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Lost in Love 22 September 2022: Devi feels guilty for helping Sai get out of house. Pulkit consoles her that its ot her mistake. Devi says she asked Virat to stop Sai, she should have informed Ashwini at least and stopped Sai. Virat shatters hearing Sai’s news. DIG notices him and asks what happened. Virat says Sai’s condition is critical and is in City Hospital. DIG says they should go there right now. Virat stumbles and falls down. ACP helps him get up and orders inspector to reach hospital immediately to offer help till they reach there. Virat leaves without ACP. Devi continues blaming herself for Sai’s condition. Doctor asks Pulkit and Samrat to call Sai’s husband soon for signatures on surgery consent form. Samrat says he already informed Virat. Devi pleads doctor to save Sai and says she will never let Sai return to Chavan house and stay with toxic people, she doesn’t know if Sai will be alive or not, etc. Ashwini requests not to say that. Devi tells Samrat that Sai is in critical condition because of Virat and Pakhi, Pakhi didn’t let her talk to Virat and interfered between them. Pakhi warns her to shut her mouth and says Virat told her not to interfere between him and Sai as she doesn’t know what happened between them. Devi asks if she can interfere then.

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Nurse asks them not to argue here. Vanraj asks Pakhi to stop arguing with Devi as she is in grief seeing Sai’s condition. Sunny requests Sai not to make noise in hospital. Pulkit brings water for her and tries to calm her down. Shivani says Devi is right, but nobody is at fault in Sai’s accident. Inspector reaches and informs Samrat that DIG sent him for help. Samrat says they don’t need help right now. Doctor asks when will Sai’s husband come. Samrat asks if he as Sai’s BIL and Ashwini as her MIL can sign. Doctor says only her husband can sign papers. Virat with DIG enters. Sai’s friend notice him and discuss that there is some problem in Sai’s family or Virat did something which hurt Sai like he did in cafe forcing Sai to leave city without informing anyone, so they will not let Virat to meet Sai. They form a human chain to stop Virat from meeting Sai. Virat asks them to move aside and let him meet Sai. They say they will not let him near Sai. DIG asks him to stop their childish behavior. They say they should tell this to Virat and say they will bring consent papers here itself. They bring doctor who informs that they were waiting for his consent as his wife’s survival chances are 50% and hospital is not responsible if something happens to her during surgery. Ashwini cries loudly hearing that. Virat with teary eyes signs papers.

Doctor starts surgery. DIG tells friends that they are not doing right as Virat is Sai’s husband and is a nice man, they are just mistaken. He walks away consoling Virat. Devi blames Virat for Sai’s condition. Virat says he never wanted Sai’s harm. She asks why didn’t he stop her listening to dirty Pakhi and let her badmouth about Sai. Shivani tries to console her. Devi asks Pulkit not to let Virat near Sai and tells Virat that he will curse himself if something happens to Sai; she always used to say that her brother is very good, but he is dirtier than Bhavani and Pakhi. Pulkit consoles her and tells Virat that after Sai’s accident, Devi is deeply hurt.

Samrat tells him that they should send Devi home as she may panic more seeing Sai’s condition. Pulkit sends Devi away with Sunny.Virat prays Bappa to save Sai and promises to never give her any pain and go far away from her life. Ashwini asks him to pray for Sai’s life, but never think of going away from her as they fell into deep trouble whenever they tried to go away from each other. Samrat tells Ashwini that he is going to get medicines and to inform him if there is any emergency. Doctors continue to operate Sai. Virat sits aside feeling guilty. Pakhi walks to him and asks him not to lose hope as surgery is still on and doctors are trying their best, they will come out and inform that operation was successful and Sai will be fine. Virat says he doesn’t want to lose Sai. She sits next to him and says Sai will be fine soon and asks him to talk to her to lessen his pain. Virat says he doesn’t want to as he did a big sin and is responsible for Sai’s condition. She says its not his mistake and knows Sai’s rude behavior and misusing Devi for her benefit. She continues blaming Sai and provoking him against her, showing her concern for him.

He says when he alleged Sai last time and she met with an accident, it was his mistake, but this time though its not his mistake, he feels pain if Sai is in pain; he never wants Sai to be in trouble and will do whatever he can to save her. She feels disheartened hearing that.Virat tells Pakhi that he will do whatever it takes to save Sai. He continues that he took her responsibilities, their differences creeped up, Sai will never understand his love, he couldn’t fulfill promise made to Kamal. He prays Bappa to save Sai and asks Pakhi to leave him alone at this time. She says she is just a friend for him, but he is very special for her and she cannot see him in pain; he shouldn’t forget that he has many other people in his life than Sai. He says Sai is most important to him at this time and he fears losing her. She asks not to think bad at this time, doctors and Pulkit are trying their best to save Sai. She asks him to have something in cafeteria. He says he can’t. She insists and says at least he can have his favorite green tea. He remembers cafe incident and asks if she is mad to think of same even now. She holds his hand and insists to accompany her to cafeteria. He frees his hand.

Ninad gets worried for Sai and asks Mansi what if something bad happens to her. Bhavani asks not to say that and says they scold Sai often and irk Sai, hence she must have left home. Karishma signals Sonali and says Sai left home as she and Virat always fight after returning from Mahabaleshwar trip; Virat planned a big surprise for Sai, but Sai acted as if he did a big sin. Sonali fuels her provocation and says she is lucky to have Karishma as bahu, Mohit doesn’t pay her much attention, but she doesn’t show her anger, stubbornness, and arrogance like Sai. Bhavani says Sai has those defects. Sonali smirks hearing that. Bhavani says Sai is not a bad person though and is very good at heart. Sonali provokes her that she is right, but a person’s behavior is important, Sai’s behavior is really bad and she is unbearable; when they try to correct her one mistake, she shows their 100 mistakes; she is very arrogant and overproud of her medical studies. Ninad asks her to stop as this is not a time to discuss all this when Sai is fighting for life in hospital. Sonali taunts that she can’t understand who changes their sides.

Virat asks Pakhi if she thinks he has changed after Sai’s arrival, and even if he has, what is her problem. Pakhi says she is not stone hearted and wants him to be calm and courageous. He asks to seeing Sai’s condition, holds her hand tightly and requests her to pray Bappa to save Sai. He cries vigorously. Samrat returns to hospital after buying medicines for Sai and seeing that says this was the last one to see. Pakhi notices Samrat and alerts Virat. Virat leaves her hand. Samrat asks Pakhi why she is looking tensed and why Virat is shedding tears holding Pakhi’s hands. Virat says he wants Samrat to do what he said to Pakhi and he knows his importance in his life. Samrat says now he doesn’t trust him. Virat says he truly means it. Samrat says whatever he saw now is true. Pakhi says Virat was feeling helpless and she was consoling him. He says she was crying in cafe and he was holding her hadn and consoling her and here he was crying and she was holding his hand and consoling him. Pakhi (trying hard to get some expressions on her face) says this is not a right time to compare things, he should see how tensed Virat is for Sai and was asking her to pray god for Sai, even he should console Sai. Samrat says Virat doesn’t have right to think about Sai, asks didn’t Virat hear Sai’s friends and Devi’s confront, he signed a consent form and should leave now, Sai was helplessly living with him since a year and decided to leave house for her better life, and when her life is at stake, why is he showing his concern, etc. Virat with folded hands asks not to misunderstand him as he just wants Sai’s safety.

Sai’s surgery continues. Pulkit walks to Samrat and says they need to arrange bllood for Sai as only they both are her family and her condition is very critical. Virat asks him how is Sai, he is worried for her life. Pulkit says his worries are a drama as he easily said that he won’t be surprised if Sai leaves home, even they are not surprised but shocked, why he considers only himself as important; he had already warned him that when Sai will leave home, it will affect everyone; people who love Sai are very concerned and he is responsible for Sai’s condition.

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