lost in Love update Tuesday 20 December 2022

Lost in Love 20 December 2022: Rajeev enters wedding venue on a vintage car in style with baraat. Chavans welcome him. Ashwini performs him aarti. Shivani walks to Rajeev. Mansi says she cannot see the groom before antarpat ritual and sends her in. Virat eagerly waits for Sai and recalls Sai requesting him to help her reunite Shivani and Rajiv. He thinks Shivani and Rajiv are marrying, she took her words and stopping putting efforts towards our relationship, he wants her to put an effort and convince him, but he knows she will not come. Bhavani takes everyone in. Music stops. Mohit asks who switched off the speaker.Sai speaks over the speaker. Virat searches for her. Kids walk in. Rajiv asks where did these little guests come from. Kids walk to Virat. Bhavani comments that she thought Sai wants to keep herself away from this wedding, but she has some different plans. Virat asks kids who sent them here. Girl asks if he is Virat Chavan and offers him a rose.

Sai asks him not to be surprised and accept flowers. Other kids also gift him flowers and chocolates. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that. Sai announces that they must be wondering why she is doing this drama, she wants to tell something special to her husband in a special way. Sonali thinks why this girl is speaking hiding instead of coming in front of them.Sai asks kids to start their game. Kids revolve around Virat and run away. Virat asks Sai what she wants to say. Sai says my dear modak, you must be remembering we had pheras together, she wants to forget those pheras as she married him forcefully and didn’t know the value of pheras and meaning of wedding. Virat recalls the incident. Karishma tells Pakhi that they had watched the drama live then. Omkar asks Sonali why Sai is creating drama in Shivani’s marriage. Sai continues expressing her heart out and says she wants to say something which she should have long ago. Virat thinks even he should have apologized her and searches her. Sai asks if he thought she would easily give up and go away from him, she is coming in front of him and express her words out and let her see what will he do next. Virat eagerly waits for her.

Musicians walk in dancing in Maharastrian style. Sai walks in sytle next in a Maharastrian bridal dress playing drum. Everyone feel amazed to see her grand entry while Pakhi stands jealous. Her whole team dance and celebrate for her. Sai revolves around Virat and kisses his cheek, leaving everyone stunned. Virat takes drum from her and plays it for her. Sai excitedly dances around him. Pakhi stands shattered recalling her and Virat’s similar event in yoga camp. Drum breaks down. Sai slips. Virat holds her and looks into her eyes. Everyone enjoy their reunion while Pakhi sheds tears. Virat gets conscious and asks Sai what she wants to Sai. Sai says she wanted to express after music, but he surprised her by making her dance to his tune. He asks if she changed her mind. She says she will never change her mind now and will speak her heart out for sure. Devi asks Pulkit if Sai will speak what she is thinking. Pulkit nods yes and asks her to maintain silence. Virat asks Sai again to speak. Sai says she wants to tell Mr Virat Chavan that his wife fell in his love. Everyone clap for them while Bhavani, Pakhi, Sonali, and Om stand frowning.

Sai proposes Virat and says his wife fell in his love. Sai’s supporters rejoice and clap for her while Pakhi stands jealous. She tells Virat that she loves him madly and cannot live without him. She says her heart says she should fight him and then wants to hug him, this is love. She says she never felt like this before and this is her first and last love. She says Modak I love you. Everyone claps for her and say they all knew it from before while Pakhi, Bhavani, Omkar, and Sonali stand in shock. Sai asks Virat if he also loves her. He says no. Pakhi and her team feel happy hearing that while Sai’s team stand shocked. Virat says he doesn’t just love her but loves her immensely, he loves her since long ago and took her for a trip to express his love for her, but she rejected him. Sai recalls the incident.Sunny informs Sai that Virat also madly loves her. Shivani says he informed her long ago. Sai hugs Virat tightly leaving Bhavani and Pakhi’s mouth wide open in shock. Sai apologizes Virat for troubling him. Virat also reciprocates. Pakhi tries to leave.

Samrat stops her and asks if she is feeling angry seeing Virat and Sai together. Pakhi frees herself and walks away. Ashwini pampers Virat and Sai and says she always wanted her both children to be happy together. Devi says Sai told first her that she loves Virat. Virat asks who else know about it except him. Whole team says them. Rajeev welcomes him in their group.Samrat says Sai reunite Virat with the family and today herself reunited with Virat. Shivani says Sai surprised Virat by going missing. Rajeev says its called a shock. Virat kneels down and says he wants to ask her in front of everyone will she marry him. Sai nods yes and happily hugs him again. Her team showers flowers on them while Pakh’s team stands frowning. Bhavani shouts to stop this drama. Sai says its not a drama but love, not only Rajeev and Shivani marry in this mandap today, even she and Virat will. Bhavani yells that she will not ruin the ritual and will allow only 1 marriage. Sai reminds mass marriage is in their culture. Mohit says he arranged for 2 havans in mandap. Virat asks Sai if she already preplanned everything. Sai asks then why are they wearing same colored clothes, says they both proved that they love each other.

Pakhi walks to havan kund and thinks her dreams to reach Virat will burn in it. Sonali provokes Bhavani that Sai is determined to ruin their family’s dignity and asks her to scold Bhavani. Bhavani asks Sai when she wanted to say I love you to her husband, why did she delay it so long. Sai says she does everything with a dhamaka in style. Ashwini says let us finish the weddings. Virat lifts Sai, leaving Bhavani and her team’s mouths wide open. Rajeev tries to lift Shivani. Shivani asks him to not even try as he got discharged from the hospital just today.Sai/Virat and Rajeev/Shivani’s wedding rituals start. They all four enjoy the ritual wholeheartedly. Pakhi provokes Bhavani against Sai and says Sai is taking over her and is starting to control the house. Bhavani asks if she is trying to sprinkle salt on her wounds. Pakhi says Bhavani’s pride will be burnt alive once Sai and Virat’s wedding completes. Bhavani stops Virat and Sai. Sai says last phera is still left. Bhavani says Sai loves drama, so she will show her a drama now.

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