Lost in Love update Sunday 6 November 2022


Lost in Love 6 November 2022: Chavans are shocked to see Virat holding a baby. Ninad asks whose baby is this. Virat asks why is he questioning him when he doesn’t consider him as his son or his family member. Ninad asks him to just answer his question. Samrat asks why don’t he answer mama/uncle. Mohit reads Sahas’ birth certificate and this is the answer for their question. Sonali reads it next and says Virat is Sahas Chavan’s father and Shruti is his mother, that means Virat betrayed them all and kept them in dark. Virat asks not to create a drama in hospital. Ninad says he made a drama. Omkar says he would married Shruti directly instead of ruining their ruining their dignity in Nagpur as they are living here since 7 generations and have their own reputation. Sonali says people will smear their face black if they hear about Virat’s illegitimate baby. Ashwini cries. Ninad says he and Ashwini feel like committing suicide for giving him birth.

Samrat asks Virat how would he justify his mistake. Virat says its a baby whose name is Sahas and not a mistake; he left Chavan Nivas on their order, but this is not Chavan nivas. Shivani says he is right. Virat says they broke up all ties with him, so they shouldn’t bother where he stays. Mohit asks him to call Shruti as he will not spare her. Virat defends Shruti again. Samrat asks since when he is with Shruti that they got an illegitimate child. Virat says he doesn’t want to answer him. Samrat says he is getting angry but not shame, have he ever thought how would Sai react hearing about his child. Mohit says Sai would shattered more hearing about the child. Virat says Sai knows about Sahas, in fact Pulkit operated on Shruti and Sai assisted him. Ashwini hopes Sai would have found it earlier and tongue lashes and slaps him.

Nurse informs Virat that his wife is back from tests. Virat asks Chavans to leave if they got his answer and walks away. Bhavani regains consciousness after treatment. Mansi says doctor advised her to have strict bedrest. Sonali rushes in and reveals that Virat is having a baby with Shruti, he fulfilled her dream of having a legal heir. Bhavani gets angry and insists her to meet Shruti right now. They take her on a wheelchair. Omkar discusses with Ninad that Bhavani would be more angry when she finds out about Virat’s illegitimate child. Sonali brings Bhavani there. Shivani asks Sonali if he informed Bhavani about Virat’s baby. Sonali says yes. They head to Shruti’s room where Bhavani questions Shruti if she is the one who trapped Virat and confronts Virat that she wanted a Chavan blood from him and not an illegitimate baby. Sonali says he already gave Chavan surname to his illegitimate child. Bhavani curses Shruti. Ashwini tongue lashes Shruti that she ruined their lives and asks how dare she is to ruin Sai’s life and have an illegitimate affair with Virat.

Shruti tries to get up and feels drowsy and weak. Samrat gets concerned and asks Chavans to leave. Nurse walks in. Virat complains against them. Nurse sends them away. Shruti collapses. Nurse says his wife is in a shock and goes to call doctor. Virat hopes Shruti’s condition doesn’t worsen due to his family.Sai unpacks her suitcase and looking at Abha’s photo says this is her house for a few days. Pulkit walks in with a food packet for her. Dr. Mhatre calls him and requests to reach hospital soon as Shruti’s condition is worsening due to some emotional trauma. Sai thinks Virat is taking care of Shruti well, then how her condition worsened. Pulkit asks if they followed his given postoperative instructions and give her prescribed injection. Dr. Mhatre says they didn’t yet. He scolds her for being careless and if patient’s family is present there. She says yes. He asks to arrange that injection till he reaches hospital. She sends him hospital and patient details. Virat hires a real estate agent to rent out a 2 BHK flat with privacy for him and his wife/Shruti and kid. He gets a nurse’s call to return to hospital soon as his wife’s condition is worse. He rushes in worried and hopes Shruti’s condition improves soon.

Sai heading towards hospital with Pulkit asks how Shruti’s condition must have worsened. Pulkit says they don’t know Shruti’s pregnancy details much and she delivered a premature baby at 8 months, maybe Virat met her 1 year ago and didn’t care about her well during pregnancy or maybe they knew each other since long and the baby was accidental. Sai says she never felt Virat’s behavior weird before. He asks her to think well and remember if Virat had gone out for long and his behavior changed. She says she didn’t, last time had gone on a mission and was injured. He says even he didn’t find Virat’s behavior weird, maybe Virat didn’t want to continue with Shruti but changed his mind after hearing about her pregnancy and reaccepted her. He warns her not to involve herself in this mess. She says she is trying to help Shruti. He says its possible that Shruti may not survive, then Virat will return to her with a baby and force her to take care of the baby. She says its possible. He says that baby is not her responsibility.

Bhavani returns home after hospital discharge. Ashwini asks how is she feeling now. Samrat says doctor advised her 4-5 days’ rest before she starts walking again normally. Sonali says how will she after Virat ruined their dignity. Omkar and Karishma comment next. Bhavani says Virat ruined their centuries’ old dignity and she cannot face society now. Ashwini asks her to forget it as she needs to get well soon and walk on her feet. Bhavani says she should curse Shruti for trapping Virat and having an illegitimate child from him. Sonali says that child is Chavan family’s blood. Bhavani taunts her to treat her knees to sharpen her brain again and says until she is alive, she will not let Shruti or her baby enter this house.Sai tells Pulkit that sooner or later Chavan family will accept Sahas and Virat will take care of Sahas with their help. Pulkit asks what about her. She says she will divorce Virat and will go away from Virat as she doesn’t to trouble him or Shruti. He asks how can she take all the burden on herself. She says she is angry on Shruti, but she will not let a child lose his mother. They reach hospital. She asks if he will forget his differences and treat Shruti. He says he is a professional doctor and saving patient’s life is his duty. She says they should save Shruti at any cost.

Dr. Mhatre informs Virat that Shruti’s body is not accept blood. He threatens to Shruti to another hospital if they are incompetent. She talks about Pulkit’s prescribed injection and him reaching anytime with his intern Sai to treat Shruti. He says he knows who Sai is, he just wants Shruti’s treatment. Pulkit with Sai walks in and goes to treat Shruti. Virat holds Sai’s hand. Sai remembers him worried for even her once during her accident and reminds him, says he needs not worry as his wife will be fine soon. He thinks she his talking so maturely and cries holding her hand. He asks her to have patience and walks away. He breaks down and cries that he doesn’t have anyone who can understand her, he had a bestfriend who used to understand her, but now she is acting like a stranger. Sai thinks he loves Shruti so much that he is crying inconsolably; if it was possible, she would have treated Shruti and reunited him with Virat.

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