control her life and is just worried about her baby. Sai says she and Virat took oath to keep their baby’s name on Bappa/god’s name. Pakhi shouts whatever Sai says, she will do whatever she wants to. Virat returns home and asks what is the drama here. Pakhi says its good that he came, he should see how his wife is troubling her. She tells Sai that she saw how Virat came running with her one call. Virat tongue lashes her that he was having a meeting with a new district magistrate, but he had to bear wrath from his seniors because of her.

Pakhi shouts that he should see how his wife is trying to control her life. Sai says she was just requesting Pakhi. Virat asks them to stop fighting. Sai tries to explain repeatedly, but Pakhi continues shouting and says Virat promised to attend her whenever she needs him. Virat scolds Sai instead. Chavans stand silently. Ashwini supports Sai and says Sai calmly told Pakhi to do whatever is better for the baby. Pakhi shouts everyone saw Sai was ordering her, but she will not obey Sai. Sonali as usual supporting Pakhi says she cannot bear the drama and Bhavani would have panicked seeing the drama if she was here.

Virat scolds Sai again and says they should worry about the baby’s safety. Sai says she is doing same. Virat then tells Pakhi that he is not scolding her as she is pregnant or else would have as she spoilt his meeting with his seniors. Ashwini asks Sai and Pakhi to calm down and taking them to home temple asks Pakhi to take oath in front of god to obey Sai. Pakhi refuses and continues to fight. Finally, all Chavans request her to promise. Pakhi promises to do whatever is best for the baby. Ashwini says Sai would tell her to do whatever is best for the baby. Sai says at last she agreed.

Pakhi says she just promised to do whatever is best for the baby and didn’t promise to obey Sai. Virat warns them both not to disturb him when he is at duty. Ashwini prays god to protect her family and unborn grandchild.Back in room after some time, Sai tells Vira that there was need for him to adjourn the meeting. Virat says Pakhi is carrying their baby. Sai says he is not seeing Pakhi’s conspiracy. Virat says she should just concentrate on their baby and just remember that Ashwini took promise from Pakhi, she should also promise him to take good care of Pakhi. Sai says Pakhi wouldn’t sit easily, so she will even fight with Pakhi for the safety of her baby. Virat walks away saying she can do whatever she wants to.

Next morning, Sai prepares breakfast for Pakhi. Ashwini asks her to handle Pakhi with patience as Pakhhi promised to do whatever it takes for the betterment of baby. Sai says she’s just worried for the baby, even Virat scolded her last night. Ashwini asks her not to bother about Virat’s words and asks her to have something after serving Pakhi. Sai says yes and walks towards Pakhi’s room when she notices Pakhi stepping down the stairs fast carelessly.

Pakhi yells at her to move aside. Sai asks her why she was stepping down the stairs carelessly jumping like a deer. Pakhi gets angry and shouts at her. Family gathers. Karishma and Sonali feel happy to watch a new drama. Sai says Pakhi was walking down the stairs carelessly. Pakhi asks if she has problem with even that, she has to use stairs as her room is in first floor. Sai says Pakhi has to shift to ground floor. Pakhi shouts who is she to shift her room. Bhavani returns and asks Sai who is she to shift Pakhi’s room.


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