Lost in love update Saturday 8 July 2023

Lost in love 8 July 2023: Pakhi asks Virat if he doesn’t have any problem when this woman/Sai took away their son without informing them. Sai shouts back Vinu is not Pakhi’s son. Pakhi asks what does she mean, though she didn’t give birth to Vinu, she bought him up like her son. Virat asks Pakhi to end this issue right here. Sai says he is right or else she will lose her patience and leaves from there. Pakhi says Sai is at mistake and is acting angry instead. Virat asks her not to stretch the issue as Vinu returned home safe. Pakhi says he always favors Sai over her and walks away.

Lost in love 7 July 2023

Sai visits temple and feels happy thinking soon Vinu will find out that she is her mother/aayi and not doctor aunty. She feels happy recaling Vinu deciding to call her choti mamma. Usha asks if she is fine. Sai says god gave her many signals, but she didn’t understand them. She describes all the incidents when Vinu returned to her repeatedly and reveals that their Vinu is really their Vinu. Usha also feels happy and says Savi will jump in happiness if she learns that her Vinu dada is really her dada.

Sai asks her to wait as she has given Virat 72 hours to explain Pakhi that Vinu is her son and not Pakhi’s. Jagtap hears their conversation.Virat takes Pakhi out to a restaurant for lunch. Pakhi asks reason. He asks if he can’t bring his wife out for lunch. Pakhi sayas she is his wife since years and knows him well, so she wants to know why he brought her here. She taunts him that he gives more importance to Sai and was hugging her openly. Virat says Sai is no one to him and asks if they can change the topic. Pakhi asks again if he wants to say something. Virat says she shouldn’t have overreacted when Sai took Vinu away.

Pakhi reminds that he had stopped Vinayak from calling Sai as choti mamma. Virat says what if Vinu calls Sai as choti mamma now. Pakhi says she is already sharing her husband with that woman/Sai and is bearing infidelity and will not tolerate if Sai tries to snatch her son away, he shouldn’t dare force Vinu to call Sai as choti mamma or let him near Sai or else Sai will repent. She walk away from there. Virat thinks how to inform Pakhi that Vinu is Sai’s son.

Virat visits Sai. Sai asks if he informed his family. Mohit walks in next and asks what did Virat inform his family. Virat says Sai means if Mohit informed family that he is bringing Karishma home. Mohit says no. Karishma hears that and says she can’t bear Bhavani, Omkar, and Sonali’s taunts. Sai says she need not worry until her husband is there to support and protect her. Mohit says they will face all the issues together. Usha brings Karishma’s bags. Karishma thanks Sai for supporting her like a sister. Sai says she is always welcome in her house and asks her to go to her house now. Karishma wishes her luck for her big news. Mohit asks what kind of news.

Karishma says she doesn’t now, Sai has fixed a countdown and asks still howmuch time is left. Sai looking at Virat says 48 hours. Mohit and Karishma leave followed by Virat.Virat takes Karishma’s boyfriend home and calls whole family out. Bhavani asks what is the issue. Virat says he is their culprit. Omkar identifies him as Karishma’s boyfriend and tries to hit him. Bhavani stops him and says let us first see what is going on.

Virat says this boy is the one who is spreading a false news that Karishma is suffering domestic violence in Chavan nivas. Ashwini asks why is he doing so. Virat says he is Bhavani’s rival politician’s aide who is trying to tarnish Bhavani’s image indirectly via Karishma; since Karishma was going through a rough phase of life, this boy could easily manipulate her. Omkar says that means Bhavani’s political career is the reason behind Mohit’s marital discord.

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