lost in Love update Thursday 22 December 2022

Lost in Love 22 December 2022: Sai tells Bhavani that she had decided to change her name. Virat asks Sai if she really will change her name from Sai Joshi to Sai Virat Chavan. Sai says yes, she truly loves him and wanted to surprise him by associating her with his name, but Bhavani stopped her before that. Virat asks Bhavani why she is doing injustice to Sai when she says she treats all bahus equally. Bhavani says she is talking about equality as all other bahus stay at home and their husbands earn for them. She orders Sai to drop her medical profession and take care of her husband and family. Sai says she can take care of both her profession and family. Bhavani gets admmant to either choose her profession or family.Virat says he will answer her. Bhavani orders her to shut up. Samrat, Mohit, Ashwini, and Shivani back Sai. Bhavani warns also them to shut up and asks Sai to just answer in one word whether she wants to become a doctor or bahu/DIL. Sai says doctor. Virat disheartened says she passionately said she wants to be his wife, now she is saying she wants to become a doctor. Sai says she passionately loves him and feels for him, but she cannot let her Aaba’s dream and her pride. She further says that Virat worked hard to make her a doctor and hence she cannot let his hard work go waste. Bhavani proudly says its now decided that Sai will leave the Chavan Nivas now.

Rajeev asks Sai why she wants to leave Virat when she faced so much struggle to get him. Sai says he believed Virat will support her decision and unties their gathbandhan, leaving Virat shocked and Pakhi and her team happy. Virat asks what is she doing. Sai walks away. Virat realizes it was his imagination and hears Bhavani repeating doctor or bahu/DIL. He says he will answer on Sai’s behalf. Sai thinks he will surely answer doctor. Virat says Sai will become a bahu. Sai asks him if he ever realized that Bhavani wants her to sacrifice her medical career. Virat asks if she loves and trusts him. She says more than herself. He asks her to trust her now then and holding her hand says Sai chose to be bahu. Pakhi stands jealous hearing that. Bhavani says Virat took a right decision.Virat asks if they can complete a last phera. Bhavani agrees. Virat completes last phera with Sai and thinks Sai must be having many questions in her mind now. Bhavani taunts Pakhi what would she say now. Pakhi stands shattered seeing her plan backfired. Pakhi thinks why Virat took this decision. Pandit announces that pheras are complete. Everyone claps for them. Bhavani says now Sai is her family bahu and asks her to take elders’ blessings. Virat holds Sai’s hand and takes her blessings. Bhavani blesses them and demands a grandchild. Virat says he thinks they should concentrate on 1 thing at a time, Sai is in a dilemma now.

Bhavani says now Sai can lead a peaceful life. Sai says what she thinks is easy doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. Bhavani asks if she will break Virat’s promise then. Virat diverts attention and says Ashwini is calling them. Ashwini emotionally hugs and blesses them on her and Ninad’s behalf. Sai says she is very happy today that Virat accepted her and married her wholeheartedly, but she felt bad with Bhavani’s condition. Sonali says it’s Chavan bahu’s lifestyle and welcomes her to CBC/Chavan bahu club. Shivani and Rajiv feel bad for Sai.Virat tells Sai that he knows she is angry on him. Sai asks why did he accept Bhavani’s demand. Bhavani feels proud of herself. Sonali praises her idea. Bhavani says sometimes children should be slapped to get them back on track, her condition was a slap on Sai’s face.

Virat tells family that he wants Shivani and Rajiv to stay at Chavan Nivas. Sai says its a very good idea. Bhavani scolds her and asks if she wants Rajiv to be a ghar jamai. Sai says she can’t understand that when they don’t call a bahu as ghar bahu, why they call a damad/SIL as ghar jamai. Omkar and Sonali also tongue lash Sai. Rajiv tells Shivani its okay when her family doesn’t want him to stay with them, even he feels awkward. Samrat also insists Rajiv to stay with them and says they can have a tasty food prepared by him. Virat says he is right. Sai say they all should agree based on Rajiv’s health. Ashwini says Rajiv is their dear one and who else will take care of him than them. Mansi tells Omkar that Ashwini is right. Omkar asks Bhavani to take a decision. Everyone eagerly look at Bhavani.Bhavani says listening to them, she can’t deny their request. They all feel happy and thank her. Rajiv says if everyone wants same, he doesn’t have any problem as he can do anything for Shivani. Bhavani says she couldn’t accept her only damad till now and forgave other damad. Devi requests Bhavani to let Pulkit stay with them to take care of Rajiv. Bhavani frowns. Pulkit says he is not interested anyways. Sonali says they should start the next ritual. They call Panditji to rename new brides post marriage. Rajiv jokes he wants to rename Shivani as mili/found as he found her after much difficulty. Everyone laughs. Shivani says she wants to called as Shivani itself as Nagesh dada named her and its his blessings for her. Everyone gets emotional hearing that.

Bhavani asks Sai to call her name. Sai says she wants to be called as Sai Virat Chavan. Virat asks if she is ready to drop her father’s name. Sai says she wants to be completely associated with Virat. Panditji asks her to write her name on a rice plate. She does. Virat says even he wants to change his name like Sai. Everyone are shocked hearing that. Bhavani scolds him. Omkar asks if he will change the society by changing his name. Virat says they should bring change in themselves first to change the society and says as panditji said, they should consider husband and wife as wife; when Sai can change her name for his love, why can’t he do same; he will change his name to Virat Sai Chavan. Sai’s supporters rejoice hearing that while Bhavani and Omkar feel shocked.Sai gets emotional and asks what did he say. Virat says whatever she heard. Karishma says every husband should be understanding and cooperative like Virat. Devi says Karishma spoke right for the first time and praises Virat for his progressive thinking. Ashwini asks how can he drop his father’s name from his name. Omkar tongue lashes him. Virat says he is not dropping his father’s name but just accepting Sai’s name, how can they think so backward. Sai says he doesn’t to do that to show his love for her. Virat says he wants to give respect to her by his actions. Jealous Pakhi asks if Sai is forcing her to do this. Bhavani with Sonali and Omkar says he is insulting his father with his heinous act and warns him to dare not think of disrespecting his father.

Virat says he is just doing justice and he will let Sai be called as Sai Kamal Joshi and himself as Virat Ninad Chavan. Bhavani says if he is threatening her. Virat says even she threatened them just some time ago with her condition. Bhavani says she just spoke right and asks if he got such sanskars from this house. Virat says he got good sanskar from this house and wants to prove it by changing his name. Sai says he doesn’t have to change his name and thanks to him. Sai says he is not doing this to hear thank you or impress her, he feels so by heart and wants to implement it. Sonali says Virat has gone mad and wants to drop family’s name for Sai. Samrat says he respects Virat as it takes courage to think about it, one should respect their partner, he couldn’t think about it as he didn’t get the love he deserves, looking at Pakhi.Bhavani says their son wants to set the house on fire and everyone are supporting her. Mansi says she is misunderstanding Virat, he just is showing his love for Sai. Virat says he will change his name officially to Virat Sai Chavan on his certificates and even his police nameplate. Bhavani continues her adamancy. Virat asks what if Nagesh kaka had changed his named to Nagaesh Bhavani Chavan, hadn’t she felt good. Bhavani gets angrier on him.

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