Lost in Love update Sunday 15 January 2023

Lost in love 15 January 2023: Pakhi diguised as an employee Madhuri from the surgocacy clnic’s technical department visits Geeta and asks her to sign on a consent few documents as Sai forgot to inform her about them. Geeta is about to sign the form when Pakhi asks her to read the documents before signing them. Geeta’s husband Yogesh asks her to explain them. Pakhi says Sai or the doctor won’t be responsible if anything happens to Geeta during her surrogacy period and if something happens to the baby, Geeta will be jailed. Geeta says Sai didn’t inform her about these risks. Pakhi says any medical procedure has its own risk and gives examples of blood tranfusion and kidney transplant. Yogesh says patients are examined well before those procedures. She frightens them that patient or the baby may die during the procedure as they are not tested beforehand.

Geeta says Dr. Sai would have informed her for sure in such case. Pakhi says Dr. Sai didn’t find any surrogate and hence she hid the risks. Yogesh asks her to explain about the risks in detail. Pakhi says usually patients illegally take money in such cases, but Geeta agreed to help Sai without taking any money. Geeta says she will call Sai and speak to her. Pakhi says she will let them talk to someone who went through the troubles already. They agree. She calls Vaishali who cries that her DIL is in jail after trying to help a childless couple and now she is taking care of her grandchildren alone. Yogesh refuses permission to Geeta to sign the papers.At the clinic, nurse informs Sai that the procedure has been started, but the surrogate Geeta hasn’t come yet. Sai calls Geeta and finds her number busy. Geeta also calls Sai. Pakhi gets tensed thinking Geeta is trying to contact Sai even after her lies. Yogesh blocks Sai’s number. Pakhi suggests him to block even Virat’s number and gives his number. Yogesh refuses permission to Geeta to become Sai’s baby’s surrogate mother and asks Madhuri/Pakhi to inform Sai and Virat that Geeta refused to become a surrogate mother. Pakhi asks them not to inform about her visit and suggestion to them. Yogesh agrees. Pakhi leaves happily. Geeta thinks what Sai must be feeling after she backed off at the last minute.

Sai continues to call Geeta, but in vain. Virat asks what if Geeta backed off at the last minute. Sai says she knows Geeta will not back off. Sai calls Geeta from his number and finds it engaged. Doctor asks Sai where is Geeta as her embryo is ready and she knows they have only 1 embryo. Bhavani scolds Sai and Virat again for trusting Geeta instead of Pakhi and says if they had chosen Pakhi, they wouldn’t have to face this issue. Sai says she trusts Geeta. Virat asks Sai to get Yogesh’s number. Sai calls nurse to get Yogesh’s number. Nurse informs that Geeta had signed the hospital forms as her husband was injured that time. Sai informs her that Geeta hasn’t come yet.Virat feetls disheartened and breaks down. Sai comforts him and says she will go and bring Geeta. Virat says he will accompany her. She asks him to stay back and start the procedure when Geeta comes. Bhavani says let her go and at least participate in something. Virat asks her to stop mocking Sai at least now. Sai says its okay and leaves. Pakhi calls Bhavani and asks how is it going there. Bhavani says Sai’s selected surrogate mother didn’t come yet. Pakhi acts as surprised and says looks like the procedure will not start today. She then calls her goons and orders them to be ready as Sai must be coming anytime.

Doctor asks Virat to bring Geeta within 40 minutes or else she can’t do anything. Bhavani asks Virat to find out where Sai is. Virat calls Sai who informs him that she will reach Geeta’s house in 2 minutes. Virat says they have 40 minutes left. Bhavani tries to convince Virat to accept Pakhi as a surrogate. Virat says its too late. Bhavani says they don’t have much time as this same hospital confirmed Pakhi as fit to be a surrogate, so they should call Pakhi. Virat thinks how can he allow Pakhi to become a surrogate going against Sai’s wish. Goons attack Sai and try to snatch her bag. Sai pleads to take her money and return her bag.Virat calls Sai and hopes she picks his call. Sai is seen lying unconscious. Pakhi walks to him and says Bhavani called her here. Bhavani says Pakhi came here on her order, he should forget Geeta and let Pakhi become surrogate mother as Sai and Geet haven’t returned yet. Pakhi says Sai wouldn’t agree her to become a surrogate. Virat says let’s wait for Sai. Bhavani says Sai will not pick his call now. Virat calls his assistant and asks him to trace Sai’s location via her phone number. Bhavani asks Virat to speak to doctor once about making Sai a surrogate. Nurse informs Virat that doctors calling him in.

Sai wakes up and finds herself in a secluded place with her purse and phone lost. She notices bleeding from the back of her head. Doctor informs Virat that they have only 25 minutes left for the procedure. Virat calls his assistant and sks if he found Sai’s location. Inspector says he found Sai’s location and is heading there. Virat prays god to protect Sai. Sai tears her dupatta and ties it over her head and thinks she needs to visit Geeta’s house to find out why didn’t she reach hospital.Pakhi tells Virat that she is tensed thinking about Sai’s reaction, but is more tensed that Virat and Bhavani’s dreams will shatter and hence wants to fulfill his dream. Virat says he doesn’t feel his dream will be fulfilled as doctor told she cannot replace a new surrogate even at the end moment. Pakhi asks him not to lose him and not let his dream die just because an unknown woman betrayed him. Virat asks what can he do as Sai is untraceable, he should have went with Sai and brought Geeta here. Bhavani says Geeta would have come long ago if she wanted to.Sai with great difficult walks towards Geeta’s house and knocks the door. Yogesh orders Geeta not to open the door. Sai cries thinking how will she convince and take Geeta to the hospital. Bhavani asks Virat not to think much as a baby is more important than Sai’s opinion. Pakhi says god gave him another chance after Sai’s abortion, he should accept her help as he wants a baby to fulfill his and others’ dreams. Virat calls Sai again and finds her number switched off. He says he alone cannot take a decision as Sai’s opinion is very important. He decides to go in search of Sai after informing doctor.

Sai asks Geeta’s neighbor about her. Neighbor says he doesn’t know anything. Geeta’s son notices her and greeting her takes her at the home door and asks his parents to open the door as Sai has come. Geeta requests Yogesh to let her speak to Sai and inform her about her decision. Doctor says they cannot refreeze the embryo and have only 15 minutes left. Bhavani walks in and says surrogate has come showing Pakhi. Virat gets happy, but stands shocked seeing Pakhi. Doctor asks nurse to take the patient for the procedure. Bhavani signals Virat not to say anything. Pakhi walks with the nurse grinning. Doctor informs Virat that senior doctor Nitin will perform the remaining procedure as he is expert in it.Bhavani tells Virat that she is happy that he didn’t stop Pakhi from having the procedure and says he took a right decision. Geeta opens the door and seeing Sai’s condition takes her inside house. Sai informs that goons snatched her belongings and asks her to accompany her to the hospital as there is very less time left. Geets refuses saying she found out the risks involved in this procedure and legal proceedings on them. Sai says there is nothing like that and they will follow all the legal procedure. Yogesh refuses to believe her and asks her go even after she tries her best to convince them. Pakhi replacing Geeta gets ready for the procedure. Inspector calls Virat and informs him that Sai’s phone is stolen and found at a stolen goods shop. Virat asks the location where the phone was switched off last. Inspector informs its Tilak colony. Virat realizes Geeta stays there and rushes there. Sai assures them that she will get them speak to Dr. Ragini and clear all their doubt. Yoesh informs her about the madam/Pakhi who informed them about all the risks involved. Pakh asks who madam.

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